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Two weeks ago, I signed up and paid online for a First Aid / CPR class to be given today, May 7, 2011, as I was advised to do last year when I called in to schedule a class.  This is scheduled for three days before my current CPR certification expires on May 10, 2011.  I do not require the full class, only recertification, but recert was not offered on the site.  My professional license is contingent on my maintaining CPR/First Aid certification. 

When I arrived today, there were two instructors, neither of whom was to teach the class I need, and their classes could not substitute for that class.

I require that someone proctor a test for me on Tuesday morning at a time that will allow me to get to my job at Independence and Glenstone in Springfield by 10 am.  I will certainly take the recertification course as well, but as I have already paid and have the receipt (and for the full class, not the recert which is a lesser fee) I object to being charged a second time.

To my further inconvenience, I stayed in a hotel last night so that I would not have to drive an hour this morning and hope there were no delays due to traffic, weather, or roadwork.

The volunteer instructors advised me that this scheduling problem is a KNOWN ISSUE with the Red Cross website.

I will phone the office on West Bypass Monday between 8 and 8:30 to discuss this matter.


On Monday, the director told me to be there Tuesday Morning (not the store) at 0800 and there would be a trainer for me.

I showed up, and there was. 

We went over the changes and reviewed the basics, I did my skillchecks, and we crammed a 6.4 hour class into 63 minutes.

OK, I'm satisfied.  Next time, though, I'm phoning in my registration.
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SOBE was running a promotion a few months ago where you click on a website and play some little game to get a coupon for a free bottle. I got my coupon today. The expiration date? 11/30/10. Two days ago. Way to go, SOBE.

I know that many people were able to get on the site day after day and get a dozen or more coupons, plus flip-flops and t-shirts and other prizes, but this was the only time the site loaded for me so I was already feeling a little put off.  This just capped it.

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Called Dr's Office and sleep clinics (yes, plural) about the sleep study that was going to be arranged for me pursuant to the ER visit of last month...Aurora clinic says they never got the paperwork, and anyway the next time they'll have someone in is June 21.

Yeah, after waiting over a month I want to wait another month.

Called Spfld clinic, have intro visit 0930 tomorrow and clinic will be sched to fit with my work sched so I have a day to recover.

Called Dr's Office to get paperwork/referral/whatever sent.

Also did prereg phone call.

N.B. ;  Remember to take bi-pap with me tomorrow.

ETA:  Dr in Aurora, MO,  that Em is so delighted with didn't have paperwork sent for my sleep study, which is why neither clinic has called me.  Just spent 20 minutes on phone with her nurse, Debbie, telling me "Well, mistakes happen and she's human and we're all human and you could show a little compassion and understanding."  And I'm like, "Yeah, she said it was important that I have this done, and that my bi-pap needing a tune-up could have been the cause of this ER visit that the doc there was telling Em and me looked like a stroke(!), so when I didn't get the call I'd been told to expect in a MONTH I started making the appointments.  Send what paperwork you need to up there to get things going."  Preparing to call the Clinic Administrator as soon as I cool down enough to TALK.

26 May 2010, 19:55 hours

Heard back from the clinic manager; the doctor heard the conversation and verified Debbie's side, that there was no call for me to be concerned and Debbie was entirely polite about the whole thing.  No action will be taken, and I will be getting a letter to that effect.

Next step:  Clinic Admin at St John's main office in Springfield.

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Replacement order from Bliss Soaps in Seattle still has not arrived. Emily does like the Nag Champa soap that I was able to salvage a half-bar of, though! $68 for two bars of soap, one of which does not perform as advertised, is rather steep for my budget. I am less than impressed and will not be ordering from them again. First post Second post


May. 24th, 2009 06:25 pm
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DH had been told of a "Superman Museum" in Carterville, and according to the web it is open 4-10, Sun - Thurs (he says).  We left here about 3:20 and got there at 4:19....and a sign on the door said "Fri - Sun, 5 - 9"

Yesterday we made a trip to Springfield mainly to go to a specific shop -- sign on the door said "Closing early Friday, will be in reg time Saturday" -- and it's an hour and a half after opening and ... still closed.  Got the number out of the phone book and called -- someone ANSWERED the SHOP number, and said she had decided to take the weekend off because her husband had made it in for the weekend.  Now yeah, Hubby is important, but we had checked the day before and "Oh, I'll be here all day!"  so WTF? 

Am I out of line to be a tad annoyed that we made a 34-mile-one-way trip, about an hour each way, on her word, to be disappointed?

And that we made another trip of an hour and 60 miles each way today?  (Believe me, Carterville has nowhere to kill an hour on a Sunday afternoon.)  He could have at least updated the site!
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So DH was having a problem with some program he bought for his computer and stuff had to be downloaded and I don't know what-all but it just wasn't working.  And support has some really short hours and he's at work then.   And got frustrated.

And I remembered that when I downloaded the update for Adobe, I had a choice of Mac/PC and then IE/FF.....
now we have just PCs in the house, since we don't do graphics much if at all.  And that for some things I have to switch to IE to get them to display right.

And I mentioned that I didn't know if he ran FF, but was it possible that the program was set up for one-or-the-other?  And he cleared stuff off,, and redid things with the other one (i.e., IE) and it works now!

And three different support techs didn't think of this?



Dec. 27th, 2008 05:23 pm
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DH has been positively slavering over the idea of going to see The Spirit when it hit the theater.

He checked the online schedule for the 25th and we drove to Monett for the first show (1330 hrs).  Now, he checked online and this was scheduled to go on, got that?  And you can see where this is going.  Yup!  Closed, note on the door saying they'd be open from 1500 - 0030.

NOT on the WEBSITE nor in the newspaper...just on the DOOR.  Real professional there, folks.

So we tried again today.  Open and all, no line even for tickets or snacks.  We get in, sit down, get all nested in and the commercials start -- and OMFG it HURT.  It was so LOUD.  I've been to Ted Nugent concerts that weren't that loud and I was 50 feet from the speakers.  DH has a certain amount of hearing loss, and what he usually prefers is near my pain threshold on the TV at home or the radio in the truck, but this was painful for HIM.  We hit the lobby gasping and (in my case) tearing, and asked if it could be turned down to a reasonable level -- they claimed it was set by the company that brought the films around and if they changed it, they'd get in trouble.  They "turned it down as much as we're allowed" for us and STILL it hurt.  I don't know how the 4 other people in there could stand it if it was too loud for DH.

Now we've been to this theater a couple of dozen times in the last few years.  It's closer than Springfield and generally has the same movies at maybe 50c less.  (They don't have the hotdogs at the snack bar, though, that he likes and that's the reason if we drive to Springfield!)  Not the customers they rely on to keep the doors open, but enough to have watched it add on two screens and improve the snack bar.  And it has never been this loud, not for Batman or Die Hard or Sin City.  Just OW.

Didn't see any of the movie or previews, the usher said it was about the same volume for the commercials as for the show so we got refunds and left. 

DH is disappointed 'cause he WANTS to see it in the theater, and I'm disappointed on his behalf (I have no knowledge of this show/comic/whatever, but I'm willing to watch it with him).

Anyone who has seen this:  is it REALLY set that loud, or were they just being assholes?

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So I'm at the Hobby Lobby on the south end of Springfield a few weeks ago, and made the mistake of asking where the yard goods were.

"Right over there and three aisles up :)"

So I go right over there and three aisles up and ... huh?  Lawn ornaments and bird feeders?  Wha....?

I ask another clerk.

Same directions.

Eventually, we find someone who realizes what I'm asking for and directs me to the whole other end of the store, where the fabric is.

Why couldn't I remember the current name for yard goods, which is fabric, which I know this?  It just isn't what I'm used to calling it.

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We actually got the weekend off--which is a good thing, as I was too wiped yesterday to do ANYthing much. Have a small soaper setup downstairs now, so did manage a bit of that....

Also bought a very small electric wax-melter-thingy but it does only a pound at a time so even MORE limited on that, but I put some SOY wax through it today and will be trying beeswax next time. I like how the soy looks so creamy, but it's gonna be fun trying to color it because of that.


Does anyone else here call orders in to Lane Bryant catlog? Every time, they try to get me to sign up for the "pre-approved LB credit card" (and don't forget the absolutely FREE just shipping and handling cosmetics package with extra free bonus gift!) like it's the best thing in the world. The first couple of times I said yea, sure, why not? and got a letter from the company saying "some of your information is out of date, please call us so we can correct this and send your purchase." Well, if it's pre-approved, that means it's already been approved, right? So I called the catalog company back, gave them my usual card number, and started saying "NO" when they'd ask if I wanted their wonderful-special-howcanyouPOSSIBLYlivewithoutit-card.

Last time I said no, my packages came as they should. My MC, however, was NOT charged. I thought well, maybe it just hit at the point in the cycle where it didn't make this statement. (This was over a month ago now, ok?) Middle of last week I started getting hangup calls and "please wait for a representative" calls from "unavailable." Now I don't really like hangup calls, but there's not a lot I know of to do about them, especially since my number is on my business cards, etc. "Please wait" tells me that it's ok for ME to hangup. If it's so important, they'll have a person there when I answer. So I finally get a call from a live person who informs me that my account is a month past due!

About this time I remembered another "we need more info" letter arriving a few weeks ago that I had file-13'd.

When I figured out what the 4377 he was on about, I went ballistic.

Next day, I got a bill from Lane Bryant Credit Card with the right amount for what I had ordered plus a ten-dollar late fee.

I didn't ask for the card, in fact I refused the account, yet there it was in all its gory. (GORY, not gLory. I know what I said.)

Well, yes, I paid the amount charged, because I did order the stuff. Then I called Lane Bryant and made several people's day by insisting that I wanted an apology, the account cancelled, and written notice that the account was cancelled at MY request.

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way, but there is no way we could have sent that without your authorisation."

Eventually, I got a direct line, no holds, no voicemail, to a live person at the issuing bank. Explained the sitch, told them the check had been mailed, and demanded that the account be closed the same day and the "per request" rider be posted.

I feel VIOLATED. It's a fairly minor thing, but it should not have happened. And where's the card, and the first bill?

I had a catalog in hand with several items marked, ready to call in for spring/summer outfits. (Total for two outfits and two extra tops, about $230.) Guess what? Wal-mart, Fashion Bug, and Cato's all have plus sizes too, Laney. And for less than your catalog, (4 skirts, 6 tops, AND a hat under $150) and WAY less than your store at the mall!

Thus the "cynical" mood of the moment. When a place I have trusted to deal fairly with me pulls this, it tends to disappoint me. At least I have options!

OK, rant over. Not gonna apologise, you could have skipped it!


Dec. 12th, 2005 09:26 am
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Yahoo Merchants has a rating system for customer reviews, and the place I get most of my candle molds is on there. So I do post reviews when I order. I have noticed that there are about 10 reviews out of 500 with gripes about the company, and of those, most have to do with shipping. (Mine also have to do with the order being short or pi$$-p00r customer service.) I can't blame the delivery company, whether UPS, USPS, whatever, if the order doesn't leave the site for three weeks after it is placed.

So is it just me that they don't like? EVERY freaking order has either shipped late, shipped short, or in one case, "Oh, we forgot about you! We'll get that right out." Yeah, you've had my money for three weeks and just forgot about it, huh? I'll let you start shipping and send me a bill, how's that? Went over as you'd expect. They canNOT send an email saying "This'll take a few days longer--we ran out and need to make more of this mold!" until I've contacted them at least once and sometimes three times.

And the owner.......sheesh. "Well use mold release, then there won't be a problem" when I wrote to ask if they were going to fix a pinch-point that was cracking my male figure candles right at the neck. Guess what, idjit? BEEN doing that. That isn't the problem. See the bit where it says "pinch-point"?

And I think ONE order has arrived with all items I had requested. But it was way late.

If I could find another place to get these molds, I'd do it, but many are "exclusives."

If I thought I wouldn't get sued, I'd post the company name and a link to the reviews but you know how places like that can get. Just like politicians: "You have no right to tell the truth about us!"

What really sucks is, I LIKE writing letters that say "Good Job!!"

I DO NOT like complaining, whining, grousing......

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OK folks, you wanna do the form letter thing anyhow......maybe I'd rather buy from a company i already have placed orders with and have come to trust?  Like I don't have the sense to google something anyhow?  Guess you don't see it that way, huh?

Fine, I'll buy elsewhere.

Love from your FORMER customer, ME

Subject:  RE: charms
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 09:10:30 -0700
From: "Fire Mountain Gems Questions" <questions@firemtn.com>
To: "Zia Nuray" <zianuray@
Dear Zia,


Thank you for your email.  Though we do not know of any plans to carry items similar to those you are looking for in the future, we will forward this message to the attention of our buyers.  They are always looking for feedback from our customers regarding products to consider for future inclusion in our inventory. We would suggest referring to a recent copy of Beadwork or Lapidary Journal Magazine.  These magazines feature some great advertisements for vendors that may carry what you need.  You may wish to check your local bead or craft store for assistance, or perform a general online search through a search engine (such as Google.com) to locate any web-based suppliers.  We hope this helps!  If you should have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Stephanie M

e-Services Contact Center

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads


 . -----Original Message-----
From: Zia Nuray [mailto:zianuray@
Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 8:09 AM
To: Fire Mountain Gems Questions
Subject: charms


You have Goddesses and Buddhas and Mogen Davids and

bajillions of Crosses and Crucifixes....and that's all

fine.....but WHENDAHECK are you gonna get some



I've been waiting and hoping for years....phoned in to

ask one day and got hung up on, can't seem to get a

connection on the "LiveHelp" thingy....


You do have a silver star or three, but that's not at

all the same thing....you HAVE added a pewter charm

which is called a "Celtic Star".....and that's

CERTAINLY a Pentacle so why not CALL it that?.....but

I would very much like to order some smaller Sterling

Pents.  IF you ever get them in.


And....would it kill you to call them what they are?



Thanks for reading this....I will keep trying until I

get a real answer (i.e., not rubberstamped).






"...but the truth was far from reality."  Colly Porter


Apr. 18th, 2005 09:05 am
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on my candle molds---so three weeks or so back i was informed that the Gargy mold i ordered was going to be late....10% off next order to apologize!

Still don't have it.

The next order was late the silver spray....ANOTHER 10% disc on the next order.....i think i haven't had a discounton only my very first order from thse folks.


Though I DO like discounts..........

I also like getting what i've already paid for in a timely fashion.


Apr. 2nd, 2005 07:17 am
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One didn't get shipped this time--sort of a regular thing, I guess!

But the "True Black" chips arrived (I'll let you know whow that works) and MOST of the molds--and this time in LESS than a WEEK. From NY and California, no less. (Well, I'm used to the NY shop getting stuff here quickly. Just like I'm used to delays from the OTHER place.)

And it should be nice this weekend again....so will be doing Shed and Outside a lot :D
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Hmmm, this new phone takes decent pictures.....

I realy don't believe i actually DID that, getting a camera-phone i mean.....

But WTH, it didn't cost THAT much and it's kinda fun learning to use it. Except that when you power-on or -off it makes this HORRID warble.......and there's no way for the user to mute or diable this that they'll tell me about.

Psillie Sales-twerps.
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So we got the 'puter back...and all Tema's "stoof" (the fanfics in at least four different universes she has written over the last four years, some in collaboration with her sister Hope) is GONE.  Bloody well erased by the tech.


"Hi, I can't find this stuff, where might it be?  Would it have been saved at all?"

"It must be there; did you check *such folder*?"


"Well, it MUST be there, we wouldn't have deleted it."

"I've looked, she's looked, and the CAT has looked, fer gossakes.  Where ELSE might it be?"

"It IS there, we don't delete files.  Unless they were corrupted, then they wouldn't have transferred."

"Can you explain to me, just so i know how it goes, exactly what the procedeure is?"

"Oh, i don't know any of THAT; I'm the SALES MANAGER."  (Yes, he managed to give it capitals and all.  Over-inflated little.....nevermind.  I'll save the invective for HIS boss.)

So why didn't the bloody goof SAY SO in the FIRST PLACE??????????

Sounds like a tech question to me, how about it?


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