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So I'm a member of a web-based group that will help each other out in case of disasters (like tornados, earthquakes, etc); part of it includes being able to read and understand the rules for how the group works.   It is not a "chat group" or a blog; there are few actual rules but several guidelines; there is a website and a google map.  I'm not especially computer savvy, but the rules and guidelines are clear enough for me to understand with one or two readings.

So there's a post from a new member

"I'm new and need some directions on to do everything, thanks"


I mean, the directions are RIGHT THERE....

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 because today was the last lauch of the space shuttle program, and there's nothing slated to replace it.  

I didn't realize until about 11 or noon until quite why I was so upset; I think I've been holding to the (admittedly very faint) hope of making it to a Moon or Mars colony -- I  know, my age and weight would count against me if nothing else did, but I did have that faint hope.  After all, they're going to need broom-pushers for everywhere and dishwashers in the galley and orderlies in sickbay....and the triple-PhDs all over the place won't want to take time from their research and other projects for the mundane chores.  I'm smart enough to not open both doors on an airlock at the same time and not too proud to shovel manure if that's what needs doing (and yes, I've done it).

I pretty much know where I fall as far as intelligence -- not only do I know my scores on several sorts of tests, I know where I fall on the "average human VS Sheldon Cooper" scale -- pretty much 1/3 of the way up.  Smart enough that I have to be careful picking topics of conversation when standing in a checkout line, not smart enough to do differential calculus in my head.
And I'm a generalist -- Jack of all trades, master of none is the old phrase.  I don't know what they're calling it now in txtspk or twtspk or crrent slang, and -- even more important -- I can follow directions!  If you tell me to flip these three switches in this sequence, guess what?  They'll get flipped in that sequence -- even if I have to write it down to keep it straight.
I know that compared to the average Star Trek crewman (yes, I know, fiction, deal with it) -- not even the officers -- I'm gonna be barely average, and I'll likely have to struggle for that -- evolution and education will continue to improve and selection will (hopefully) take only the best and brightest for those positions, and that's about what I expect would be going on with the colony projects too.
But until today, I had at least that faint hope.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep.
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If you're in a community that allows you to post a wishlist for strangers to offer to fulfill those wishes, and you offer what you can toward others, whether a card or a car, and that comm asks that you put tags on your post denoting the continent and country in which you live / get mail, seems it wouldn't be too hard to click on the pre-written tags and get them on there.  Especially if you've quite the wishlist, including cash, giftcards, and a working laptop.

I suppose it's petty, but I've decided that for the ones that can't be arsed to click those few tags, I'm not even going to bother getting an address for a holiday card.  If they won't post the tags, they likely won't reply to the email, so why waste my time?

And yes, I've scaled way back on my swapping/mailing of things for the last few months; it'll likely reboot in late January.


Dec. 25th, 2009 02:35 pm
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It's pretty bad when your ad-aware will let you download a game app that gives you crazy amounts of pop-us, but won't you uninstall said app!

Yes, I did get it uninstalled, after I figured out just what was going on.

In other news, mixed a bottle of Thieves' Oil to set aside and let it mature.  This one seems to be a bit heavy on the Rosemary.

I seem to be on a Rosewood kick; after letting this bottle mature for two years, I've developed two blends in as many days with it and working on a third.  Did a total of five blends today, two that are favorites for me and three to experiment with.

Adopt one today!
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The one annoyance about having several different (reference-type) books on the same subject from several different publishers is that each book has much of the same information, presented in almost the same words.

I have two aromatherapy books (both for slightly more advanced practitioners) that do NOT feel it necessary to expound on the history of scents and the various methods of getting the essential oil out of the plants and into the bottles.  The other twenty or so?  Even the ones supposedly for not-QUITE-beginners-anymore?  Right.  At least a chapter each on
a) what is an EO
b) why EOs are hard to get at including where they are in the plant
c) where EOs come from (regions, etc)
d) history of EOs and perfumes.

And all list the same sources for their information; in many cases it's darn near C/P from one book to another.

One book drives me batty all by itself -- in each and EVERY recipe, the directions include :"Place the carrier oils in a clean container, add the essential oils, and gently turn the container upside down several times or roll between your hands to blend.  Apply as needed."  (Aaaugh, wait, she forgot to tell me to put the lid on!  i just dumped the oil all over the floor!)  If the author had put that at the beginning of the chapter and said "this applies to every rx unless stated otherwise" it would have resulted in a 20% savings on paper, ink, and transport costs.

I suppose that the repetition between books is "just in case" a person only GETS one book, so they'll have the info, but when you have several it wastes time and shelf-space!  Hello, posty-notes!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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I live in a town without a bookstore.  The three nearest towns share the lack.  The nearest city with an actual bookstore where you can get a "real" book (not just a Living Word Bible or Harlequin bodice-ripper) is 32 miles away,  but there  they have a B&N, Borders, at least four used bookstores*, and at least five "Christian" bookstores**. 

Plus gift shops that also sell books***, many associated with churches, which I would include in the previously-mentioned category.

Here?  If it's not on the Borg-Mart shelf, either order it online or prepare for a drive.

Now 30 miles isn't so bad, really; half an hour on the highway.  Except that from here, it's 20 minutes to the highway and another 20 miles ON the highway and at least 20 minutes getting through traffic when you get to the city.  If I'm taking that sort of drive, I want to do several things in one trip.

Right now I can:

Drop off Cat's Hat
Hit two or three hobby stores looking for a specific SORT of item
and that's all.

I'm Jonesing for a bookstore trip and haven't enough reasons to make the drive.

I don't NEED to go to the bookstore -- I have several on my TBR pile and others I need to review and a boatload of things I should be doing around the house.  Dangit, I wanna go BOOKS!  *pushes out lip and stomps feet*

Oh, and Library?  Yeah, we have one -- sort of.  I got used to the St Louis Public Library system growing up, then the Greene County Library System....this one is sort of...well, Mayberry RFD had more books.  I can't look online to see what's available, I have to figure out a time they're open and go in to request an ILL.  Last time, they didn't bother to tell me when the book GOT there -- it arrived sooner than I expected and had been SENT BACK before I thought to go in (couldn't get them to understand what I wanted over the phone) and check on it. 

I keep expecting to find that there are books that aren't in the card catalog -- YOU know, the ones where you have to be a teacher or a medical professional to find out they're under the desk. 


* Half-Price books, the one on Glenstone and St. Louis, ABC, and the one over near Games to Order.
** CPO, Zondervan, the one on Kansas Expwy near I-44, the one by the AG, and Roderick's.
*** My absolute top favorite for this is Renaissance Books and Gifts -- they have new and used books that nowhere else in this silly town will carry.


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