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I mentioned a reading I got from someone who basically used the cards as a way for the client to focus -- the "if I didn't answer your questions by the end, let me know" and he hit all three points?

One of the questions was "WHY is it so hard for me to lose weight?"  Not just psychologically, but physically.

And this tied in with something that happened later on:

In the reading, he saw that I had been the wife of a Rabbi in Germany before and during WWII.  We had still been early middle-age when it started, and when we were sent to the camps, one of the higher-ranking guards found me attractive for some reason.  Granted, I wasn't bad looking, but in this circumstance?  I was determined to fight him all the way, for my honor and my husband's.  

I was denied food, even the slop the rest of the prisoners got, until I would give in.  A couple of other guards basically took their lives in their hands for pity and gave me scraps when they could, and once a warm cap.  These men I have met again, in this life, and we recognized each other.

So basically, I stubbornly starved myself to death.

And that seems to be why my body holds on so well to the fat -- my unconscious mind remembers that!  Now, according to the literature on the subject, since I realize this and know it's not likely to happen again, the weight should start just melting off, right?  Right???  HURRY UP!!!!!!
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[info]theperfumer's LJ, and posted also in her blog here, I hereby question the convention of the "three faces of the god/dess" as used in Wicca/Paganism/Heathenry/whatever practices use these designators.

Four primary directions are recognized (NESW), and four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), guardians, towers, etc...there are more phases of the moon than three (though I'll leave the exact number up to someone else to fuss about; I use 4:  Dark/New, Waxing, Full, and Waning), four seasons, four "solar observances" (Solstices and Equinoxes), four cross-quarter observances....

And there are women, as she points out, who do not fill any role described in the standard Maiden/Mother/Crone conventions.

I've heard reference to "Maiden/Mother/Warrior/Crone" (ala Mercedes Lackey) and "Maiden/Mother/Queen/Crone" (not sure who, but I believe I read it in SageWoman magazine by BBI Media).

What "new" archtype would you suggest for a woman who has not had children (whether by choice or by fate), but who is not yet a Crone?  Surely this does not diminish her nor her contributions to society, though there are certain experiences she will not have and certain lessons she will not learn this time -- but maybe she learned them well her last time on the wheel, and this time is for other lessons.

Warrior, in either the military or the business sense?  Queen, if she remains sovereign in her household (whether a one-person bed-sitter or a mansion teeming with family and/or servants)? 

How about for a woman who has had children, but they are no longer in her household; they have grown up and started their own?  Is she "stuck" with the Mother designation until her Croning, or does she take a new role and title?

And how about men?  Youth, Father, Sage...apply the same arguments, please, and go from there.  If a man chooses to not become a father, surely this does not diminish him, though again, some lessons may be reserved for another incarnation (or already learned).

(cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] nonfluffypagans )

Here is the specific link to that post -- wow, really good discussion points!

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When I first spoke with Di about vending, we (yes, WE) decided that having some of my usual line out for the patrons might be a little....inappropriate for the area, so the Venus of Willendorf soaps and candles, the Pents, etc are not available during faire hours.  (See www.fifthhousecandles.net if you don't know my stuff.)

However, I'm bringing at least one box with me this last weekend.

These will NOT be out for the patrons to see; if any of the entertainers, vendors, or support staff want to examine them and perhaps make a purchase PLEASE do ask me OUTSIDE of gate hours. 

Also I'm liable to have another "packing sale" the last two hours before close on Sunday.  "If I don't have to pack it, it's MARKED DOWN!"  (giggling)  Hollering that was fun :)

EDIT:  I thought about posting this in the WhiteHart community journal, but didn't want to offend any patrons that might wander by and see it.  SO if you know anyone who might be interested and is working there...!!!
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I've had readings done several times, usually by strangers, once by an acquaintance (someone I'd met a time or two, we recognized each other "on the street" but hadn't _talked_).

The most recent one was the least believable.

My mother had nothing to do with my red bicycle, I don't know why she'd be showing it to anyone as a connection with me.

My grandmother would not have used the phrasing "of an ample lap." That's just so NOT her.

MAYbe they have, since passing over, found out that my chosen path is not a horror afer all....

Mother had cats the last few years, even housecats (living on a working farm, you can't avoid cats!), so why would she be averse to _my_ little b/w domestic shorthairs who were "ankling" her according to this person?

(Though I am glad to hear that The Varmint and Bandita de Corazon are getting along well.)

EEhhhh, whatever.

What got to me about the first three readings I ever got was that as far as I know, the readers were not known to each other, all readings were on an impulse (i.e., not planned, no appointment), and not even in the same county, but ++there was overlapping information and what did not overlap did not contradict anything the others had said.++

Also, most of what was said the first three times I had either figured out on my own and this just reinforced it, or it brought back bits of dreams and fit them together.

Coincidence? People skilled at cold-reading a mark? Possible. I took care to keep a poker-face as well as I could, but I'm sure there were clues that I didn't know about to control. I also tried to not give verbal clues/cues.

The one that most impressed me had me shuffle a deck of tarot cards while thinking of the questions, then NOT ASK. He read "my aura" and and "Akashic Recors" or some such, according to him, when I mentioned at the end that he had hardly even LOOKED at the cards. Also had his eyes closed a good percentage of the time. "If, at the end of the reading, I didn't cover something, let me know and I'll try for it" he said.
He covered the three points I'd had, and filled in a few other things as well.

Sometime I want to work with a reader from behind a screen, or in a separate room with an intercom locked on one-way.

Your thoughts?
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Some people wonder why I wear a five-pointed star in a circle, then say "No" when they ask if I'm Wiccan.

They don't know the difference between Wiccan and Witch, and if I try to explain my take on it, I see the eyeballs glazing.

Should I lie and just say "Yes"? "Well, kinda-sorta," which is also a lie?

I'm not Wiccan. I split with the Baptist Church because I was tired of other people making ethical (or non-ethical) and/or lifestyle decisions for me as much as for any other reason. Why should I go right to another church that wants to tell me what they think I should think and do?

I'm a Witch. I do spellwork. I acknowledge a multiplicity of Divinity. I observe the Moons and the Seasons, the quarters and the cross-quarters. I do certain community/charity work with my Pent right out front and while I don't start the conversation, I will discuss it.



Sep. 4th, 2005 09:59 am
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Next weekend starts my three-events-in two-weekends bit:

10 Sept -- Springfield PPD, Fassnight Park, Noon - 1700

11 Sept -- Sedalia PPD (gotta get a map printed out!)

18 Sept -- Columbia PPD (Peace Park? on/near Campus, anyhow) I'll be there early--giving Sis a ride and she's on the committee so must be there early.

Got about 8 dragon candles, half-doz kitties, large Gaias, bitty Gaias, crystal-in-'ems, pents in black and in white--may do a silver one, think it'd go? and a copy-paper box full of soaps.

Now to divvy stuff up so i have some of each for each site!
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so got a phone call Tues evening from an "old" friend--you know what i mean so don't start--about another old friend's birthday party coming up Saturday. at Lambert's, "Home of the Throwed Roll." Of course. at 1030. in the MORNing. Oy.

And all the ppl attending are "good Christian women." Who haven't gotten the word about me yet, due to being out of contact or the subject not coming up. I'm not in a broom closet, but is Ruby's birthday really the place for them to find out / realize?

And Wolfie says i can bring my "boyfriend" (fiance') (who is also a Witch...and very in-yer-face about it!).

This should be...interesting.
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Just back from the picnic--sold several candles and some books that were duplicates of what i already had--donated a few other books to a box going to a prison in the next county.
Traded three candles for two gemstone strands--one of blue quartz and one rainbow moonstone. Total cash income for the day, $36 -- $34 more than last year at the same event!

Thanks to all who sent good wishes ;)

Packing now to go to Eldar's for what's left of the weekend.

Have fun!
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WooHoo!! Off work tomorrow and DON'T ask how that happened 'cause i don't know!

So--have a list of things to get together and take to the park so i can set up a vendor's table and hopefully sell some candles.

Candles, of course; table which folds to fit in POV; several milk crates to carry candles and accessories (bags, ribbon, etc); get CHANGE--mostly ones!; what to wear....think i'm going with the SCA-type garb--the real simlple stuff again; a folding chair; and i'm sure i'll think of stuff i've missed.

Wish me profit!


Aug. 24th, 2003 08:02 am
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So...Lady Galla is going to make my overdress for Handfasting;
there won't be a "reception" THIS time--that's saved for "the big one" next year; there will be what Sorchae calls an "after-party" probably at a local hotel-which-has-a-bar-and-restaraunt;
we are looking at places to have the actual Ritual;
think there will be about 20 ppl total for the Ritual, more hopefully for the little party after;
at next year's reception, i want 3 beledi dancers (Linda, get practicing!) and really want everyone to dance a little--a "pass the scarf" deal;
i want to make the favors for next time, maybe just a little silk pouch with Rose Quartz in it for each (AND BUBBLES!!!);
April is very happy about being Guardian and required to wear spikes, studs, and lots of leather;
Working on Guest List for both, and for the parties after;
Pop and Arlie-Mom and Brandie get invites, but i don't expect they'll make it;
Dang, there's a lot to do for this stuff!


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