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Light requested.
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 I had a whole list of things to do yesterday in Springfield.  

0800, Dentist, three fillings (WHAT!  That's way too many...but the x-ray showed it so...phooey.  Thank goodness for dental insurance and an FSP.)
Then a run by Staples, with coupons, Rewards coupons, and a list,
Then a run by CVS with coupons, discount card, and a list.
Maybe Barnes and Noble, just because, and Michael's or Hobby Lobby b/c I have a minor project poking at the back of my skull.
Drop off packages at a post office.
Return CDs at Library.
MAYBE Sam's Club since I'm right by it.
What got done?
Dentist and modified CVS run for Tylenol 3.
One of the cavities, says he, was bigger than it looked on the x-ray.  Got bleeding from around the nerve, so first thing he suggests is a root canal.
Now I have several friends who have had very painful root canal procedures taking two or three visits, $1800, and several hours at a time....I don't know if the process has been streamlined or not, but that is just more time than I want to spend in the chair.  Not to mention many of them have had a cascade of root canals done, sometimes to involve every freaking tooth in their mouth, and THEN the tooth/teeth still wind up getting pulled eventually.
I said "Pull it."  Explained my reasons, and he went along with it.  I do believe this was the way to go, as he did talk me out of having a different tooth pulled some years ago that had consistently given trouble over the years and getting it capped, which is still in place and works well.
So...mouth full of Novocaine or whatever they use now, wiggled the tooth around like a champagne cork and pullllled...not easy by any means and I did NOT like it, but better than it could have been.  So CVS for a modified run including acetominephen and a coldpak, also Gatorade in case I didn't feel like eating.  And yes, codeine is a wonderful sleep aid.

My mouth still feels bruised, which should be no surprise, and the wound is sore but has stopped bleeding, and I can eat as usual, so healing is on my usual schedule.  I've had a total of 4 OTC tylenol and 2 T-3.
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OK, two things down -- hotel reservations for Memorial Day Weekend at Faire in Muskogee and for Em's procedure in June. If you are one who is planning to be there in June, message me and I'll send you the address of the hospital and the hotel we're at.
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Just saw the ad for an asthma treatment again, and I'm still baffled by the part where it says "(This medicine) has been shown to increase the chances you'll die of asthma-related causes" or words to that effect.

So...here's a medicine that's likely to cause you to die sooner (?) from the exact thing it's supposed to be treating you for, and this gets APPROVED BY THE FDA???????????????????????

In what world does this even make sense??
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So we are in Columbia having the consultation for her proposed orchiectomy, and it gets to the "Any questions?" part.  I've asked about FMLA and recovery time and how long she might be in hospital, and then the one I've been waiting to ask:

"Can I have her balls once they're out?  I want to get them bronzed and mounted on a plaque."

Now I know what "thunderstruck" looks like.  He drops his face into his hands -- both, so a "double facepalm" (do I get extra points for that?) -- and takes a few minutes to recover.  When he does, the answer (which I pretty much expected) was "No.  Just...(really long pause)...no.  Yes, I'm a doctor, but I'm still a guy, and just...(another really long pause)...no."

By this point, Em and  I are giggling our collective tails off, and the RN has this look of "WTF" with the saucer-sized eyes and is dead-silent..

And yes, I was serious.
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Last fall (?) I gave up trying to find ink for my old printer -- much less at a decent price -- and grabbed an HP printer/scanner/copier off the shelf at WallyWorld; a promo item for about $25.  Ink carts print more pages and are cheaper than I had been using, so a win there from the git-go, but last night and today cinched it.

I came home from work early with a case of I-don't-know-what.  Stopped at the walk-in clinic on the way, it ain't strep but it's something.  Home for an hour or less and Emily's phone rings and she takes out with "I'll tell you what's going on when I get back!"  Lawyer needs some paperwork, and since it's medical stuff she has to get it herself or sign papers herself-and-in-person.  Comes back 15 minutes later with a bunch of stuff that needs to get to the legal sec that night.  In Springfield, about an hour away. 

Scanner & email to the rescue!

This morning, she got a pile of papers from the local hospital -- same story, but Jefferson City.

Once again, scanner/email to the rescue!

I'm gonna paint a SuperDude logo on the box, i swear.

Total drive time saved SO FAR -- 10 hours.  Not to mention there may be more tonight.
Yeah, I spent about 40 minutes scanning and attaching, but that was still a huge savings, not to mention that i tend to worry when she's on a drive like that at night and last night she'd've been worried about me, which wouldn't have helped.
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So we (Em and I ) get to the sleep center last night and...the doors are locked, no-one about.   She asks a passing nurse about it who says "I didn't think they ever locked the doors!"  Another says "I don't think they DO studies on Sunday night."

Hmm, good communication skills there.

So we drag a bench seat in the 3-North ICU waiting room to where we can see the SC door and wait.  And wait.  I call the number on the paperwork and leave a message.   Em gets fed up and heads for whatever desk might be open, which winds up being the ER.  I'm still waiting.  A gentleman with a rather large suitcase gets off the elevator; he, too, was told to be here between 7 and 7:30 pm. 

I've called the switchboard 4x by now and they are supposed to be paging the tech, getting security and / or the nursing supervisor-on-duty, SOMEthing. 


A rather older gentleman in a wheelchair is assisted off the elevator by a relative.

There are now three of us waiting.  If it were just me, yeah, maybe I misunderstood, but it's looking like a service problem at this point.

At 7:27 a tech gets off the elevator and advises us that there's no-one there until 7:30 on Sundays, why would they have told us to be there before that?

And my file there says I was actually scheduled for 8:45, while the paper they handed me at the desk at the time of scheduling has 7:30, which IME means be there BY 7:30.  Or you're late and they will charge you and won't see you.

Amazingly, my BP was NOT elevated when they took it.

So -- clean up, get changed to nightgown, bed is 8" too high and I have to climb in like a toddler, get wires glued to scalp, get ear glued to scalp around a wire, get various other patches stuck on various other areas, get three separate wires attached at the nostrils with three separate strips of tape (thermocouple), ekg pads, woo!  Electric Zia!

Also there was a fire alarm which woke me at one point, but I figured if I needed to do anything like evacuate the premises someone would tell me b/c they wouldn't want the resulting lawsuit if they didn't and went right back to sleep while it was still blatting.

Got woke once by a tech checking the new mask and readjusting a couple of things; again, BTS with no problem.  What kept waking me up was that the bed was harder than I'm used to and any time I shifted, the wires would pinch, pull, or dig where they ran along my legs or the mask would shift.

Woke once to take care of business, the tech was quite prompt on that one which was a good thing.

Actually woke up around 8 and got unwired, had a blueberry muffin and apple juice, went home and had a somewhat more substantial breakfast;
took the mother of all showers with three kinds of shampoo, baby oil, alcohol wipes, and two kinds of soap and a scrub brush and still didn't get ALL the adhesive off.  Had a late lunch with Em and took a nap!

They seem to have reset the Bi-Pap to a stronger setting; will discuss in a day or two when I see how it sleeps.

OH!  -- I sold a lip butter on Etsy!  Yay!

Also, between work and hospital Em and I did a little shopping; Catherine's had a decent sale on and Vanessa, our Personal Shopper (actually, a clerk there who has gotten a feel for what I like and what I won't wear, but she SHOULD be),
did us good.  I didn't actually have to do much as neither of them thinks much of my fashion sense.  Justifiably.  My idea of clothes is "Does it keep off the weather and keep me from getting arrested for indecent exposure?  Is it comfortable?  Good enough."  Fashion bewilders me and styles just don't register.  Pink looks good on me but I hate it.  I love blue and teal and have lots of both, but Em wants me to have different colors so I make her pick stuff out! 

  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Went to Em's chiro with her; I do think that what the Doc is doing has value in a long-term plan, but right now the problem is that Em is in PAIN.  The current treatment -- working on realigning the spinal column with a spring-loaded tapper -- is having no effect on that after 4 treatments. 

Then, since we were both off work today (she for appointments, I because it's my weekend), I'd made us appointments for massage.  We both feel better!

Also had a late lunch at Olive Garden and dropped over $125 on essential oils.  Since we did discuss how best to get me into a room (hanging my shingle, as it were), I wonder if we can take the cost of lunch as a business expense?  The oils certainly are!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

For some reason I was on the verge of actual physical sleep-dep exhaustion as I drove to work Saturday -- I was so far gone I was hallucinating.  I KNOW porcupines don't generally get to be 4 feet tall at the shoulder in this place and time...but there it was and I swerved to miss it....  And made it to work in one piece, and nearly fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with an owner.  Finally with 2 hours left, I got VTO'd (that means I got to leave early; I don't get paid for that two hours, but leaving isn't counted against me either), made my groggy way to the vehicle, and phoned Emily for rescue.  Scared the poor woman half to death, I think.  She called our daughters and they met us at the house so Em could drive my car (and me) home, then they took her back to her truck in Springfield.  Some of this is inference, some I remembered after Em going over it with me.  I sort-of remember [livejournal.com profile] tultema picking up some blankets they had left here way back when, I think...and I don't see those blankets, so I'm going to figure that actually happened until someone tells me otherwise. 

Then yesterday we did a little cleaning/sorting/packing...I have several perfectly-good t-shirts from my SFI days that I no longer wear and they're too good to toss, but I don't really want anyone having them who won't get the references.  Isn't that silly?  They're just shirts!  I need to either toss 'em, put them in the ragbin, or give 'em away if I'm not gonna wear them.

And scrubs in good shape -- they're 5X, so I'm sure there's a market for them on evilBay, but I doubt I'd get enough to make it worth the listing fees.  *shrug*  Might as well hang onto those.

And a Sofi's Stitches man's shirt, white with the ties at wrists and neck...there's a yellow stain that bleach and Oxy won't touch. 

And shoes that I've either never worn -- or worn once -- and really shouldn't have bought in the first place as I knew they were too snug at the instep.  Anyone want some cute size 9 clogs -- one pair black, one brown -- with 2" heels and embroidery and sparkle?
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For uninsured people -- Dec 9-10 at Bartle Hall

To get an appointment-
Anyone who is uninsured that needs medical care should call 1-877-249-5030 to register for an appointment. “Walk-ins will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis,” says Nicole Lamoureux, Executive Director for NAFC. “Due to the expected large turnout, and to ensure an organized clinic, registering is very important.” Although the primary area of care will be general medicine there will likely be a number of additional services provided at the clinic. It should be noted also, that this event may be the focus of television broadcasts.





Please do spread this around -- I only just saw it today!
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I've tried to lose weight, and I tend to get REALLY crabby (irritable) and confused, more so than other people who cut back on food intake. It has been suggested by people that i respect that I may have hypoglycemia.

I do sometimes forget to eat if I'm involved in something -- and Dear Husband has found me so disoriented that I wasn't sure of my own name a time or two! -- this seems to support that theory.

The "treatment" for this seems to be to eat more! (Well, more often, but far smaller amounts. Just enough to not crash-and-burn.)

I've taken to having nuts (almonds or peanuts) with me at work and have a couple of tablespoons-worth on break, and I've noticed that I do get less "fuzzy-headed" and less flat-out HUNGRY but lunch and by suppertime.

So...how to balance this so I get even amounts and still lose weight? I don't expect sugar-free Jello to do a damn thing but taste sweet, cookies are right out for THIS, though I do like a couple after lunch, wonder of carrot stichs would keep in the desk drawer...hmm.

I know if I mention this to an allopathic physician (either an MD or a DO) they're gonna want to do many expensive tests and probably drug me -- any suggestions to find out just what I need to do without taking that avenue?
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For all the similarities that essential oil reference books have, there is one area where they are consistently inconsistent.

Contraindications and/or "toxic" oils.

Get five books by different people, all well-respected in their field, and there will be at least one oil on each list that isn't on any of the others.
At least one oil will be used in each book that the other four have screaming tizzys over the very idea of.  Eventually, if you read enough books, you'll have such a list of potential "problem" oils that you'll be scared to use olive oil on your salad.

There are oils that are supposedly "OMG never even think about using this!" that I use regularly with good results.

There are oils that I use neat or -- horrors! -- drink in water or juice.  According the the American health system, this is an extreme no-no, though this method has been in use in Europe for years.

My suggestion?  Do the research, test the oils, and make your own decision!

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More work on fishpond

Laundry -- hang comforter on deck rail

Post Office




Link -- Reiki being used at Ft. Bliss!

Read more... )

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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CPR recertification yesterday. 

We were doing the bit where you shake the doll's shoulder and say "Are you all right?  Are you all right?" and I looked at the teacher and mentioned, "If this thing answers me, you'll be calling 911 for real."

Yeah, I'm sure he's heard it before.  Still true.  I'm just waiting for someone in the class to have a hobby of ventriloquism....
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There are a few minor details to bring up before I hire you.

1)  Do NOT talk down to me.  If I need a definition or clarification, I will ask.  I am a layperson, not an idiot.

2)  Yes, I'm fat.  Morbidly obese is the medical term.  I know this, you do NOT need to bring it up.  When I've given up on doing something about it, I'll ask for drugs or surgery.  Until then, leave it alone.  Do NOT assume that every health problem I have is due to my weight -- you'll be wrong far more often than right.  Conversely, do not discount my concerns because of my weight. 

3)  When I come in, which is seldom, I have a pretty good idea what is wrong and I've taken the relevant OTC meds and likely several herbal or alternative treatments.  You don't need to tell me to take two aspirin and call back in a week -- unless it's a broken bone or large gash I've BEEN sick for a week or more.  And if it's a broken bone or a cut in need of stitches, chances are good I've gone to the ER or Urgent Care and had it taken care of already.

4)  I am, in general, an informed consumer/patient.  I am also NOT very patient.  If I tell you I've tried something, don't ask me thirty seconds later if I've tried it, or tell me to try it.  I'll realize you aren't paying attention, and IT IS YOUR JOB to pay attention.

5)  If you order tests, be prepared to explain why you believe they are necessary.  If I don't agree, I will refuse said tests, especially if they are invasive.

6)  I'm brutally honest when you ask if I've done this or that, both because I know that if you ask, you have a reason and because I know you won't tell anyone without either a court order or my permission.  You're more likely to get a court order. 

7)  I have a living will and a health care directive.  Don't pull punches, and I don't scare easily.  I'm on the list as "take anything useable and give the rest to science."

8)  I will follow your suggestions to the best of my ability if I agree with your reasoning. 

9)  If I am (myfirstname), you are (yourfirstname).  If you are Dr. Whatever, I am Mrs. (lastname).

If you cannot show me the SAME respect you feel that you deserve, or if you cannot abide by the points outlined here, feel free to fire me.  No sense both of us wasting our time.




I send a copy by mail when I make my first appointment with a note requesting that the DR read it and place it in my chart.  Then I hand-carry a copy and hand it to the nurse when I'm called back.  THEN I have a copy in my hand when the Doc walks in.

I've had the same Doctor for over 12 years now.  Well, more or less -- haven't been to see him in over 2 years, 'cause I don't see the need to waste time and money exposing myself to other peoples' germs while I'm healthy!

And yes, I fired a doctor before -- we're in his office after my exam to get BCP and he starts on me about my weight, AS HE LIGHTS UP A CIGARETTE in his OFFICE.  Plus he had the classic "drunkard's nose."  I told him when he quit smoking, lost 25 pounds, and got sober he could criticize my weight.  He objected to my observations and I walked out.  With my 'scrip.  I told the payment clerk I was NOT paying and why, and if there was any difficulty I'd be glad to explain to the director.  I never got a bill and when I made another appointment at that office, I got a different doctor without having to ask.  After that was when I wrote up that letter -- it's gone through several revisions!


Dec. 20th, 2008 08:15 pm
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My teacher told us about this -- I don't know how well-known/(un)proven it may be...it worked for one of our classmates who got migraines a lot before that.

If your migraines generally start on the left side of your head, try a zinc supplement. If the right, try iron.
If they start at the back and travel forward, it's more like to be tension, so go see your massage therapist!

(And stay hydrated -- which everyone knows and many forget.)

As I said,

Nov. 23rd, 2008 02:26 pm
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My sister (whom I've met all of twice) called from Florida yesterday.

Some of you may recall that I made a quick trip to the Ft Lauderdale area last year for a visit with my Dad, who was then in Stage 4 cancer; well, if there's a stage past 4, that's where he is now.  Brandi and he made the decision to call in Hospice.  I know this is in accordance with his wishes, 'cause we hit on it last year, along with lots of other stuff you talk about when you're getting acquainted with someone you feel like you should know better.

I'm glad I went and had that visit.

She says he's not real sure where he is much of the time anymore, between the meds and the cancer. 

They went to somewhere in Philadelphia a couple of times for alternative treatments -- he was supposed to phone [livejournal.com profile] tultema  while he was there, but neither of them said anything about it, so I suppose that didn't happen.

So yeah. 

I'm...not really OK just now, but I'm not in a gloom-n-doom headspace either.

I've had my cry, and DH is coddling me (which is, of course, driving me nuts, but he needs to), and, well, it's all part of living, isn't it?

So, candles, etc for an easy passing, if you would.

And now I'm dripping tears again.

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I heard from my sister in Florida today.

More when I know what I want to say.
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DH's GP is named "Damek."  I keep calling him "Dr. Dalek" -- I swear, it's not on purpose!  And DH refers to him as "You know, the Cardassian."
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 News fron the Town Crier:
C/P from the yahoo group:

The Return of Angus (the 9-toed, but still also the Loud!)

Yes, the rumors are true - for those familiar with the Riddle of the
Sphinx, I have achieved 3-leg status, & finally a release from my
doctor imposed house arrest. Still moving a bit slow (haven't walked
on my foot in a month), but making progress. The doc has basically
dismissed me, back to work next week (rest of this week off to
re-learn to walk), but has forbidden my brand new, only worn twice ren
boots, so if anyone's been considering buying a pair, contact me &
we'll dicker(I believe size 9).

Accept no substitutes - get your town news only from your local town
crier. (Editorial viewpoints in no way reflect the views of His Lord
Mayor of Hart Grove, her ladyship landowner Di or Her Royal Magesty
Queen Elizabeth the first, long may she rain! (er, reign, that is!

Commentary from Maud, Angus' wife:

Doctors are very pleased with themselves, stitches out, still on antibiotics the rest of the week just to be certain.
A little unsteady, but working on it!  

Thanks to all for the good thoughts, etc,
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Rick is using one of these to get around the house nowadays:


He says he's not having any pain.  Annoyance, yes, but no pain!  And sleeping a lot after the IVs.

And since he's on IV antibiotics, he'll be going out only for medical appointments for the next few weeks.
Otherwise insurance won't help with the cost of the meds, and that's a bit...pricey.  
Thank the gods he DOES have insurance!

Hey, does anyone know, since the Doc is a 40-minute drive away, can we eat somewhere in Springfield w/o invalidating the insurance?  'Cause 45minutes minimum travel, plus who-knows in the waiting room, plus who-knows waiting in the exam room, plus another 45 getting home, can equal a rather crash-y DH.  Or should I just keep Cheerios in my bag?


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