Feb. 17th, 2009


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:39 am
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Anyone else having problems getting gmail to open mail rather than just showing you the inbox?
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A couple of weeks ago, I sent this to the state board asking for a clarification:

Subject: Questions about on-site sites
In Title 4, Div 197, chapter 5, specifications are listed for massage businesses and on-site massage requirements.

Are only the specific examples listed permitted, i.e. health fairs, sports events, trade shows, and healthcare facilities?

Is it permitted to set up at a Farmers' Market or a Renaissance Faire or Community-sponsored Picnic-in-the-Park?  If so, would my wallet-size license card and state driver's license be adequate ID or would I want to bring my original license from the wall of my studio?
A week later, I got this:

The wallet card is fine. You need to have some type of consent form the client agreeing to allow the massage, no contraindications etc.


As far as I can tell, this does not ANSWER the first question, but implies (or leads the reader to infer) that it would be permitted.

Yeah, I'm resending...twerps.  But what does one expect from a state office?

***************ETA:  Question answered officially -- next post!**************************************

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OK, just got confirmation that it IS allowed to do on-site at faires, farmers' markets, etc!  And yes, I'm printing that out to keep with at such events, being paranoid.

NOW...do I want to do on-site at White Hart or vend the candles as usual?

Julie, you said I had one of the shelters set back for me -- I'm thinking there may be room for both in there.

Does anyone want to sign up for a day selling candles and such in trade for a) getting in and b) a backrub and c)  merch?

(Hmmm, that might be good for the younger set -- 10 and up -- who would at that time have been helping with such things anyway!  Anyone have kids participating that might like to take an hour's turn?)


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