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What's with telling someone you don't like, disagree with, or are angry at "Fuck you!"?  I mean, I'm not gonna fuck someone if I don't like them.  I'm gonna NOT fuck them.  Fucking is fun, and I don't want them to have that much fun, especially not with me!  So why am I gonna tell someone I'm aggavated at to have fun?

Same with "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke".  If they don't have a sense of humor, why would I waste time with them?

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and petty, but this RANKLED.

I take a basket (or a cauldron) of candy, raisins, gum, and whatever to work twice a year -- Ostara and Samhaim -- to share with all who will take a bit.  I don't require that they celebrate my holidays, 'cause I don't theirs, but it seems like good PR/education/something.  Sort of a prosperity thing, I guess, haven't really analysed it beyond that.

So Tuesday I had my basket.  As always, most people were really cool about it.  Some have even learned I'm NOT the Easter Bunny and I'm NOT early :D  and return my greeting with "Happy Ostara" or "Happy Spring-day!"  Apparently you can teach people if it's reinforced with chocolate :D:D:D

The same engineer who keeps teasing me that "Dragons don't exist!" (which I know better and so does [personal profile] softpaw don't we?) is poking through the basket and asks what the occasion is -- and when he hears "Zia brought it for Solstice!" he dropped what he had in his hand -- a sucker, I think -- and backed up, scowling, then turned and stomped off without another word. 

OK, that I can take.  I think it's rude, but WTH, he's Muslim (is that the right term?) anyhow, maybe they don't have seasons, I dunno.

A couple of hours later, L comes in --

 "Can I get a candy?"

"Sure, did I miss you earlier?  I'm sorry!"

"Oh, it's not for me, it's for (engineer)."

I lost it. 

I told her if he wanted that candy he should come and ask for it himself and not send someone else.  What, if it's unclean because of the source (which is all I can think of to explain his earlier reaction), how does adding a step when you still know where it's coming from make a difference? 
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