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but if you told him that he'd deny it, 'cause that's that newfangeld new-age/old-religion devil stuff.



Vicks Vapo-Rub


Vicks Inhaler

.....and whooo, that Wintergreen Liniment the doctor would prescribe!
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09 April 2011

The President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I understand from recent news articles that you are reconsidering your stance on same-sex marriage.

May I tell you why I think it is a good idea?

In 2005, I married a man I'd known for about three and a half years, a retired Air Force E-6.

Due to many factors, I was not overly surprised when he told me last year that GAS (Gender Alignment Surgery) was a deep need for him, and asked how I'd feel about having a wife instead of a husband. I love him, I want him to be happy and healthy, and I said so, and we proceeded with getting a psychologist and hormone therapy and, now, the surgical procedures have begun.

[redacted for internet]s health has improved greatly because the stress of pretending every day to be someone she is not has lifted.

We are together, we are remaining together. I am far happier with her than I would be without her -- after all, she's the same person, just in less psychological pain and therefore easier to be around! -- and we are very much still in love.

"In sickness and in health", right? Well, she's been sick for 48 years, and now she's getting healthy.

Her name has been legally changed by the Court; she is now [redacted for internet]. No-one who knew her as a male was shocked by the changes, she's always been female but in the wrong body.

HOWEVER...if she gets her "gender marker" changed, our happy marriage is automatically annulled.

She will always be legally male so that we can remain married, and this distresses me. She says it is OK with her as this allows us to remain married in the eyes of the state, but it upsets me on her behalf.

Please, Mr. President, when the subject comes up, think of us and other families like us.

With deep respect,


[redacted for internet]
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So we are in Columbia having the consultation for her proposed orchiectomy, and it gets to the "Any questions?" part.  I've asked about FMLA and recovery time and how long she might be in hospital, and then the one I've been waiting to ask:

"Can I have her balls once they're out?  I want to get them bronzed and mounted on a plaque."

Now I know what "thunderstruck" looks like.  He drops his face into his hands -- both, so a "double facepalm" (do I get extra points for that?) -- and takes a few minutes to recover.  When he does, the answer (which I pretty much expected) was "No.  Just...(really long pause)...no.  Yes, I'm a doctor, but I'm still a guy, and just...(another really long pause)...no."

By this point, Em and  I are giggling our collective tails off, and the RN has this look of "WTF" with the saucer-sized eyes and is dead-silent..

And yes, I was serious.
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Last fall (?) I gave up trying to find ink for my old printer -- much less at a decent price -- and grabbed an HP printer/scanner/copier off the shelf at WallyWorld; a promo item for about $25.  Ink carts print more pages and are cheaper than I had been using, so a win there from the git-go, but last night and today cinched it.

I came home from work early with a case of I-don't-know-what.  Stopped at the walk-in clinic on the way, it ain't strep but it's something.  Home for an hour or less and Emily's phone rings and she takes out with "I'll tell you what's going on when I get back!"  Lawyer needs some paperwork, and since it's medical stuff she has to get it herself or sign papers herself-and-in-person.  Comes back 15 minutes later with a bunch of stuff that needs to get to the legal sec that night.  In Springfield, about an hour away. 

Scanner & email to the rescue!

This morning, she got a pile of papers from the local hospital -- same story, but Jefferson City.

Once again, scanner/email to the rescue!

I'm gonna paint a SuperDude logo on the box, i swear.

Total drive time saved SO FAR -- 10 hours.  Not to mention there may be more tonight.
Yeah, I spent about 40 minutes scanning and attaching, but that was still a huge savings, not to mention that i tend to worry when she's on a drive like that at night and last night she'd've been worried about me, which wouldn't have helped.
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So Emily is back from [livejournal.com profile] motherpockets '  and [livejournal.com profile] seymoure 's house and brought me prezzies they sent!  I got a red bottle shaped like a heart and a possibly-cursed-but-huge-and-gorgeous seashell (now being salted just-in-case), a tiny/cute pillow handmade by [livejournal.com profile] bleuberi21 , and a dragon incense holder and a handmade tarot bag from [livejournal.com profile] juliegocrazy  and [livejournal.com profile] ericcaptdrake .  I couldn't even go and still made a haul!

Also she brought back a Pi with her -- [livejournal.com profile] chaoticfayth  -- who had supper with us and whom I then drove home.

And I am working on candles and jewelry for VisionCon, and have offered a corner of my table there for SCA info if they cannot get a table in the main area.  And will be getting a few extra things for the table as well.  Soaps have generally not sold well for me there, but I will take a very few that I already have made (like the chocolate frogs).  Mainly I'm concentrating on Dragon candles and Skull candles; I also have a few of the 2" tall goddess candle sets that will be on display.  And, to get rid of some of the larger beads that I don't tend to use, there will be a bowl and plastic baggies -- I can put 20 beads in the baggie and still seal it, so I'm thinking "dollar a bag" for that.  It won't recoup what I spent on them, but I'm not using them and want the space back.

Need to pick up some black mousetail and bugtail while I'm at it. 

Knees were VERY achy this morning.  Gotta be the weather.  And I need to lose weight to give those knees an easier time.  Well, I'm working on it!

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OK, so how do "they" decide that you have a xx% chance of dying of this and a nn% chance of dying of that...you omgWILL live x%/xmanyyears longer if you do this-or-theotherthing....

According to the CDC at this link (pdf), my granduncle LeRoy, born in 1903, had a life expectancy of 49.5 years; my grandfather, born in 1912, had 51.9 years.

Grampa died at 75, and Unca Roy was still driving the lawnmower up to the square to hang at the Liar's Bench.  He passed at 87.

Gramma (Unca Roy's sister, my maternal grandmother) died at 73; her daughter Virginia(yes, my mother), died at 60.

Uncle Roy started smoking at age 12, the roll-your-owns, I don't know when he started chewing but longer than I can remember for certain.  Never had cancer, emphysema, whatever. 

Grampa had adult-onset diabetes (runs in that side of the family -- his dad, brother and sister all had it too, and they died early b/c of NOT taking care), and I suspect that's WHY he lasted as long as he did -- he paid attention, did all the tests his doctor suggested, and kept track as well as possible for the state of technology then -- "dip-strips," eew!  Started with the pills in, oh, late 1960s? and went to insulin in the mid 70's if I recall right.

Gramma had "a bad heart" and hypertension for years; she died of congestive heart failure (and, I believe, a broken heart).

Virginia smoked for at least 25 years, two-pack-a-day (see previous rantage), but claimed that had nothing to do with the fact that she got emphysema later, that it was totally genetic, an enzyme deficiency.  And she was an RN *snort*.  Not just a river in Egypt.

SO.  Uncle Roy, smokes for over 60 years, no prob.  Ma, smokes for 25, quits to get remarried and lives another 15 years, dies from emphysema.  What's the difference?  Who would have predicted that variance?

"Every serving of alcohol takes three minutes off your life" according to some ad campaign a few years ago -- DH's dad should have died 5 years before DH was born by that criteria, says DH.

When married to Daughter's father, I took one of those stress questionnaires from a psych/counselor.  I should have been dead three years at the time I took the test, more than 20 years ago. 

That feller who started the whole jogging craze -- what was is name? -- much was made of the fact that he died of a heart attack.  I found an article that mentioned that he actually outlived what his doctors expected as heart problems "ran" in his family.

I have decided that there is only one thing that'll kill ya, and that's being born conceived in the first place.  Life has a 100% mortality rate (well, except for Elijah, and I'd call that the exception that proves the rule).  May as well enjoy it, and make your own decisions on what is and isn't worth giving up!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


May. 20th, 2009 07:40 am
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] tultema !

Daddy Bill

Dec. 29th, 2008 01:47 pm
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Brandi called.

It's over.

Not going to FL, we had a visit last year and it was good and that's what I'm holding onto.

Called Rabbi Sherwin to see if there's anything I should do according to that belief. 


Dec. 25th, 2008 06:55 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] alaskan_blue  's coming by and bringing the granddog, Finnegan!
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There are still people in this town who don't know that "Mom" (DH's mother) passed more than two years ago.  One less yesterday, though, and one less today (if she picked up on what I didn't say). 

If they thought she was so swell and they were such good friends, why weren't they in touch while she was alive and why has it taken them this long and why did a stranger in the street have to make the announcement?

And howdaheck am I supposed to tell 'em, IF I am!?!?!  I don't want anyone having an MI on me!

As I said,

Nov. 23rd, 2008 02:26 pm
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My sister (whom I've met all of twice) called from Florida yesterday.

Some of you may recall that I made a quick trip to the Ft Lauderdale area last year for a visit with my Dad, who was then in Stage 4 cancer; well, if there's a stage past 4, that's where he is now.  Brandi and he made the decision to call in Hospice.  I know this is in accordance with his wishes, 'cause we hit on it last year, along with lots of other stuff you talk about when you're getting acquainted with someone you feel like you should know better.

I'm glad I went and had that visit.

She says he's not real sure where he is much of the time anymore, between the meds and the cancer. 

They went to somewhere in Philadelphia a couple of times for alternative treatments -- he was supposed to phone [livejournal.com profile] tultema  while he was there, but neither of them said anything about it, so I suppose that didn't happen.

So yeah. 

I'm...not really OK just now, but I'm not in a gloom-n-doom headspace either.

I've had my cry, and DH is coddling me (which is, of course, driving me nuts, but he needs to), and, well, it's all part of living, isn't it?

So, candles, etc for an easy passing, if you would.

And now I'm dripping tears again.

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I heard from my sister in Florida today.

More when I know what I want to say.
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A man was killed -- stabbed -- in Springfield likely on Saturday night or Sunday.  He'd not shown up for work for several days, so his mom went to check on him and found his body.

I recognized the name, the picture looked familiar, the age is close to what I think it would be and there was an Infantry sticker on his car -- which is missing.  

I can't believe there would be two people with that much similarity even in a city with an eighth of a million people, even though I want to.

My ex-husband's sister's son.  

[personal profile] tultema's cousin Jason.

I didn't know Jason well and haven't been in contact with any of his family in years.

I'd just been telling someone about Sissy Pam earlier today.

I fully expect my ex and his mother to be at the funeral.  

It was NOT a polite and happy let's-stay-friends divorce.

I do NOT want to cause drama at such a time or place.

I'm going to find out when/where visitation is, though, and try to slip in and sign the book, and of course I'm going to call Pam (if I actually have her number -- I used to).  Or would a letter be a better idea?




Please BOLO this vehicle:

Police believe the person who took the vehicle might have information about the murder. The vehicle is described as a 2000 Nissan Xterra, silver in color, with a bumper sticker on the back window of the vehicle that reads, “Infantry.” The plates on the Xterra are Missouri 3DF16W (also reported as 3DFL6W). Police encourage citizens to be on the lookout for any vehicle matching that description. Any sightings should be reported to police through 911.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing and Police are actively working all available leads. Police encourage any witnesses to call 864-1810 or make an anonymous report at 869-TIPS (Crime Stoppers). If information given leads to the conviction of a suspect, a cash award may be considered for the tipster.

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 News fron the Town Crier:
C/P from the yahoo group:

The Return of Angus (the 9-toed, but still also the Loud!)

Yes, the rumors are true - for those familiar with the Riddle of the
Sphinx, I have achieved 3-leg status, & finally a release from my
doctor imposed house arrest. Still moving a bit slow (haven't walked
on my foot in a month), but making progress. The doc has basically
dismissed me, back to work next week (rest of this week off to
re-learn to walk), but has forbidden my brand new, only worn twice ren
boots, so if anyone's been considering buying a pair, contact me &
we'll dicker(I believe size 9).

Accept no substitutes - get your town news only from your local town
crier. (Editorial viewpoints in no way reflect the views of His Lord
Mayor of Hart Grove, her ladyship landowner Di or Her Royal Magesty
Queen Elizabeth the first, long may she rain! (er, reign, that is!

Commentary from Maud, Angus' wife:

Doctors are very pleased with themselves, stitches out, still on antibiotics the rest of the week just to be certain.
A little unsteady, but working on it!  

Thanks to all for the good thoughts, etc,
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Rick is using one of these to get around the house nowadays:


He says he's not having any pain.  Annoyance, yes, but no pain!  And sleeping a lot after the IVs.

And since he's on IV antibiotics, he'll be going out only for medical appointments for the next few weeks.
Otherwise insurance won't help with the cost of the meds, and that's a bit...pricey.  
Thank the gods he DOES have insurance!

Hey, does anyone know, since the Doc is a 40-minute drive away, can we eat somewhere in Springfield w/o invalidating the insurance?  'Cause 45minutes minimum travel, plus who-knows in the waiting room, plus who-knows waiting in the exam room, plus another 45 getting home, can equal a rather crash-y DH.  Or should I just keep Cheerios in my bag?
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re:  http://zianuray.livejournal.com/260732.html

So, he should be getting discharged tomorrow, but he's not going back to work or anywhere except the doctor's office for at least 4 weeks.  Intravenous antibiotics, and stay OFF the FOOT.  He gets one of those rollie/scooter thingys for a month - the thing you kneel on and push and it has a handbrake?, and home health or somesuch will check on the IV port a couple of times a week, but antibiotics every 6 hours.  The nurse showed me how to hook it up, but I learn the saline flush bit tomorrow for afterward.  I hope it is the same setup for home -- they had a machine that pushes it from a syringe, and the hanging bags make me nervous.  I don't know why, they just do.

Wonder if I can put that on my resume!

Mailing address for those who want it is here (flocked) http://zianuray.livejournal.com/260441.html

Rick News

Jun. 24th, 2008 05:21 pm
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Referenced to this post

Rick goes in for surgery tomorrow,will stay at least one night in hospital, maybe two.

Fifth metatarsal and the associated toe on the left foot.

Anyone wants to send him an email, his addy is umbramage at yahoo.com

For actual cards, I'll make a friendslocked post in a few seconds with our mailing address.

x-posted to [profile] whitehartren
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So Saturday DH's pickup quit on him in Springfield -- didn't even get his errands, just as he was hitting town!  Quit *flump* just past the Wal-Mart on Sunshine, heading into town.  Of course, being Saturday Afternoon, all the shops and such are closed...and, being one of THOSE weeks, I was in class.  In Joplin.  With the phone turned off. 

AND, when I offered to put him on my AAA membership a couple of years ago, he'd said not to bother, he had towing coverage on his insurance.  Now the truck got paid off a couple of months ago.  SO he changed the insurance to liability-only rather than full-coverage...and I didn't think to ask about the AAA again.  (Granted, why should I have to think to re-offer?  He made the changes, let him mention it maybe?  I've never had towing on my insurance AFAIK, so didn't make the connection.)


He had it towed to a place here in town -- over $100 just for that -- the shop thought at first it sounded like a fuel pump.  Today, they said...."It's not gonna be that simple.   There's something rattling in there."

Nope, don't know yet if it's gonna be a whole different engine or not, yet.

ETA:  Timing chain -- just under $400.  Not as bad as we'd feared!
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May 1 will be our third anniversary -- and since it's a Thursday, I'm in school.  But he works, so that evens out.

I THINK -- I'll have to check the schedule -- I'm off that weekend. 

And isn't Iron Man going to the Big Screen on May 2?

Think I'll take him to the movies that weekend ;)
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The girls got me Alternative Cures That Really Work for Yule, DH got me an Arkham County Coroner ballcap for our anniversary and several bumperstickers for the car (Miskatonic University parking pass, yay!),  then for Yule  Batman:  The Dailies 1943 - 1946, and several books from my Amazon wishlist, a gorgeous Celtic-style brooch w/ spirals, a Tripod flashlight (Stanley), and just a mess o' things.  He spoils me.  But I had to hold some back for my birthday -- he wrapped everything and had me pick so many for anniversary, so many for Yule, and hold back 3!

And the girls came by -- mixed up a 10 ml of Thieves for them (see a few posts back) to take home, they seem to be doing OK.  I miss 'em, though.  And they liked the Titanium Sporks DH got them for Yule -- they ate breakfast with them when we went out to the Family Restaurant!


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