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I responded to this post
and asked for a feedback link, got this:

I have feedback on the BPAL page here: http://feedback.bpal.org/censura.php?cmd=details&itemid=13591

I haven't been on LJ long enough to set up a feedback page here. Let me know if you're still interested, and thanks for looking!

When I googled the paypal address, I got this:



I went back and retracted my offer, and [livejournal.com profile] ishtarswrath has suddenly deleted her LJ!

I was wondering whether I should feel bad for bringing history in, but if she's reformed she would not have deleted her account and her sale post. Now I'm expecting some drama-llama attack on the comms next time I post.
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and the premise is "You push this button, you get one million dollars, and someone, somewhere in the world, dies." 

Do you push the button?

Why or why not?
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Full text of article )

Ethics of Tick Removal for Bodyworkers
A person receiving a massage may be unaware of a tick feeding on him/her. Especially if a client has recently been in a wooded area and the tick is hidden from his/her line of vision, a massage therapist's routine could be interrupted upon spotting one of these arthropods.

Since a client's well being should be a bodyworker's top priority, attached ticks cannot be ignored. However, tick removal is not defined within a massage therapist's scope of practice. Despite this omission, longer lengths of time increases the likelihood a feeding tick will transmit illness. Therefore, bodyworkers must take appropriate steps to help remove the tick from clients.

I was taught that removing a tick is indeed overstepping legal boundaries, and that if there wasn't an esthetician available I should just work around it, then inform the client as he was leaving. I like this version better, about asking permission to remove it.  Legally, though, I wonder what my liability would be for removing it.

Other bodyworkers, speak up please -- which way were you taught and which way would you handle it?

(I know for a fact I'd rather have my MT take the freaking thing off me!)

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
And a scroll
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There's some amount of noise being made about this person being discharged from the military because he came out of the closet on national TV.

And here, this fellow was dismissed "because of anonymous emails" -- but after the discharge, says, "Oh, yeah, I'm gay.  I just didn't say so out loud."

Now the second one I would take issue with the discharge, as there was no proof nor on-the-record acknowledgment of the point.

BOTH parties, however, say they knew about the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy going in, and both DID, in fact, take oath anyway.  Read down aways on the second link -- supposedly there was evidence of at least three liaisons while he was on active duty, and the emails apparently came from one of these persons. 

But the guy -- a West Pointer?!?! -- in the first article linked?  Comes out ON TELEVISION and expects nothing to be done????  I think he was looking to be released from his obligation and knew this would do it.  Then tries to claim he "doesn't want to live a lie"?  What, pray, did he think he was doing when he raised his hand?

Also, if "The President" (an office, not a person), can m/l do away with the policy, doesn't that mean any president in the last few decades could have done away with it?  (See first link, third paragraph.)

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Those of you who practice magic -- not prestidigitation -- has anyone ever asked you to "do a spell" for them, then gotten offended if you refuse that but offer to show them how to set one up on the grounds that "Oh, I couldn't!  I'm a Christian and it's against the rules!"?  How does them asking you to do it negate the fact that they wanted it and they asked you to?  Aren't they still culpable by their own rules?

Sorry for the mixed-up grammar, I'm just not sure how else to phrase it.

I've even said "OK, here's a list, you go get these ingredients, call me when you have them, and I'll come over and we'll do the work." and they say "No, no, I couldn't!" with much flapping of hands and shaking of head.

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Got a call yesterday that could be good PR, could be more trouble than it's worth.

Someone has a daughter on total care, about 15 miles away over not-so-good roads (travel time would be at least 30 minutes one way) according to the phone number prefix.

Had an MT coming for several years to work on the daughter, but the MT raised her rates and she couldn't afford it anymore.  Taking the daughter to my office in Monett is out of the question, apparently, and calling any of the MTs in her own town (at least 3 that I know of) likewise.

She wants me to drive out every week to work with her daughter for an hour -- plus travel time of an hour, plus setup and all -- for $20 each trip. 

She can't afford regular rate, can't leave her name, didn't ask if there are options or if I'd take insurance.  If she's been primary care for someone for years, wouldn't she know to ask about insurance?  If she's a distraught mother, wouldn't she ask about barter or somesuch?

I've had several people try to scam me already, and I just don't know if this is another.  I feel bad that she can't afford the regular rate and that I don't feel I'd be breaking even.  If she'd be willing to work with me on options -- like getting me referrals from her church, support network, whatever -- I'd work with her in return, but just "No.  Gimmie."  bugs me. 

Granted the daughter has a raw deal (if she exists), as does the mother (as supposedly primary caregiver),  but I've hauled table to out-of-the-way places before and been told, "Oh, s/he's not here -- well, since you're here, you can work on me while you wait!"  (When you tell them the rate, they insist "But you're already here!  It's not like it's going to COST YOU anything!")  Which would be OK IF they'd pay me for the work, but that wasn't in their game plan.  And I consider that a scam, too.

Does anyone know how I can find out if this gal is on the up-and-up?  What really makes me suspicious is that it seems none of the MTs in her own town are willing to work with her, or why would she be calling someone from elsewhere?

And before y'all get all "UR being MEEN" on me, yes I do have some "charity cases" that pay a greatly reduced rate.  As well as my other tings I do including blood and sweat (but not tears so far, except when the needle slips).

ETA:  And the votes are in...and I'm leaving it well alone.

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Posted so I can find it again when I'm wanting to grouse about anywhere I've ever lived.

ETA:  I know it is posted -- I don't know if it;s a fake.  There's a pastor here in town that requires his tenants to attend his church.

All the tenants I interview aren't good enough (Broadway and Commercial)


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Oct. 18th, 2008 06:55 am
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with all the backstabbing and talking-about and such being reported, and I'm sure there's more that isn't being mentioned, I've decided it's GOOD to be a nonentity.

And no, I'm not talking about the presidential race.
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First bit ganked entirely from [profile] greeneyedtengu:

09:57 am - Firefly Fandom Wank Response

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An interesting-- and intensely hilarious-- response to [profile] _allecto_'s claim that JOss Whedon is an anti-feminist rapist comes from [profile] aic_weirdo in Miandry in Popular Culture, Part I.

I'm staying out of the wankage this time. But this is too funny to not pass on.

Thank you [personal profile] spankerella, from whom I ganked the anti-wank.

The only bits I feel qualified to comment on -- not having seen the series and all -- are these:

(from [profile] _allecto_'s post)

"The first scene opens in a war with Mal and Zoe. Zoe runs around calling Mal ‘sir’ and taking orders off him. I roll my eyes. Not a good start."

"The basic plot of the series is Malcolm Reynolds and his second in command Zoe <snip>"

"Zoe...(h)er role is to support Mal’s manly obsession with himself by encouraging him,
calling him ‘sir’ (emphasis mine),and even starting the fights for him."

My notes:

Uhm.   OK, I do NOT know who is the ranking person in the first quote, but from context in the post let's say it's Mal.
And in the SECOND quote, it's pretty darn clear.

Point?  If you're the brass, you give the orders.  If you're NOT the brass, you FOLLOW those orders, especially in the middle of a war.  As a general rule, you call the captain of a ship (or any officer, including any NCO if you're a Marine) "Sir."  Or Ma'am, if they're female (and not a Marine).

Heck, I call my classmates (and instructor, and HUSBAND for gossakes) Sir or Ma'am as appropriate just from force of habit -- it doesn't mean I'm gonna crawl over and lick their boots!

Someone ([profile] _allecto_,  perhaps?) needs a bit of a reality check, IMO.

"Aside from women being fuck toys, property and punching bags for the men, the women have very little importance in the series. I counted the amount of times women talk in the episode Serenity compared to the amount of times men talk. The result was unsurprising. Men: 458 Women: 175. So throughout the first episode men talk more than two and a half times as much as women do. And women talk mainly in questions whereas men talk in statements. Basically, this means that men direct the action and are active participants whereas women are merely observers and facilitators."

Mal, Wash, Jayne, Shepherd, Simon
Inara, Kaylee,  Zoe,  River

OK, maybe this is an accurate count.  I have the possibly mistaken impression from somewhere that River doesn't talk much, if at all, for at least the first couple of episodes, so maybe we should count her out for this.   And -- who is onscreen more?   Questions can be used to direct action or make people think -- if you're captain of a ship, are you going to be more receptive to "Have we tried this yet?"  or to "That's a dumb idea."? 

Also, is the poster counting each time one starts to talk, or is word count taken into consideration?  Is a 4-page monologue one utterance?  Would this entire post be opening my yap ONE time, or once per sentence, or per subject...?  Not enough information here.
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If someone says on a radio ad "This is Doctor FirstName LastName, Head of Private  Mental Hospital for Children," what would you suppose the person's degree to be in?


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