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I remembered this about the factory job and thought I'd share -- it just points out how some people will "cut off their nose to spite their face."

Maybe two or three years before the place closed down, we were "restructuring" and "crosstraining" to keep as many people actively employed as possible -- and I thank them for that.

I was asked to teach an older woman to run a certain high-tech machine.  We did OK the first two days and she was picking it up very well for someone without much computer experience.  Then she heard one of my friends mention to me that the Buddhist monks would be at her house that weekend and I was invited, which of course I accepted!

So trainee gets into no-no land.  She asks me if I'm Buddhist.  I'm not, so I say no.  She asks if my friend is Buddhist.  I say I don't know, that's not part of my job to know that.  She starts pressing me -- where do I go to church, am I Methodist, CoG, AoG, Baptist....
I repeat that's not something I like to talk about at work as it's not part of the job.  And that is true.

She grinds and moans and grumps for the next workday not paying attention at all to the training and ruining a part.  I finally tell her "OK, you want to know?  I'm a Witch, old-style.  Not Wiccan.  Witch.  Now can we get back to the task at hand?"  Next day she comes in early and goes to the supervisor, refuses to work in the same area with me anymore.  Supervisor points out we're trying to save her job, if she refuses training, we can't keep her past a certain point as her particulat job skills will be obsolete.

She's OK with that, she just can NOT be expected to work with me.

SOMEone leaves religious tracts -- specifically directed against Witchcraft -- on the machine just before my shift for the next couple of days.  The supervisor sees them and nearly goes ballistic as that's harassment.  No evidence of WHO left them, no one will admit to seeing her come in the area.  HR calls me in to discuss it, apologising that they can't really DO anything.  "That's fine, I was just going to trash them anyway, I know there's no way prove who left them.  And she's entitled to her opinion, as long as it doesn't interfere with the job."

Few weeks later, her area is closed.  The people who took training opportunities move to different parts of the plant.  She's "downsized."  Thing is, if she'd stuck it out, she'd have had a fairly easy job and would not have been on my shift so wouldn't have had to deal with me past that week.

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One theory I've heard says that "you get what you believe in / expect" -- that if you believe in reincarnation, you'll come back, if you believe in Heaven or Hell, you'll go to whichever one your conscience decides you deserve.

So...what would happen to agnostic, one who freely admits they don't know what to expect or whether they believe in a deity?  

(In the particular case I'm thinking of, Disneyland would be an appropriate destination -- or a series of SF Cons!)
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is something any Transgender person hears a lot -- "You were born (fe)male and that's what G-d intended!"  

Yes, and that child was born with a cleft palate, so let her starve, 'cause "G-d made her that way."

And that child had heart surgery BEFORE birth or he would have been born dead -- so why are you interfering with "G-d's Will"?  

And the man who is scarred form a fire -- don't do skin grafts to make him more comfortable both physically and with his appearance, because that scarring is "G-d's Will" and cosmetic surgery is just "vanity."

Same for the woman who loses a breast to cancer or is in car accident where half her face gets pulverized.

In fact, don't own/drive/ride in a car or any other form of transportation like a wagon, 'cause G-d made feet. 

And don't send food to countries in famine, 'cause it's "G-d's Will" that they're hungry.

Oh, and guess what?  We're all born naked.  So why are you wearing clothes if how one appears at birth should be the standard for one's entire life?
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[Poll #1743846]So I file off the serial numbers and change a few names...should still be able to rack up the contributions with a good marketing agent!
And yes, I realize this will likely offend some folks -- that's what the "leave a comment" button is for.  
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but here goes:

According to what I learned in 30+ years as a Southern Batshit -- I mean, Baptist --

Hell is "the absence of God."
Everyone has a "divine spark" in them
God is Divine. (Or v/v, whatever).

(Keep in mind, this is human interpretation of the Bible, not necessarily direct quotes -- but by now, the whole thing is interpretation, so...?)

Everyone has God in them, therefore no one can possibly go to Hell.

So what's the big deal?
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by this time next week, and I'm getting my Ostara basket ready to take to work tomorrow.  Chocolate falling off the edges as usual, and getting some dried fruit things for those who don't want candy.

The weather today is rainy and a touch cooler than predicted (and the rain was predicted for tomorrow, but what the heck, today I can enjoy it!)
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Some Pastors stop believing in God after reading Bible

Actually, I stopped believing in religion.  Jesus and I still talk occasionally, and I now admit I believe in many deities (or Prime Cause, or however you want to say it).
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So this church that pickets funerals got a(nother) lawsuit ont hem, this one from the father of a soldier whose funeral they picketed, citing emotional distress and such.

Yes, they have a "right" to free speech, and they did follow the rules the local PD set down for them as far as distance and all that.

Yes, the cortege took a different route than planned so the mourners wouldn't have to see them.

I'm certain the father was quite distressed to know they were even there, not to mention the fact that burying your own child can be quite a lot of distress all by itself and didn't need to be added to.   Thank the gods that's one thing I haven't had experience with.  And don't want to.

So the suit either was dismissed or the father lost because of the "free speech" thing.

Let's see if I have any point here or if it's just my convoluted brain going way too many directions at once, shall we?

1)  Libel and Slander are not protected by Free Speech, IIRC.

2)  Saying "It's a good thing this person / this member of a certain group is dead" implies that either the person or the profession or both is/are not the sort of person one would bring home to mother.

3)  How would a sign like "Thank God for dead Baptists" go over?  Wouldn't this church be having conniptions over that?

So... I wonder if a case could be made that these picketers were slandering the name of the deceased or the profession of soldier.  Likely this has already been tried and my very cursory search missed it (or my tired eyes did).
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I saw a post somewhere asking for donations for a home for unwed teenage mothers. The website looked OK, until I got to one certain part: the girls must attend church services.

Residents attend church on Sundays. They may attend the church of their choice or go with our group.

So, no Seventh-Day Adventists or Jewish girls ever get pregnant out of wedlock? Good to know.

What types of classes and services are available to your young ladies?

A. Many things:
A loving, homelike environment.
Nutritional meals.
Proper role models
Clothing for young ladies and babies.
Help with personal problems.
Access to adequate pre-natal and medical care.
Pre-natal and birth classes.
Group Counseling.
Pediatric health care.
Parenting and infant care training.
Building healthy relationships and boundaries.
Health education.
Education (high school or GED).
Internet access for community resources
Money management classes
Bible studies and religious resources.
Adoption education and referral.

Religious resources? Really! Which religion?

The main page and the "program" page made no mention of this, it's near the bottom of a laundry list of "requirements" on the FAQ page.

I was ready to send a small donation until I read that.

To me, it's like "If you're willing to become a Christian, we'll help you. If you're Buddhist, or Pagan, or Jewish, or....well, nevermind."

I'm petty, I suppose.

They have been doing fine without my "mite," they can continue so.

I don't donate to the Salvation Army either, since they turned me down the one time I needed help badly enough to ask them for it.

*shrug* Like I said, I reserve the right to be petty at times.
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"If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?"

I'm going to assume that this person meant "and get an answer" because I've asked god so many questions that I've quit asking.
Never got an answer, so why bother?

I asked why my first husband got schizophrenia. 

I asked why my uncle was murdered and left two small children. 

I asked why my stepfather molested me. 

I asked why I had to move schools every year and leave any friends I made behind. 

I asked how I was going to raise a child alone, with no support system and a job that made no allowances for a kid getting sick or having to show up in court to explain that unsupervised visitation was NOT a good idea. 

I held my neighbor while she asked why her husband was cheating on her with a teenager whose mother drove her to that house and sat downstairs drinking coffee and waiting while my friend was at work. 

I held another while she wept for the children she'll never bear after a rape left her with so much damage she needed a hysterectomy and asked why. 

I held a friend who wept without a sound, with no tears, simply trembling and choking, never given a reason for the abuse he suffered as a child.

I'm done asking.  Some days, I'm done believing.  Most days, I believe that if there's a god, he isn't paying attention.  Really, I've been through the whole indoctrination process that "All good things come from God, nothing ever happens to us that He doesn't allow, it'll all work out for His Glory."

Yeah, I'm sure He will make sure He's glorified.  The God of the Christian Bible is a spoiled brat to start with -- READ that bible with your eyes open, don't take my word for it! -- and He just adores sinners -- after all, He made an adulterer king of His people and commanded that babies and small children of the losing side have their brains dashed out on stones by the winners of a war started for His Glory.  Bloodthirsty critter, there.  And you Christians WANT to be "God-like"???????

He said "Do what you want to My servant Job, just don't kill him."  So all Job's property and children were wiped out, even his health, to prove a fricking POINT.  Yeah, he got back more than he lost in the long run, but HIS CHILDREN WERE STILL DEAD and lost to him while he was alive.  But, y'know, it's OK 'cause it's God's Will. 

And before you say "Oh, that's parables, that's allegory, that's just to help us understand" I submit that you can't have it both ways.  Either you believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and worth following in all things (in which case we have a whole 'nother discussion coming up), or you believe it's a collection of stories to help "us poor stupid humans" learn our lessons.  Never mind that every one of the major stories can be found in older records of other civilizations from the area in question.

Those of you who use these writings to justify your opinions without following all the laws and strictures set down, guess what?  Your Christ had something to say about that. 

So don't sit there stuffing your face with a ham sandwich while wearing a poly/cotton shirt, sneering at "teh gayz" "because the Bible says so!"  'Cause Religion?  You're doing it wrong.


Oct. 11th, 2009 04:07 pm
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One of the people at work doesn't "do" Halloween -- doesn't "approve of the principle behind it."

OK, you don't like Harvest Festivals?  But you "do" Thanksgiving....

Moral:  Never expect rationality when it comes to slamming someone else's religion.
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[info]theperfumer's LJ, and posted also in her blog here, I hereby question the convention of the "three faces of the god/dess" as used in Wicca/Paganism/Heathenry/whatever practices use these designators.

Four primary directions are recognized (NESW), and four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), guardians, towers, etc...there are more phases of the moon than three (though I'll leave the exact number up to someone else to fuss about; I use 4:  Dark/New, Waxing, Full, and Waning), four seasons, four "solar observances" (Solstices and Equinoxes), four cross-quarter observances....

And there are women, as she points out, who do not fill any role described in the standard Maiden/Mother/Crone conventions.

I've heard reference to "Maiden/Mother/Warrior/Crone" (ala Mercedes Lackey) and "Maiden/Mother/Queen/Crone" (not sure who, but I believe I read it in SageWoman magazine by BBI Media).

What "new" archtype would you suggest for a woman who has not had children (whether by choice or by fate), but who is not yet a Crone?  Surely this does not diminish her nor her contributions to society, though there are certain experiences she will not have and certain lessons she will not learn this time -- but maybe she learned them well her last time on the wheel, and this time is for other lessons.

Warrior, in either the military or the business sense?  Queen, if she remains sovereign in her household (whether a one-person bed-sitter or a mansion teeming with family and/or servants)? 

How about for a woman who has had children, but they are no longer in her household; they have grown up and started their own?  Is she "stuck" with the Mother designation until her Croning, or does she take a new role and title?

And how about men?  Youth, Father, Sage...apply the same arguments, please, and go from there.  If a man chooses to not become a father, surely this does not diminish him, though again, some lessons may be reserved for another incarnation (or already learned).

(cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] nonfluffypagans )

Here is the specific link to that post -- wow, really good discussion points!

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With the Barataria Faire being about pirates and fae and such, if the Flying Spaghetti Monster will be in attendance.
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A few years ago -- and this may already be posted, so forgive me if I'm repeating, but I couldn't find it -- I was looking into the Elder Futhark a bit.

And I was considering the rune Dagaz that day.

Now it had been suggested that one should meditate deeply on the assigned meaning of the rune for several days, and I was on the third day of this one.  I don't know how "deeply meditative" I got, but at least I was thinking about it when my brain wasn't otherwise needed. 

Anyhow...we'd gone to break and come back and I set my machine to running and turned to get something -- and the lead (B****) walks in, looks at the moving machine, looks THROUGH me, turns and asks R. "Is [Zia] back from lunch yet?" in that "Ohboyohjoy, I get to yell at her!" tone. 

R. gets this look on her face (told me later she thought B****'d lost it) and points at me, as if she's a bit too weirded-out at that moment to trust her voice.  Keep in mind I'd been RIGHT THERE in plain view.

So B**** has to come up with some sort of reason it's my fault she wasn't paying attention. 

I found out the next day that one of the properties of this rune is said to be that it can make one invisible.

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*I posted this a few minutes ago on another site as part of a thread someone esle started on Prayer*

I was raised Southern Baptist and did the whole route -- accepted Jesus, got baptized in water and in the Spirit, mission trips, sang in the choir...whole 9 yards and then a bit. I really believed. Then some things happened... two people on this site know a little about it from offsite conversations; anyone else who wants to ask may.

I went looking for answers too. I looked at several versions of protestantism, took the K of C course, looked into Judaism, Buddhism, etc...I found my path in library books, where I saw things I'd been doing all this life without knowing why.

I agree with St. Benedict that "Work is prayer, prayer is work."

But that's not ALL it is.

I can be deeply in prayer while doing dishes or dipping candles. I can work up a sweat without moving a muscle, on my knees before Deity if I feel that's the best way to work it at that moment. I've danced all night to the stars and Moon and collapsed in the dawn and known I was heard.

I've knitted stocking caps for the shelter and that's prayer too.

I've given over 9 gallons of blood, and each needle stick was a prayer.

Do I believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent god with arbitrary rules and a taste for blood and the suffering of innocents? Nope. To whom do I pray, then? "To Whom it may concern," usually; the Universe, the Tao, myself, a "higher consciousness"...

And really, does it matter?

Clarification:  Does it matter to whom I pray, or you, or what we call our individual deities?  Or is the important thing that we care about -- and for -- each other?

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Thanks to [personal profile] filkertom for pointing this out,

and here's something that happened to me about 3 decades ago:

The youth group at my church (yes, including me) was having a clean-up-the-street-and-lawn project day, and had set aside a place to collect any recyclables we had picked up in our enthusiasm (word chosen VERY carefully).  Suddenly, here comes one of the Deacons, an older man and fairly stern.

"What are you doing with this recycle nonsense?  You're not trusting JAYzus!  You're delaying the RAPTchoor!  Don't you want to go to HAYvun and be with JAYzus?  JAYzus will save us from the destruction of the WURRLD!"

Odd, I'd thought we were to be stewards of the Earth and care for her, not waste her gifts and poison her in an effort to kill her off to hasten the rapture.  Also that god-the-father had already set the time.  Ah, what did I know?  I was a teenager (which i grew out of) and a female (which I didn't), therefore the lowest-of-the-low in that hierarchy.  (Well, I COULD have gone lower as a crack whore or a member of another denomination, but within that bunch I was dirt, so there.)

...and people wonder why I'm a Witch.


Apr. 16th, 2006 10:17 pm
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if the govenment isn't supposed to make any laws respecting one religion over another.....why are Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving _FEDERAL_ holidays?
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On Ostara (Spring Equnox), as is my wont, I wore bunny ears to work (and whereever else I went that day) and carried a basket of candy to share. I spent most of the day expalining that "No, I'm not early; No, I'm not the easter bunny. I celebrate the seasons; Today is the first day of Spring; Happy Spring; Happy Ostara...."

So one of the gals in a slightly different area mentions on Thursday that "Easter's almost here!" in that cooing, expectant tone that means "So where's my chocolate?"

Of course, I replied: "Easter's YOUR holiday, not mine -- YOU bring the candy."


And she's old enough to know better.

Minor Rant

Apr. 6th, 2006 12:04 am
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Without claiming validity for any one Belief Path, I'd like to point out a certain inconsistency that's been nagging at the edges of my attention for a bit:

If the Christians are right, then it was necessary for the Christ to be executed in the manner claimed.  So why are they down on the Jews???????  Didn't the Jews HAVE to kill this person (whether any historical EVIDENCE exists is not, at the moment, the point) in order for the Christians to have their salvation?


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