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One theory I've heard says that "you get what you believe in / expect" -- that if you believe in reincarnation, you'll come back, if you believe in Heaven or Hell, you'll go to whichever one your conscience decides you deserve.

So...what would happen to agnostic, one who freely admits they don't know what to expect or whether they believe in a deity?  

(In the particular case I'm thinking of, Disneyland would be an appropriate destination -- or a series of SF Cons!)


Sep. 24th, 2011 09:32 am
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The other day someone asserted that languages such as Quenya and Klingon "aren't real languages because they're made up."

I countered with "But all languages are made up -- either by the people who grow up speaking them such as German, English, and Mandarin or by those who think them up, like Esperanto, COBOL, or Klingon."  

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From the outside -- as an observer, a neighbor, a friend -- why should someone choosing to have GRS be a bigger deal than someone having a facelift or rhinoplasty or "boob job"?  "My body/face don't match what I feel like, so I'm getting that corrected."  I do understand (believe me!) that to a spouse or other life partner GRS is a huge deal, or to a parent or an adult child (though I understand that less), but as the next-door neighbor or a co-worker or someone passing by on the street, why should I feel threatened, get all judgemental, etc.?  As someone whom a particular situation does not affect, how do I even have a right to make my opinion known if I dissent, much less thrash a stranger in a restaurant?  

Granted, my early training was in a particular Christian sect which was fairly judgemental, but even at that I tended to keep my yap shut and be polite to people and just pray for them afterward.  
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[Poll #1743846]So I file off the serial numbers and change a few names...should still be able to rack up the contributions with a good marketing agent!
And yes, I realize this will likely offend some folks -- that's what the "leave a comment" button is for.  
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but here goes:

According to what I learned in 30+ years as a Southern Batshit -- I mean, Baptist --

Hell is "the absence of God."
Everyone has a "divine spark" in them
God is Divine. (Or v/v, whatever).

(Keep in mind, this is human interpretation of the Bible, not necessarily direct quotes -- but by now, the whole thing is interpretation, so...?)

Everyone has God in them, therefore no one can possibly go to Hell.

So what's the big deal?
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Yes, another one.  *Sigh*  Now that's out of the way...

Why do some people -- and it's mostly females I've noticed this from -- have to be in a group of at least two in order to do something they want to do?  I've heard them say "Oh, I'd really like to see this movie/try this cafe/go to that event but I don't have anyone to go with and I can't go by myself."

This is generally from a woman who has raised a family and holds down a job.  Lack of life skills or lack of transpo is not the issue, nor is lack of funds -- yes, there may be a budget, but the ones I hear this from generally get their hair done professionally every week, have the acrylic nails, a decent car, their spouse is not (noticeably) overcontrolling and usually encourages them to go and have some "own time" and "take a break" but they simply won't go without backup.

Once again I ask you, oh vast and varied internet population (or at least the two or three that skim this in passing):  WTF???

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Feb. 28th, 2010 06:45 am
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So, are there more frequent and more severe weather and tectonic events (snowstorms, earthquakes, etc.) or are they just more reported due to advances in technology?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I got a letter today asking if I'd be interested in renewing membership in a certain group I used to belong to -- I enjoyed it for awhile, but eventually it go to where the monthly meetings were nothing more than "bitch sessions." The time that broke it for me was when one of the older men (late 50's, I believe) was fussing about the trash on the sides of the roads. This was back when the "adopt-a-street" stuff was just coming into fashion, and I suggested that we, as a group, do just that. Turned out he -- and several of the others -- would rather complain than do something about it. Yes, I remember that, and yes, the behavior of a few members colors my perception of the whole group, which may be quite unjust. (If it matters, I do go out with a certain group now and then and pick up trash. Depends on my schedule and whether I am informed that they're going.)

The group is an international one with a fairly large membership, and several events during the year in various places I might enjoy going; there are evening and lunchtime meetings still in the local area.

SO, my dears, what advice have you? Give it another try? Tell 'em to go hang? Call up and ask if certain people have gotten their heads out of their respective dufflebags yet?
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and the premise is "You push this button, you get one million dollars, and someone, somewhere in the world, dies." 

Do you push the button?

Why or why not?
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but I do want opinions here.  I do NOT want fights or flaming, this is an honest question and I would like input from those who have thought about it and can help me see their reasoning.

I've been told -- several times -- that GID (Gender Identity Disorder) and Homosexuality are not the same thing. 

So, if you have a genetic male with a genetic female, that's "straight," right?

If you have a genetic male with GID, who is predominantly female in spirit, with a genetic female, is that still "straight"?

If you have a genetic male who has undergone GRS, etc, to make the outside match the inside, but to all outward appearances (casual/social/etc), is female with a genetic female, this is still "straight" but has the appearance of lesbianism/homosexuality?  Or is this now a lesbian relationship?  Is the determining factor genetics (XY vs XX), the spirit, or the appearance?

Feel free to switch the genders above if it makes you more comfortable.

Granted it doesn't MATTER (or it shouldn't) and it's just all labels anyhow...I'm just asking how others decide which label to apply.

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OK, the phrasing on this may get changed multiple times -- instead of edits, I will likely strikethrough and retype to keep my thoughts in some sort of order.

If you know me IRL or have been reading this for more than a month, you'll know that some things confuse me that other people seem to understand almost instinctively.

Like skin.

We all have it, it comes in different colors and textures, and some people look better with more of it covered (hi!  that's me!), and I've never been able to figure out what difference it makes in the overall setup what shade someone's skin IS .

So many people are either delighted or affrighted that we now have a "Black" or "African-American" President -- shouldn't the point be that we have a reasonably intelligent President that was elected by the people, that he (so far) supports science and says he wants to ease the troops out of a place they shouldn't really be (and IMO should never have been sent b/c that was based on not even faulty intelligence, but schoolyard-bully syndrome), and that he has a plan for making things "better"?

And really, shouldn't anyone be judged on what they DO versus what they CAN do rather than on skin, eye color, language spoken, age (while I do respect my elders as a group, some of them as individuals have forfeited that respect), who they love, what/how they worship (if anything).  Some of the most educated people I've met have been some of the most ignorant, though they are the exceptions.
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used some terms that struck me as oddly familiar when the show was on TV some decades ago -- 

but it took me awhile to figure out that "critters" was a variant of "creatures" and "vittles" meant "victuals."

Now are these examples of dialect or of something else?  Is it simply mispronunciation?

What are some examples from your family or region?

Gramma generally said "stoop" rather than "front porch stairs" and "steps" rather than "stairs."
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and want to finish one (or both) of  two unfinished afghans/knitted blankets?  

My MIL started these at least 7 years ago and never finished them.  

One is a wine-red and ivory with several skeins of yarn still with it and the circular needle still in the working area.  

The other is three shades of teal in a zigzag pattern and circular needle.

I can take measurements and send pictures -- my 'puter is not recognizing the only way I know to post pics to LJ or I'd have done that.  

I'll have to ask you to cover postage -- these will NOT fit in a flat-rate box!
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Not having bought/sold/owned a house, I have a question about these matters triggered by the homebuyer shows on HGTV etc.

Seller knows the house will have to pass some sort of inspection, correct?  Things may have to be fixed before a buyer can get a loan or even some things the state/municipality requires. 

SO:  Why are there often a multitude of things to be fixed?  Rotting roof, iffy plumbing/wiring, not-right foundations...why doesn't the seller get an inspection done so they know what needs to be done and take care of it before putting it on the market?
Yeah, some few people can just up and pay cash -- but not anyone I know!  And I have had friends lose out on a place that needed work b/c the seller wasn't willing to fix it, and two years later the house is still vacant, not even rented.

I guess I'm just not practical enough!  (Or too practical?)
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Yesterday when I got off work, I had a message waiting on the cellphone -- "This is BB, call me back." So I did.

He had gotten a message from S that Z had been in an Auto accident, she'd tried to get hold of C and couldn't, CALL HER!!

Well, Z being my NAME, C being my daughter, and S being a friend of all of us, of course he was a tad concerned, but this person didn't SOUND like the S we know. So he calls back and everything gets straightened out from this end anyhow, S was given a wrong number by the operator.

This, however is not the oddest part. This is the SECOND time for this sort of thing to occur.

First time was several years ago -- BB and his sister, BC, were heading for the library and heard a news report on the radio (don't know what station but it seems pretty detailed!). Seems that a woman, Z, had been in an accident on Highway 71 with her daughter, C, in the car, who was about the age of MY daughter, C. Their vehicle was very similar to my vehicle of the time, a blue Century or some-such.

Of course BC was "a bit worrited" so they head for the library branch I generally use at the time...and seeing my car they ease up a little, head on in, and I got rather hugged :D

I just gotta wonder...is this the same gal in both situations?



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