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 My dear friend's spouse has just been admitted to the hospital with MRSA. Prayers, candles, good thoughts all requested and appreciated.
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Hard decisions as far as the candles go. Due to the rising cost of supplies and materials, and let's not even talk about shipping, if at least 75% of the candles I bring to VisionCon don't sell, I won't be getting more supplies to make candles for sale.

People tell me "Oh, I love this! You should charge more for it!" then walk away without buying what they just said was a very good deal and that they liked it, which I don't understand at all. There will be figure candles, scented pillars and votives and containers just as usual. The total price for 100% of the candles, by what I have prepped right now, will be around $300, so at least $225 of that stock needs to go. And that's cash money, not barter or give-aways.

Same for the soaps -- I'm bringing all I have made over the last few months at the same prices people say are good, and those need to sell also.

If I quit making for sale, a lot of molds and such will be going up on ETSY or eBay, so if you think you would want one of the Bast candle molds or the dragon molds, be thinking of a price or a service to offer for them. I will, of course, continue to make for my household and for gifts until supplies run out, but I'm just tired of carting things back and forth and hearing "Oooh-aah" not followed by *clink-rustle*.

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So's I know if it's worth making up what I have available![Poll #1510132][Poll #1510132]
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So...any herbalists/wildcrafters in the area who'd be willing to come over and walk the acreage with me? I really should have a better idea of what's out there, and a lot of plants look so much alike to me that I could be dangerous.  Payment to be rendered in barter, please.

Will be moving the chandlery from the shed into the basement over the next few days -- I need to ask [livejournal.com profile] turlock  (or someone) to help me with the 60# boxes of wax! There's already a stove and a sink down there, so that'll be convenient.

The jewelry-stuff stays upstairs, though -- much better light!

Applied at two more Springfield salons yesterday -- and still looking wherever else I can convince myself I qualify for. 

Facebook is just crazy -- WAAY to many games and pokes and apps and whatevers.  However, Katie (from my high school years) and Toni (same) found me, so it's all good :) 

Got a note from a former priestess/teacher of mine, she's planning to come to PitP next month and maybe we will have time to catch up a bit.  Speaking of which (or witch?) I don't think Katie and Toni from the previous paragraph have figured out my current path, as they're both still talking to me :D

The sign at the local salon "Massage Therapist Wanted" is still up.  *schadenfreude* (Is that the right word?)  I don't know if she can't keep 'em or if she kicks 'em out.  I know I'm not gonna find out. 

The girls are planning to be over for the "Hundred Mile Yard Sale" this weekend, and we'll be clearing out some of the stuff they no longer want from the garage. 

I've been looking for some binder inserts I got awhile back -- should have at least 5 packages left, and I know where I put  them downstairs.  And they're not there.  These are the ones that you stick a magazine through them and then into a binder for keeping-them-together.  I got 12 packs of a dozen, and I have NOT used that many.  And they're not where I put them.  To quote [livejournal.com profile] umbramage, "damn Pookas!"

Looking up khaleegy on youtube, and rather disappointed -- the videos I've found totally don't have the "show-off" entry, the "flirt" phase, or the "unveiling" -- every one is 50% hair tossing minimum and some are just walk in and start flippin' the hair about.  I've had ONE lesson years ago and I remember more than these show.  Some don't even have the specific side-half-step travel, just walk around shaking their head and teats!

Ran across some notes from the first massage course I took -- the one that the school closed in the middle of? -- and it wasn't as long ago as I'd thought -- '98, according to the dates on the papers.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Farmers' Market today, coolish but not bad and WINDY.  Wind blew another pop-up into mine, which mine being better anchored meant mine got bent.  Knocked over the table with the dragons, three are damaged and I'll have to re-pour them, breached the wrapper on a bar of soap so I can't sell that.  Sold $6 worth of soap, that's it, but gave out cards for the massage to several who inquired about the chair (even if they didn't get one today).
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But not very far this time -- just to Shell Knob this weekend!  Well, Friday and Saturday.

Thought I was going to have a co-boothie Friday, but no such luck, and I hope there'll be help to get the Pop-Up up-popped.  The rest I can handle, but that's a two-gal job.  Three man, from watching some fellers who tried to help before!

Anyone wanna go to Shell Knob and hang out all day?  LOL!  I'm sure I'll be pretty darn bored by the end of the day :D  And if it's raining tomorrow like it is now, I'm not going!  It's outside, bring your own shelter if you want it, no electric, pot's in the restaurant over thataway.  So I've got a long coat, a windbreaker, gloves, and a hoodie for varying warmth factors, as it's pretty much "on the lake."
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In Aurora, there are two farmers' market associations -- at the same park.

The one I just joined gives each member a copy of the vending license (for the city) so you can set up any day you wish.

"Regular" days are Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, any day it's barely tolerable out.

Day pass is $1 day for up to 5x.

A year's membership is $15. 

Guess who signed up?

And they're trying to get access to a "certified kitchen" for members to use for jams and relishes and soaps and such.


I will have to be relatively careful about my wares -- the little pretty bottles are "no" but if I put oils in them I mixed, that's OK.  The item-which-is-for-sale must be homemade/handmade.  But of course, massage is handmade!  So I can set the chair up too!  Wheee!
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Since I know a lot if you vend, and I'd like to see you...

there are about 24 spaces left :D  (I got the first one!)
map this address:  4534 HC 1, Shell Knob, MO 65747 (Road House Grill)

Please let me know if you'll be there?



March 6, 2009



Jim Sawyer






All Craft Vendors – FREE SPACE for Craft Show in Shell Knob!


To kick off the season, Roadhouse Grill in Shell Knob will be hosting its first annual Spring Into The Season Craft Show on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11, from 11 am to 6 pm.


All exhibitors are welcome – from  plants and artwork to handmade items like candles, soaps, jewelry and other creations.


Space is limited, so sign up NOW for your free spot.


To participate or for more information, call Jim at 417.858.6886.

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Would whomever is in charge of selling the Sea Dogges CDs like to put
some on my table at Visioncon?

I'll have my Dragons there, as usual :)

Maud/Zia/uh..who am I today again??

email at FifthHouse at gmail

or phone -- you likely have my number!
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Remember two years ago when the Springfield paper put me in one of their "local artisans to buy from this holiday" bits?

I JUST got a phone call about some red dragon candles.

And I haven't made any in months -- I have like ONE black dragon waiting to hatch.

Well, good thing it ain't TG yet!  I have a couple of weeks to get a few hatched, and make for that Kris Kringle market in Galena as well (which is about an hour out, according to google; not much farther than Sprungburg, and closer than White Hart).
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I always feel nervous when I'm sending out a package -- worse if the person has paid (or swapped) for it and is expecting said package to get there. 

I realize stuff happens, and (when on the receiving end)  try really hard to be patient if the person tells me it's been shipped -- I mean, once a friend sent me a letter from Great Lakes to St Louis -- generally a two-day matter -- and it took over three weeks to get there and had postmarks from Memphis, somewhere in AZ, and three others I don't  recall right now.  That was really unusual, IME.  I've recently sent several packages overseas, to Scotland (smooches [profile] la_colere!) and NZ (huggles [personal profile] cosmogonic) with no trouble and a reasonable delivery time.

Still, at least one package being delivered within CONUS has gone missing...and no clue if that one was on the USPS or on the mailroom at the business the buyer had me send it to.

So I'm always very relieved to find out something arrived!
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My Dragon Candles will be at Lazy Dragon Con 3-5 August, 2007 -- WITHOUT me!  Also the largish Pentacle candles.

Then at MiddleFaire  in October! 

*schniff*  I'm so proud!


May. 21st, 2007 02:06 am
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I figured out how to resize the pix for the catalog pages on Fifth House!!!!!!!!

Yeah, for YOU guys that's no big deal.....but for me, that's WOW!

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[profile] la_colere, yours should be there in 7 - 10 days.
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Well, work's been a little slow lately.  Rather than doing a layoff, we are working a 4-day, 32-hour week for the next 10 weeks.

We DO get partial unemployment for that one day off per week, or can take vacation, etc if we'd rather.


More time to work on candles and stoof!!!!

While I realise that this may be a pain for some folks there, it's a blessing for me. 
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NOT taking every-freaking-item-I've-got-on-hand this time -- I have one table and have offered [personal profile] tultema and
[profile] greeneyedtengu 

space for their wares as well.  So:
Two boxes (about 20) Dragon candles
Some odd assorted candles that just happened to be IN those boxes
All the jewelry I've made, plus some from the "Garage Sale" post
  (as this takes up very little room)
Spell Oils
Maybe some perfume blends
Some extra jewelry makings to have something to do with my hands
And some Shell bottles -- I wouldn't suggest putting liquid in them though!
  (Nice to keep salt or powdered incense in on an altar, maybe)

Nope, not taking soap this time!

Just because!
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If anyone else here is in the Springfield, MO area (think LadyBears college basketball?), how about dropping by the dealer's room at VisionCon this coming weekend? 

(Dealer's Room is FREE ENTRY, the con itself you have to pay.) 

I'll be vending my jewelry and such, but would love to meet other BPAL users!  If I know anyone's coming by, I'll bring my tiny little stash  and we can meet after and sniff and  tell stories...????

Cross-posted all over!
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Just updated the Etsy shop!  Several new bracelets, changed prices on a few things.....the usual :)
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for anyone who wants to look :)



Nov. 26th, 2006 09:11 pm
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Ozarks Gift Guide

About two-thirds of the way down the page --!!!  Wheee!

Colorful dragons


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