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Light requested.
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 My dear friend's spouse has just been admitted to the hospital with MRSA. Prayers, candles, good thoughts all requested and appreciated.


Apr. 13th, 2011 03:41 pm
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1)  I'm allergic.  Very uncomfortable, have had brief exposures land me in the ER on O2 for a few hours with eyewashes and such, and likely other things that I don't recall.  It's enough that having a smoker in the vehicle with me is a problem, though I can USUALLY manage it for 10 minutes or so before I have to pull over and cough until I can breathe again.

2)  My bio-mother smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years.  She died of complications of chronic emphysema.

3)  My bio-father and his second wife smoked heavily up until their deaths of cancer which had metastasized from the lungs to include bone and brain.

Tell me again why you "can't" quit?  If it's suicide you're after, a gun or rat poison would be cheaper, faster and less painful.  Same if you're trying to kill me, and if I do croak from your fumes, I swear by all you hold dear that I WILL haunt you.  You will not be able to sleep nor rest, your pets will be in a constant furor, and your kitchen appliances will refuse to work.  Especially the coffeepot.

I've actually had someone tell me that if I'm soooooo hoooorrribly allergic to smoke that I can't sit through lunch at a diner next to someone who is actively smoking and leaving the cigarette in an ashtray between us (and refused to move it to the other side of her plate at a polite request) that I should just never leave the house and go on disability, as it was her RIGHT to smoke anywhere anytime she pleased, including the grocery store and, if applicable, the ER.  Even with my eyes visibly swelling and reddening from the irritation, and the server commented on that as she was boxing my order to go.  (Small place, no non-smoking section, and that generally doesn't help anyhow, unless it's an entiirely separate sealed-off area with a separate ventilation system.)
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I like the Lemon and just ordered a package -- thought I'd share the link so others can try it too!  They have Lime and Orange as well, and they'll be adding Grapefruit next year.
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Em's out of surgery, loopy-but-semi-lucid, has had food, and decided to take a nap so I left to go back to V'Con where I'm vending.  

She is back in 716, minus  front half of left foot.

Previous posts here:  http://zianuray.livejournal.com/445903.html


Oct. 24th, 2009 08:14 pm
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Third week of training and on Thursday, I left early (not feeling well).  Friday I go to drive on in, get to Republic and...it ain't happening.  Called in.  Called the doc and they got me in the same morning, though I was a new patient.  Mucinex D and a puffer...I don't think the mucinex is doing much good, as I'm still coughing like mad.  Headache, coughing, muscle aches, what I cough up is clear and no nausea nor fever so I think it's not the 'flu.  Slept most of yesterday and today.

ETA:  About two hours after this, I hit that little :bump: that says, "OK, you're done, Rest up one day and back to work with you!"  Normal amounts of coughing and honking (normal for me, anyhow), and tylenol took care of the remaining HA. 

However, now [livejournal.com profile] umbramage has it.

Riley, ain'tcha glad you're not here this week?
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So sometimes I forget to eat, or I didn't eat enough at the previous meal or whatever...and when DH gets home, I'm irritable and confused and tired.  I was thinking that this is from forgetting to eat. but several people have told me that I need to get checked for hypoglycemia.  Anything I've been able to find online -- or in books/magazines, for that matter -- says that hypoglycemia is a side-effect of diabetes.  IF this is the only problem I'm having, I don't want to throw myself into the money-grubbing hands of allopathic physicians who over-prescribe and under-evaluate and over-test.  Which is every one I've ever encountered, and yes I'm including DOs in that.

Also, while I AM into alternative medicine, I do not believe that someone looking at a drop of your blood under a microscope is going to be able to diagnose every possible ailment you might have and I do NOT believe in iridology (yes, I've had it done, it was a waste of my time and money), muscle-testing, or Christian Science.

Any suggestions other than setting a timer (which I'll probably ignore) to go off every 4 hours and remind me to eat something?

It's also been pointed out to me that this may be why I have so much trouble losing weight -- when you're confused and about to cry, and you know for a fact a granola bar will fix that and you aren't together enough to be trusted with a stove, you eat the granola bar or whatever else you can grab quickly.  Apparently this is common for people with hypoglycemia.

SO -- without going to a "real doctor *gag*" -- any suggestions how I can find out if this is a problem for me and how to defuse it?

***ETA:  See why I ask things here?  Smart people who deal with the same durn thing and know what they're talking about!

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I love libraries.

I love library books.

Until I get hold of another book that has recently spent time a a smoking environment, and my eyes sting and tear until I cant see to read the book.


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More work on fishpond

Laundry -- hang comforter on deck rail

Post Office




Link -- Reiki being used at Ft. Bliss!

Read more... )

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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OK, so how do "they" decide that you have a xx% chance of dying of this and a nn% chance of dying of that...you omgWILL live x%/xmanyyears longer if you do this-or-theotherthing....

According to the CDC at this link (pdf), my granduncle LeRoy, born in 1903, had a life expectancy of 49.5 years; my grandfather, born in 1912, had 51.9 years.

Grampa died at 75, and Unca Roy was still driving the lawnmower up to the square to hang at the Liar's Bench.  He passed at 87.

Gramma (Unca Roy's sister, my maternal grandmother) died at 73; her daughter Virginia(yes, my mother), died at 60.

Uncle Roy started smoking at age 12, the roll-your-owns, I don't know when he started chewing but longer than I can remember for certain.  Never had cancer, emphysema, whatever. 

Grampa had adult-onset diabetes (runs in that side of the family -- his dad, brother and sister all had it too, and they died early b/c of NOT taking care), and I suspect that's WHY he lasted as long as he did -- he paid attention, did all the tests his doctor suggested, and kept track as well as possible for the state of technology then -- "dip-strips," eew!  Started with the pills in, oh, late 1960s? and went to insulin in the mid 70's if I recall right.

Gramma had "a bad heart" and hypertension for years; she died of congestive heart failure (and, I believe, a broken heart).

Virginia smoked for at least 25 years, two-pack-a-day (see previous rantage), but claimed that had nothing to do with the fact that she got emphysema later, that it was totally genetic, an enzyme deficiency.  And she was an RN *snort*.  Not just a river in Egypt.

SO.  Uncle Roy, smokes for over 60 years, no prob.  Ma, smokes for 25, quits to get remarried and lives another 15 years, dies from emphysema.  What's the difference?  Who would have predicted that variance?

"Every serving of alcohol takes three minutes off your life" according to some ad campaign a few years ago -- DH's dad should have died 5 years before DH was born by that criteria, says DH.

When married to Daughter's father, I took one of those stress questionnaires from a psych/counselor.  I should have been dead three years at the time I took the test, more than 20 years ago. 

That feller who started the whole jogging craze -- what was is name? -- much was made of the fact that he died of a heart attack.  I found an article that mentioned that he actually outlived what his doctors expected as heart problems "ran" in his family.

I have decided that there is only one thing that'll kill ya, and that's being born conceived in the first place.  Life has a 100% mortality rate (well, except for Elijah, and I'd call that the exception that proves the rule).  May as well enjoy it, and make your own decisions on what is and isn't worth giving up!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


May. 5th, 2009 07:40 am
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Gods I hurt.  Yesterday I started canvassing -- working ground-level in a commercial area.  Not many steps, mostly curb and a lot of those have cutouts, so NBD.  That was fine. 

Then my underboss met up with me, and a two-levels-up-from-him boss, and they decided we were doing residential areas for the next two hours.  We were three blocks from my car and I had no time to go get my walking stick.  Most porches around here have steps, many relatively steep, and very few with a handrail.  I have a moderate case of acrophobia, balance problems, stiff/achy knees, and too-short Achilles' tendons (the acro may have been acquired in childhood; the knees are an 8-years-ago thing I believe -- got a bit dinged up at the factory one day.  The other two are from birth). 

And today everything below my shoulderblades HURTS.  Ibuprofen, where are you?  And yes, I used a muscle rub everywhere I could reach last night.  I'd be worse without it, I do believe.  Worst parts today?  Achilles' tendons and quads.

Somebody remind me this will only last a few days and then I'll feel better, please.


Apr. 24th, 2009 12:46 pm
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Got a project going, and want a batch of these for it -- does anyone know where i can get them somewhat cheaper?

Also, the project is testing what was presented in a book called Scent-sational Weight Loss -- the idea is that certain scents, when sniffed before meals and at "crunch times," can trigger the satiety center so you're satisfied with less food -- even the stuff you'd (I'd) normally binge on or just keep eating because "it tastes good" (even after my stomach says I'm no longer hungry).   The main side effect reported in the book was losing too much weight too fast!  Don't know if I believe it -- seems like one of those "too good to be true" things, so...I'm trying it.

Anyone else want in?  I may have to ask for enough to cover the cost of the materials, but won't be trying to make a profit.


Apr. 1st, 2009 09:00 pm
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Did audition (interview massage) today -- good technically, but she has a concern about my health and will meditate on it and let me know before Saturday.  Hey, at least this one actually let me get that far!

Also had my first yoga class this evening.  I can feel where I'm gonna be a bit stiff tomorrow, but all in all not as bad as I'd feared.
Yoga teacher is very into the whole "adapt the routine to what you can do and soon you will be able to do more" thing, thank goodness.  I have, however, definitely been yoga'd.


Mar. 30th, 2009 09:14 pm
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Looks like I'll be trading massage for yoga lessons!  Sweet!
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When I was in class, we were taught that being too long on the table, especially prone, could be "debilitating," as in you'd feel worse after the massage than before.

Yesterday, that massage-swap, I found out that an hour face-down followed by 40 minutes face-up is somewhat past my limit.    I still feel hungover.  Yeah, that's with the cal-mag supplements. 

OH!  MaMa Jean's again tomorrow, 11 - 6, booked a client for Friday morning, and another for Saturday afternoon (or did I mention Saturday already?), and a meet with someone who is hiring for a salon/spa (sounds like W2-employee rather than IC, but right now that's OK with me).

Also, depending on the weather/temp, may set up at Farmers' Market Saturday morning just to get people used to the idea!

[livejournal.com profile] duane_kc , [livejournal.com profile] brotherwilliam , check back here and let me know how I did!

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When us kids would get poison ivy, Cousin Bonnie would send us to the city pool, which had chlorine in the water.  Usually one afternoon's worth of swimming and we were OK.

Why don't people just put a teaspoon or so in a bathtub of water and go pour it over themselves with a plastic mug if they don't want to go to the pool?  Or if what you have is a shower, stand in a washtub or rubbermaid tub or....
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Happy Birthday Party tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] ericcaptdrake ! 

DH and I were going to try to make it, but between the smoking and the plague we decided not to risk it.

[livejournal.com profile] cattinsley , I still have the little bottle for you...don't know when we'll be able to catch each other!  Call or email if you get a chance!

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Those of you who know me IRL know I'm fat.  And that I've been working -- baby steps -- on getting fitter (I've never been skinny and don't want to BE skinny).  Size 20 is my long-term goal, with 16 as a final.

I've been having a few job interviews, and some interviews to see if I'd "fit in" with the other people at various salons, etc.  So far?  No bites.

I was thinking it might be my weight, as most of the others in the salons I've been to were thin, if not scrawny (I mean needs a belt to keep her jeans on her hips, I don't mean a size 12).

I posted in an online forum asking for feedback, and three people said "so lose weight."  One of them -- a student -- said "I've never seen any therapist who truely embodied a healing spirit who was obease."

 Aside from the excellent spelling skills there, she's certainly qualified to make that call.  Sheesh!  I'd guess she's not had much life experience, or her idea of a "healing spirit" is much different from (than?  I always have trouble with that.) what I look for. 

I'm just SO tempted to write back, "Hey, Jim, Missy and George, thanks so much for the advice!  I'd NEVER have thought to diet on my own!" 

Two other people have already swatted her, so I'm going to ignore the comment.

Several -- I quit counting when I teared up -- sent me encouragement and their own stories, and that's what I'm holding on to for now.

ETA:  I posted again to thank, by name, those who offered support, and added this:

Right now I do have a room in a small town nearby, but the location is
not the best. I live in an even smaller town, but may have a chance
at a better location nearer here (I'll be talking to the agent
tomorrow). It's next door to one salon and barely across the street
from another (and neither of them has ROOM for a massage table, much
less room for a room) and is on one of the two main boulevards for
this town, and right near the Farmers' Market.

I can't help thinking that if these people who are turning me down
would "let me audition" (take the free massage I offer as proof of my
skill/talent) we'd never have had this conversation.
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[livejournal.com profile] indigoskynet , I've re-found my Chore Wars account and set up several things adventures that need regular attention. I'm hoping that actually ticking them off will help me see what I DO get done and what still needs doing and helps me get/stay motivated.  I included jobhunting and estate and exercise categories, so...

I don't think I'll be posting the regular updates, but maybe when something especially tickles me or I have an EXTREMELY productive day!

In other areas, I had some good news today and got some reassurance on another, so that helps me feel validated.  Sad that I NEED it, but whatever.


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