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10 vials from various good-smelly companies such as BPAL, NA, and more in varying states of fullness.

$6 paypal, shipped w/DC, within the US only. No e-checks.

5 3 available  GONE!

Will ship Monday on my lunch break.
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Hard decisions as far as the candles go. Due to the rising cost of supplies and materials, and let's not even talk about shipping, if at least 75% of the candles I bring to VisionCon don't sell, I won't be getting more supplies to make candles for sale.

People tell me "Oh, I love this! You should charge more for it!" then walk away without buying what they just said was a very good deal and that they liked it, which I don't understand at all. There will be figure candles, scented pillars and votives and containers just as usual. The total price for 100% of the candles, by what I have prepped right now, will be around $300, so at least $225 of that stock needs to go. And that's cash money, not barter or give-aways.

Same for the soaps -- I'm bringing all I have made over the last few months at the same prices people say are good, and those need to sell also.

If I quit making for sale, a lot of molds and such will be going up on ETSY or eBay, so if you think you would want one of the Bast candle molds or the dragon molds, be thinking of a price or a service to offer for them. I will, of course, continue to make for my household and for gifts until supplies run out, but I'm just tired of carting things back and forth and hearing "Oooh-aah" not followed by *clink-rustle*.

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I ran across a link today through a series of other links; this one is about Spending Out, which is using the things you've been "saving" for whatever reason. 

Basically, the idea is that if you have a desk drawer full of "good" stationery and keep buying "everyday" stationery, what's the use of having the good?  Use it, enjoy it, realize you (and the people you write to) are worth the good stuff.  (I know, people don't write letters anymore, email and texting have killed the idea of written correspondence, but the idea carries over.  Play along, awright?)

Do you, as I do, keep stuff because "it might come in handy someday"?  What's the worst that could happen if you toss it out?  You might have to buy a piece of leather that would work better for a knife sheath than the side of the shoe you've been moving from basket to shelf to box (and may not be able to find when you're ready to start that bit of leatherwork)?

I have two boxes of scrapbooky bits that I don't use. 

I have shoes that never really fit that I'm clinging to.

I have t-shirts that are ready for someone else -- or the ragbag, in some cases -- that I'm holding to because I had fun at whatever event they designate.

I have resentments and grudges that I'm cherishing against all reason.

I'm doing a little better with some of it.

I'm using the pretty notepads that people get me; my concession to not using the last of the pretty is to take the first sheet and put it in a photo album.

I've been destashing the scrapbooky bits on a website for swappers and getting things I will use -- charms for jewelry making, books that I can swap once I've read them -- in exchange.

I've offered up the shoes that are in the best condition but no-one in the area seems to want them, so they'll be going to a charity store this week.

The t-shirts...I've decided to take pictures (digital) and then get rid of them.  Either to the landfill or to the aforementioned charity shops.

I've actually been able to throw out shoes that are worn to the point of being dangerous in the last few years, and no take them out of the trash can three times b/c "they might come in handy someday!"

The grudges...that's harder.  Any suggestions?  And I don't mean the standard lines in the self-help books.  How do I go about forgiving myself if I can't find the person to apologize to them?

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These are all in decent - to - good shape; I just want them out and gone.

Men's fleece-lined  jacket, weatherproof outer shell, Faded Glory, size 38-40; black. the zipper tends to get jammed on the wind-flap, but if you have a fix for that it's be great.  I don't think it's been actually worn, just tried on.

Rolling Duffel -- it is too heavy for me to lift easily when it is full, that's the only problem I know of.  Has wheels and a pull-handle for once it's out of the trunk.

Black sandals, 3" heel, strap across instep as well as ball of foot; Fashion Bug, size 9.

, embroidered/sequined/beaded vamp, 2" heel, no boundaries, size 9; 1 pr black, 1 pr brown.  These would go great with the floaty peasant skirts.

Slides, 2" heel, black; wide vamp with pewter-colored decorative buckle; Aerosoles, size9 1/2

The sandals/clogs are not worn -- they are the fruit of the mindset of "Oh, they'll fit fine!  My feet are just a little swollen today, it's late, yadayadayada" and no, they never did fit. 

Box of random Scrapbooking stuff

If it isn't spoken for by Wednesday evening, it's going to either freecycle or a thrift shop.

Book swap?

Aug. 29th, 2010 09:52 pm
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If you are on PaperbackSwap.com, please take a look at my bookshelf!  There will be at least two dozen more books added over the next week or so and for friends FROM HERE or IRL, I'll send two for one!

My profile there is http://zianuray.paperbackswap.com/profile/
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Got some rain yesterday, on the installment plan -- got dark, wind, big honkin' drops for a few, bright sun.  Repeat several times.

Called the cops ON the cops last night, just about 23:50. 

Laundry to-do today, and sort through clothes for what is not wearable, what is out of season, and what should be passed along.  I keep winding up with these giveaway t-shirts in like, size large from various places. 

Take a walk.  Not even necessarily outside if it heats up by then.

Sort and stash some of the papercraft stuff; get it in one place in case anyone takes me up on that card-making gathering thingy.

Be sure I have the "not-certified" labels ready for FM vending tomorrow.

And, swiped from [livejournal.com profile] featherynscale,  ask me for a list of my "Top 5" in whatever categories. 

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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I have a partial set of older storybooks -- sorry, no Godzilla or aliens, just the stuff that used to be considered suitable for 3-5th graders.

I'd appreciate it if you could cover postage or we could meet to drop them off for those who live close enough.

Comments screened, leave email address or phone number.
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Gonna have some large -- as in size 26W -- jeans posted here in a couple of days.  Just got them washed and will be checking for damage, etc before I decide what to do with them -- a lot look freakin' new.  I go t them and decided since I was in a factory, just wear my ol' cheap stretchy cotton-knit...

and now they don't fit.


so yeah.  I don't know what size anyone on here wears, but I'd rather see someone get them who will wear them, being they're in decent shape.

I'll figure out how many fit in a flat-rate box and what colors, etc are up, and on that post I'll screen comments since some people are sensitive about such matters.  Likely ask for paypal to cover postage.

There'll be some lightly-used sweats, too, probably, and some fit for a ragbag or stuffing. 

Yes, i know about freecycle.  And I've used it.  And....nevermind.  Just no.

I DO know a couple of you they'd fit like socks on a rooster!
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I have a copy-paper box of silk shirts, etc in various sizes/colors/states of (dis)repair.

I'd like to trade for a couple of eye pillows (to use with massage -- not scented, please!) or tarot bags.

Or, like, Penumbra (yeah, haha, i know).

Or, say $12 shipped?   I THINK i can cram them into a flat-rate box.

If I don't know you, I'd like to check feedback before agreeing to a swap.

Backstory: I got a bunch of the washable silk shirts at thrift stores some time ago intending to take them apart and make tarot bags, jewelry rolls, etc., and just never did. Now I would like them out of my way!


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 I got two bottles of Mead Moon, thanks to a very kind person who went to WillCall.  When the bottles arrived, I tried one.  Well, you have to, right?  And...I was not too thrilled.  Here I was sure from the notes that I'd found my scent of scents, and she betrayed me!  I tried again a few days later, and again...and I simply cannot be the only one putting anything into this relationship.  I may keep the opened bottle for 6 months or so to let it age, but I don't see the need to keep the unopened one.

Top bid on Mead Moon is currently $28

Since I'm currently annoyed at eBay, I'll entertain offers here. 
I do frimp -- let me know if you're allergic to anything (tea, chocolate, etc) and I'll take that into consideration.
Comments are screened.  Please put your email in your comment so I can get in touch with you.

Also, Crawdad doesn't like me.  The bottle has been cleanly tested with a toothpick, and half an imp-sized vial has been drawn off with a pipette.  If you offer on this, please include your Forum name. 

And....bottle of Sturgeon Moon, less 1.5 imp-size vials.
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and want to finish one (or both) of  two unfinished afghans/knitted blankets?  

My MIL started these at least 7 years ago and never finished them.  

One is a wine-red and ivory with several skeins of yarn still with it and the circular needle still in the working area.  

The other is three shades of teal in a zigzag pattern and circular needle.

I can take measurements and send pictures -- my 'puter is not recognizing the only way I know to post pics to LJ or I'd have done that.  

I'll have to ask you to cover postage -- these will NOT fit in a flat-rate box!
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As always, open to offers and barter!  See my Sale/Swap post for my BPAL wishlist, and here are the usual links to Etsy and Adopt-A-Dragon.

Three Sterling Rings -- size 7 -- $10

Avon stuff


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