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I had been a tad concerned about my bookswappage sites and all b/c I'd be able to get to the local post office one day a week once the new job (!!!yay!!!) starts -- then realized -- there's a PO right next door in the same building.  Walk out the door, turn right, and there it is.  And DH mentions "Well, you COULD ask ME!" but Honey, you do so much for me anyhow I hate to put more on you!

Across the parking lot is a supercenter with a branch of my bank inside.  There's a Wendy's and a pasta-type place and a Sally's, and Michael's Crafts is right across the street.

If there were a gym with a discounted membership in the same complex, I'd be over the moon!
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Yesterday I was up at 0430 to help [livejournal.com profile] tultema  and [livejournal.com profile] greeneyedtengu  with the yard sale -- 'Tema did most of it and I wasn't a lot of help! -- but I was just beat after and lay down for a bit...and I know I slept 'cause I dreamed! 

I've applied to several (hah!  Dozens!) spas, salons, health clubs, DC offices, etc., looking for somewhere to set up my table, and very few callbacks (and those were all "We went with someone else") and the dream was that someone I'd met recently was working for a spa I'd applied at near the start of all this, nearly a year ago.  (Actually, she's an ER RN.  Go figure.)  She was all "Oh, you're Zia!  We've been TRYING to get hold of you!"  And I signed on with a 60/40 cut, my favor, and a rent cap of $800/month.  As this was a high-end place with a LOT of clients, that 60% was QUITE respectable :D

And then I woke up.  Dangit.

DragonEggs and hatchies )

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On the job-hunting front:

Freshening up my "other" resume for a possible retail job; anyone here know me well enough to be willing to let me give you as a reference?  (I don't know how much detail this place wants yet -- some want home AND work phone and addresses; others just want a phone number.)

There'll be a cattle call Thursday and I want my dogies all in one corral before then!  (Hey, at least I didn't mix metaphors!)

And I'm getting more cards and postcards and flyers out, and remembering to re-do the CL ad every few days, and sending resumes to anywhere that looks promising for the massage...I'm certain when things finally click for me I'll have to decide between two or three offers; I just wish they'd GET here!


Got The Demon Redcoat by [livejournal.com profile] ccfinlay   -- third in the Traitor to the Crown series, I believe.  I have the first but have not yet obtained the second, they read well as stand-alones though. 

One of the books I requested through PBSwap has not arrived a month after it was marked mailed -- this is the exception rather than the rule.  My credit was refunded, but darn it, I'd rather have the book!  Not like it is particularly hard to find, I just would rather have swapped for it :)

Home life:

Went to the Drive-In last night to see GIJoe -- the sound quality was horrid, worse than I remember -- there was JUST enough delay and overlap from the various speakers to render all conversation unintelligible.  SO glad DH got the novelization and i read it first!  (That also kept me from having a conniption over some of the non-canon bits.)

Will be having company again this week -- [livejournal.com profile] bessofhardwick  and [livejournal.com profile] quartermasterjh  are parking here for a bit!  Yay!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Jul. 21st, 2009 11:36 am
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Sometimes I'm stupider than others.

The manager was looking over my resume' yesterday and asked, "So you got your license and haven't done anything with it?"

And I had to say, "Oh, I have an office in Monett I've been working in."

WHY did I NOT put that on my resume'?

I'll put that in work experience, I'm certain....but how to explain it, precisely?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Jul. 17th, 2009 10:10 pm
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1)  "Job" interview Monday at a certain place -- they've had my resume' for a couple of months and finally called!

2)  Dropped off resume at aNother place today; they're "hiring" again.

Either of these would be good, I think, if they'll do comission rather than having me pay upfront for the week/month.  I think the second would be a better fit for me, though.

A Request

Jun. 30th, 2009 07:58 pm
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If I've worked on you (massage), made a "concoction" (aromatherapy or otherwise) for you, or if you like my soaps and candles, would you please write a little about it for either my LinkedIn profile or email it to me so I can put it on my website [initials only on the website, but if you're willing to allow office managers or salon/spa owners (aka, "persons of hiring decisions") to email you please say so]. 

Also, I may print a page of rec's with emails to go with my resume -- again, please let me know if your address is NOT to be handed out.
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At least two of the places that talked to me about doing massage there -- then never called back and didn't answer phone --  are still looking.  I just saw the ads.

I don't know whether to be sad that I didn't get it or gleeful that their standards appear to be so high no-one can qualify.

In Other News, [livejournal.com profile] manifestress , I got the Pedango in the mail today -- gonna try it on my Guinea Pig Husband tonight.  Smells all tingly!
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Finished what the Census had for me yesterday; turn in the HHC today @ 10

Use paycheck from *that* to pay next year's professional membership/insurance and CPR recertification

Meet today at 1300 to discuss use of a room in a Karate studio in Springfield for massage

Bust tail to get back to Monett for a 1600 appt

And fit a mile-or-so walk in there somewhere


Apr. 24th, 2009 04:56 am
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So I start training for the temp Census job Monday...

and when I got in from MaMa Jean's I had a message from a TCM / Chiro office, was I still interested...(well, YEAH).

And from the director of my "pet" charity asking if I'd donate chair or hand massage for a golf tournament (Yupppies?  Potential clients?  Hmmm, lemme think...).
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As I mentioned in the voice post earlier, I have a gig with the Census Bureau for a few weeks :D

A week training, then 8 weeks in the field checking addresses and then asking impertinent questions.

One of the things asked on the very brief phone interview was "Can you ask the embarrassing questions that may be required?"  "Ma'am, I'm a medical professional."  "OH yeah, you can do that then.  And you'll understand about the confidentiality bit."

I did ask (as in this area it's a very real possibility) if I got shot or a dog sicced on me, was that covered by insurance?  Yes, it would be considered a work-related accident.  But try really hard to not get shot.  Yes'm.

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To others who are doing the whole interview thing, and to interviewers:

1)  When does "I'll let you know by Thursday" mean "I'll let you know by Thursday" and when does it mean "No, but I don't want to actually SAY that"?

2)  Is there a way to tell the difference without waiting in vain for a call?

3)  When is it a good idea to call and say "Hi, it's Friday and you said you'd let me know by yesterday" and when is that a REALLY BAD idea?  And how to tell the difference?

4)  If someone is gonna lie to me from the start, do I really want to work for/with them anyhow?  (Hint:  I'm pretty darn sure the answer is Not-Just-No....)

5)  Is the situation described in the second part of #1 an actual lie, or a socially mandated/sanctioned circumlocution?

6)  Why does the word "sanction" and its tenses have two opposing meanings?  Which is the more widely accepted meaning?


Apr. 1st, 2009 09:00 pm
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Did audition (interview massage) today -- good technically, but she has a concern about my health and will meditate on it and let me know before Saturday.  Hey, at least this one actually let me get that far!

Also had my first yoga class this evening.  I can feel where I'm gonna be a bit stiff tomorrow, but all in all not as bad as I'd feared.
Yoga teacher is very into the whole "adapt the routine to what you can do and soon you will be able to do more" thing, thank goodness.  I have, however, definitely been yoga'd.


Mar. 15th, 2009 09:51 am
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Over a week ago, I called a certain salon in Springfield for an interview to see if they'd rent me the room advertised (for massage, natch).  Went in, had the interview, "we'll let you know."

A couple of days later, i posted a CL ad saying that I was looking to rent a room for this purpose.

The husband of the gal who had interviewed me responded saying that I should call her for an interview.

NOW there is another ad up, and from the looks/phrasing I believe it's the same salon and the same people.

It's in a decent location, etc., and the price is bog-standard for the area, so I'm wondering if they're just too picky or if there's something ~wrong~ that I'm not picking up on.

I did mention that I'd be happy to audition at their convenience, just LMK when...

In Other News, there's an open house this Saturday at the Herb Depot (where I have my studio) and both therapists will be doing free 5-minute chair rubs that day.  I've also posted that if you book for the month of April (and yes, I'll be including the last week of March in that) you get $20 off your one-hour session.  And that I'll be having a drawing for one free session.

Going to ask the other gal if she'd like to set up a tip jar between us with the contents going to, say, a no-kill shelter or the Humane Society or somesuch.


Mar. 6th, 2009 08:36 am
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went well, I think -- only a dozen clients, but since I'd had practically no notice and no time to get signs up I'm not disappointed.  The store manager-on-duty was, predictably, the first one, but he seemed pleased and tipped well.  (For the area, and for the amount of time.)

Several people who didn't have time just then asked for my card, and 5 who did take time left either email or phone with a request that I contact them when i was coming back! 

I have access to pictures I can use for such things on the ABMP website; I will work up a flyer and post it on their corkboard next time a week or so before I go in.  So do I want hot/active/red colors for attention, or cool/calming/blue colors for relaxing?  Details, details!

Here's what I'd come up with so far:

Are you stressed?

(Who isn't these days?!)



with a

Chair Massage


Here at MaMa Jean's


on Thursday, March 19

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


No appointment necessary



Massage by My Name Here

MO # lic number


Standard Rates $1 / minute

Ask about on-site services for your business or event!

email address
phone number

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Attention Springfield Peeps!

My massage chair and I will be at Mama Jean's on Campbell (just north of Sunshine) from 1030 til approximately 1800 hours on Thursday, 5 March 2009.  (Akk!  Day after tomorrow!)

Spread the word!

Drop by!

Bring your friends!

Send your enemies!

Also, 21 Mar 2009, 1300 - 1500 at Herb Depot Open House in Monett, MO -- demos. 
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Those of you who know me IRL know I'm fat.  And that I've been working -- baby steps -- on getting fitter (I've never been skinny and don't want to BE skinny).  Size 20 is my long-term goal, with 16 as a final.

I've been having a few job interviews, and some interviews to see if I'd "fit in" with the other people at various salons, etc.  So far?  No bites.

I was thinking it might be my weight, as most of the others in the salons I've been to were thin, if not scrawny (I mean needs a belt to keep her jeans on her hips, I don't mean a size 12).

I posted in an online forum asking for feedback, and three people said "so lose weight."  One of them -- a student -- said "I've never seen any therapist who truely embodied a healing spirit who was obease."

 Aside from the excellent spelling skills there, she's certainly qualified to make that call.  Sheesh!  I'd guess she's not had much life experience, or her idea of a "healing spirit" is much different from (than?  I always have trouble with that.) what I look for. 

I'm just SO tempted to write back, "Hey, Jim, Missy and George, thanks so much for the advice!  I'd NEVER have thought to diet on my own!" 

Two other people have already swatted her, so I'm going to ignore the comment.

Several -- I quit counting when I teared up -- sent me encouragement and their own stories, and that's what I'm holding on to for now.

ETA:  I posted again to thank, by name, those who offered support, and added this:

Right now I do have a room in a small town nearby, but the location is
not the best. I live in an even smaller town, but may have a chance
at a better location nearer here (I'll be talking to the agent
tomorrow). It's next door to one salon and barely across the street
from another (and neither of them has ROOM for a massage table, much
less room for a room) and is on one of the two main boulevards for
this town, and right near the Farmers' Market.

I can't help thinking that if these people who are turning me down
would "let me audition" (take the free massage I offer as proof of my
skill/talent) we'd never have had this conversation.
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[livejournal.com profile] indigoskynet , I've re-found my Chore Wars account and set up several things adventures that need regular attention. I'm hoping that actually ticking them off will help me see what I DO get done and what still needs doing and helps me get/stay motivated.  I included jobhunting and estate and exercise categories, so...

I don't think I'll be posting the regular updates, but maybe when something especially tickles me or I have an EXTREMELY productive day!

In other areas, I had some good news today and got some reassurance on another, so that helps me feel validated.  Sad that I NEED it, but whatever.

Well drat.

Feb. 10th, 2009 09:58 am
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Apparently the interview mentioned in this post didn't go as well as I'd thought.
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You know how with most job interviews, you're edgy and nervous?  You want to be really careful to give a good impression?

Well, I've an interview this afternoon -- in Springfield -- at a dayspa, and when I was on the phone with the owner we were laughing and joking like we'd been pals for years.  A couple of things were brought up (on both sides) that have been deal-breakers before, and it was like "Oh GOOD!" this time.

I've prepared my usual "about me" folder with copies of pertinent education and licensing, added some fliers and brochures I've done, and printed out my new-and-improved resume`.  What am I forgetting?

Khakis are laid out and a good top,  hair will be pulled back and I'll be ready to provide a sample of my work.  (FYI, I carry sample packets of massage lotions in my purse.  How enthusiastic is THAT?)  (Chuckle.)

Anyway, this sounds like a place I could be very happy (fulfilled is included in happy).  Not in the "Lalala" sense, but in the "OK, I know what I'm doing and YAHOO they're letting me DO it!" sense.  So any good vibes, prayers, whatever would be very happymaking for me, thankyouverymuch.

(See what happens when Mercury goes Direct?)


Oct. 30th, 2008 11:28 am
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1)  Don't need Barry County business license

2) DO need Monett license

3)  Massage Business License Request got to the state today so I can take clients in anticipation of passing inspection (which I shall; I have the items needed and all that).

I'm in business!  I'm official! 

I even have a couple of clients -- one for this evening!


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