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I do the dragon-egg thing occasionally, as you may have noticed.

There are sites and LJ-comms to help people get enough "clicks" for the dragons to grow up.

As the "new" has worn off the fad, the clicks/views across all comms that I participate in have gone down, sometimes to the point that posting each day does not result in a grown dragon but in a "dead" egg or hatchling.

One of the sites has a rule, "all eggs/hatchies behind an LJ-cut" which is perfectly reasonable when you have 150 people posting an average of 10 sprites per post every day.  The load time can be horrendous.  When the views fall off and the posts run to 10 per day with an average of 8 sprites, that's not so necessary.

In this comm, the founder and the maintainer (yes, the two "top mods") had been conspicuous by their absence for over a year.  One of the other mods -- not a random member, but an APPOINTED MOD -- changed/suspended the rule to allow sprites to be posted without the cut to increase views and the likelihood of clicks.  This mod had tried to contact the founder and the maintainer with no response.

From what I gather from the public posts and comments, the maintainer wandered by more than a year after the last time she'd looked in, two months after the rule was suspended, and ran screaming to the founder, who had a tantrum.  Within hours, both were excoriating the mod who had BEEN to the site almost daily, the one who was trying to help the other dragon-owners, banned her, and stated that anyone who did not go back and place any exposed sprites in earlier posts under a cut would be banned not only from that comm, but from any other comm the founder was a mod on.

No, I didn't go back and modify my previous posts, and no, I wasn't banned.  I gave them several days to get around to me, then left the comm under my own steam and promptly joined the new comm started in response to the banhammer.

Immediate public attack was not the way to handle the situation, IMO.  A public post saying "We're back, all rules are still in place, please LJ-cut future postings" and a PRIVATE message to the mod who was trying to help would have been the better way to go.

ETA:  I dropped back by to see how many people were still posting their sprites, and there might be one post every other day.  The remaining mod/maintainer has decided to lift the cut rule, but states "if (the owner) wants to change it back, well, it's (owner's) comm."

How long until there is only one mod, anyone want to take bets?
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I remembered this just now:

At the factory -- where I worked for 19+ years, there was a probationary period for new hires.  within the first 45 days you could be let go for any reason or no reason.

One gal had been in a bad relationship and moved to the city to get away from the farm community her pending-ex still lived in.  She was so traumatized by the whole deal that the men on the crew could not speak directly to her without throwing her into hysterics 75% of the time.  All 5 in the direct line of authority were -- guess what? -- men.  The women could not mention in her hearing a sentence like "My husband drove me to work today" or "How's your boyfriend?  He recovering from that car wreck OK?" because she could not stand the idea of a husband and would flee to the bathroom and cry for an hour if the word was mentioned in front of her.  She actually requested that we censor our entire work-day to cushion her from the world.  She even asked HR to "talk to us" about "respecting her emotional disability" -- which may have worked better if she were willing to get therapy for it.

Guess who didn't make it to the end of the probationary period?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I responded to this post
and asked for a feedback link, got this:

I have feedback on the BPAL page here: http://feedback.bpal.org/censura.php?cmd=details&itemid=13591

I haven't been on LJ long enough to set up a feedback page here. Let me know if you're still interested, and thanks for looking!

When I googled the paypal address, I got this:



I went back and retracted my offer, and [livejournal.com profile] ishtarswrath has suddenly deleted her LJ!

I was wondering whether I should feel bad for bringing history in, but if she's reformed she would not have deleted her account and her sale post. Now I'm expecting some drama-llama attack on the comms next time I post.
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On the 7th, when I got to work for the first non-training day of work, I go up and beep my card on the door to get in, and there is the click of the magnetic lock releasing, and I pull...and the door doesn't open. It's still bolted. Thankfully, one of the supervisors is thee and lets me in before I panic.

On the 14th, I drive by the front on my way to the parking area -- all is dark. I'm worrywarting (thanks, Grampa. NOT!) that the door will be bolted again, that I won't be able to get in, that no-one will show up except me...and, of course, the door opens just like it's supposed to. I go find the light switch and start my before-clocking-in stuff...and of course, nearly give myself a panic attack.

"What if no supervisors show up? What if no-one comes in but me? Oh my, oh my....what if?"

And I take a deep breath and remind myself that I have the documentation on the intranet, I have two different helplines (one for me, one for owners), I may be inexperienced but I am TRAINED and I am an intelligent and resourceful person and I by dingies CAN and WILL do this.

And other VPCs and two supervisors show up, and of course all is well....

But I just HAD to scare myself.



Jan. 6th, 2009 12:19 pm
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I think I need someone to talk me through choosing and downloading a thing to backup my LJ.

If ou are good at this and patient with those unsure of such processes, may I ask for a contact # and good time to call?  comments screened, of course!

ETA:  Ok, I got ljarchive-0.9.7-doc  - SecureZIP xpress, downloaded and unzipped it....now how do I tell it to get LJ entries?  And do I have to tell it EACH entry, or just take it to the first one say "Sic 'em!"?

OK, [livejournal.com profile] shannihilation  talked me through setting up a copy-to-IJ using LJ-SEC; it did NOT copy comments, though, and I still want a backup to an external drive (which I have on hand) WITH comments.....yeah, I'm ARCO, what about it?
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I live in a town without a bookstore.  The three nearest towns share the lack.  The nearest city with an actual bookstore where you can get a "real" book (not just a Living Word Bible or Harlequin bodice-ripper) is 32 miles away,  but there  they have a B&N, Borders, at least four used bookstores*, and at least five "Christian" bookstores**. 

Plus gift shops that also sell books***, many associated with churches, which I would include in the previously-mentioned category.

Here?  If it's not on the Borg-Mart shelf, either order it online or prepare for a drive.

Now 30 miles isn't so bad, really; half an hour on the highway.  Except that from here, it's 20 minutes to the highway and another 20 miles ON the highway and at least 20 minutes getting through traffic when you get to the city.  If I'm taking that sort of drive, I want to do several things in one trip.

Right now I can:

Drop off Cat's Hat
Hit two or three hobby stores looking for a specific SORT of item
and that's all.

I'm Jonesing for a bookstore trip and haven't enough reasons to make the drive.

I don't NEED to go to the bookstore -- I have several on my TBR pile and others I need to review and a boatload of things I should be doing around the house.  Dangit, I wanna go BOOKS!  *pushes out lip and stomps feet*

Oh, and Library?  Yeah, we have one -- sort of.  I got used to the St Louis Public Library system growing up, then the Greene County Library System....this one is sort of...well, Mayberry RFD had more books.  I can't look online to see what's available, I have to figure out a time they're open and go in to request an ILL.  Last time, they didn't bother to tell me when the book GOT there -- it arrived sooner than I expected and had been SENT BACK before I thought to go in (couldn't get them to understand what I wanted over the phone) and check on it. 

I keep expecting to find that there are books that aren't in the card catalog -- YOU know, the ones where you have to be a teacher or a medical professional to find out they're under the desk. 


* Half-Price books, the one on Glenstone and St. Louis, ABC, and the one over near Games to Order.
** CPO, Zondervan, the one on Kansas Expwy near I-44, the one by the AG, and Roderick's.
*** My absolute top favorite for this is Renaissance Books and Gifts -- they have new and used books that nowhere else in this silly town will carry.
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No good deed goes unpunished.

I let someone use my computer while theirs was down.  
The next day, I noticed that things were running slow and some things seemed just -- not right.  
I did a spyware scan and a virus check (in addition to the regualrly scheduled ones) and looked over recent downloads -- and sure enough, stuff was downloaded from sites I don't use.  I deleted everything I could find and re-ran the checks.

Firefox is messed up, and a lot of the richtext functions in LJ (like loading pictures) aren't working,  

Links work sporadically, and I can only run Firefox if it's the FIRST thing I start after a shutdown or a restart.  Otherwise it won't load at all. 

And the Kodak Easyshare program (which is what takes the pix off my camera), while it will let me email photos to people, will NOT find anything more recent than, say, three weeks ago if I try to upload to LJ, LJ scrapbook, Snapfish....

Well hockeypucks. 

That'll learn me.

Verb. Sap.:

Jul. 3rd, 2008 10:12 am
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I do not take well to ultimatums.

You tell me "It's her/him/them/it or me!" and just from contrariness I'll say "Don't let the door hit you."

Sometimes it turns around and bites me; more often not.

I'm staying out of it.

I don't want the drama.

I just want to play.
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So Saturday DH's pickup quit on him in Springfield -- didn't even get his errands, just as he was hitting town!  Quit *flump* just past the Wal-Mart on Sunshine, heading into town.  Of course, being Saturday Afternoon, all the shops and such are closed...and, being one of THOSE weeks, I was in class.  In Joplin.  With the phone turned off. 

AND, when I offered to put him on my AAA membership a couple of years ago, he'd said not to bother, he had towing coverage on his insurance.  Now the truck got paid off a couple of months ago.  SO he changed the insurance to liability-only rather than full-coverage...and I didn't think to ask about the AAA again.  (Granted, why should I have to think to re-offer?  He made the changes, let him mention it maybe?  I've never had towing on my insurance AFAIK, so didn't make the connection.)


He had it towed to a place here in town -- over $100 just for that -- the shop thought at first it sounded like a fuel pump.  Today, they said...."It's not gonna be that simple.   There's something rattling in there."

Nope, don't know yet if it's gonna be a whole different engine or not, yet.

ETA:  Timing chain -- just under $400.  Not as bad as we'd feared!
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First bit ganked entirely from [profile] greeneyedtengu:

09:57 am - Firefly Fandom Wank Response

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An interesting-- and intensely hilarious-- response to [profile] _allecto_'s claim that JOss Whedon is an anti-feminist rapist comes from [profile] aic_weirdo in Miandry in Popular Culture, Part I.

I'm staying out of the wankage this time. But this is too funny to not pass on.

Thank you [personal profile] spankerella, from whom I ganked the anti-wank.

The only bits I feel qualified to comment on -- not having seen the series and all -- are these:

(from [profile] _allecto_'s post)

"The first scene opens in a war with Mal and Zoe. Zoe runs around calling Mal ‘sir’ and taking orders off him. I roll my eyes. Not a good start."

"The basic plot of the series is Malcolm Reynolds and his second in command Zoe <snip>"

"Zoe...(h)er role is to support Mal’s manly obsession with himself by encouraging him,
calling him ‘sir’ (emphasis mine),and even starting the fights for him."

My notes:

Uhm.   OK, I do NOT know who is the ranking person in the first quote, but from context in the post let's say it's Mal.
And in the SECOND quote, it's pretty darn clear.

Point?  If you're the brass, you give the orders.  If you're NOT the brass, you FOLLOW those orders, especially in the middle of a war.  As a general rule, you call the captain of a ship (or any officer, including any NCO if you're a Marine) "Sir."  Or Ma'am, if they're female (and not a Marine).

Heck, I call my classmates (and instructor, and HUSBAND for gossakes) Sir or Ma'am as appropriate just from force of habit -- it doesn't mean I'm gonna crawl over and lick their boots!

Someone ([profile] _allecto_,  perhaps?) needs a bit of a reality check, IMO.

"Aside from women being fuck toys, property and punching bags for the men, the women have very little importance in the series. I counted the amount of times women talk in the episode Serenity compared to the amount of times men talk. The result was unsurprising. Men: 458 Women: 175. So throughout the first episode men talk more than two and a half times as much as women do. And women talk mainly in questions whereas men talk in statements. Basically, this means that men direct the action and are active participants whereas women are merely observers and facilitators."

Mal, Wash, Jayne, Shepherd, Simon
Inara, Kaylee,  Zoe,  River

OK, maybe this is an accurate count.  I have the possibly mistaken impression from somewhere that River doesn't talk much, if at all, for at least the first couple of episodes, so maybe we should count her out for this.   And -- who is onscreen more?   Questions can be used to direct action or make people think -- if you're captain of a ship, are you going to be more receptive to "Have we tried this yet?"  or to "That's a dumb idea."? 

Also, is the poster counting each time one starts to talk, or is word count taken into consideration?  Is a 4-page monologue one utterance?  Would this entire post be opening my yap ONE time, or once per sentence, or per subject...?  Not enough information here.
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I figure I'm about to get drafted for Breakfast/Cleaning duty upstairs. 

The granddaughter who was going in sporadically -- T -- has finally gotten herself on SSI or something of the sort so no longer needs the money my M-I-L  L was paying her. 

(She was looking for a regular job last year, where she could work "when she felt like it" and clear $2000 / month "because that's what she needed to pay her bills.")  Little unrealistic, IMO.

So of course L is doing the total stressout "Whatever will become of us?" thing anytime she has an audience.

Now here's the thing:  I would not mind fixing their breakfast 2 - 3 times per week and running the vacuum, etc once or twice.  (My Gramma was a Scrubby Dutch and the vacuum once a week was enough for her!)  The problem comes in with scheduling.  I leave Aurora by noon most workdays to run a few small errands or just get ready to face the timeclock by 1415 hrs.  They get up around noon.  Then they debate about what to have for breakfast for 30-45 minutes.  THEN it must be fixed a certain way, in certain pans, no microwave allowed, oh we're out of tea, run to the store and get some, oh that's not the right brand (funny, i took the box along and matched it), well we might have some waaaaay in back there behind the good dishes (whaddaya know?  same damn brand i bought) and all this takes another hour or so.  Then have to fix the doggies' breakfast from the humans' plates and serve them before L will eat.  Then shit's cold because the dogs won't eat it yet and she's trying to coax them.  They have sent me to the store for a can of asparagus with count 'em SIX cans still in the cabinet. 

So the point is:   if they'd be willing to get up at a time when I could get stuff done without being late for work, I would "do" for them.

But this ain't gonna happen.

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got back to apartment about 1415 hrs, started melting wax THEN fed the kittycat....(i lie. Cat came first.)

So got several candles done through the FIRST pour and waiting to set for the second.

AND we're going to a friend's house--our Chatelaine--'cause a friend of hers sells TRIM and is going to be there tonight! (Remind me to drive by the cash machine.)

w00t! (as my daughter types when happy)

+++++Warning: Vitriol Ahead+++++

FINALLY got the books from QPB ORDERED.....the website had different specials AND different book, PLUS the gol-durn cart would only take ten at a time.....(fuss!)

Emailed the help area, got told "reply to this email with what you want, and i'll take care of it for you."

OF COURSE the reply was glommed by a DIFFERENT person who just said "either use the 'net, mail it [(and there is NOT room for 20-odd books on those forms)(and you should expect anything _I_ order to be odd indeed)], or do the 'phone thing."

so i PHONED the Customer (Dis)Service number.

"Well yeah, you have to do it that way, we can't do that here."

Let me speak to your supervisor.

"Yeah, that's right; but tell you what, here's MY email address; send me the list and i'll take care of it."

No such domain, according to the BOUNCE.

Phoned the order line; it ordered THREE books of the 22 i input--except that it got two of a title i only want ONE of.

SO called Cussed Disservice AGAIN......and this time got a very polite, helpful lady who ordered the books i wanted for me.

ABOUT FREAKING TIME, don'cha think?

Since this covers my one-book obligation to QPB, i think i'll tell them to cancel my membership. AND tell them why.

+++++ Rant Over -- for now +++++
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A co-worker had a (used) fridge and a deep freeze to give away, having just obtained a brand-sparkly-new set.

So i tried to call a local pantry, run by a person whom i used to consider a friend, and got a fax-beep. (Knowing that they had been wanting a deep-freeze for some time.)

So called my HPs and asked her to phone ANOTHER coven's HPs to see if any of HER people could use them, if our group didn't know of anyone.

So now there's posts on the email groups about me trying to start something by calling one group instead of another and making remarks about people who are not EVEN involved.

Damn, if i'd known it was gonna cause trouble, i'd'a kept my trap shut and let the stuff go to the recycle shop without a word!

Who was it who said "No good deed goes unpunished"?
Mark Twain?


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