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I need to start going through some of these aromatherapy and reflexology books and culling the ones that are less useful to me. 

Any suggestions what to DO with them?  They're not necessarily bad information, just information I already have 16 other places.  I have some already on swap sites, but these particular ones seem to be fairly slow movers...anyone want to trade books for books, or for BPAL, or for services?

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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10 ml bottles of Thieves' Oil, $15 shipped within the US.

5 available

Also 5 @ 15 ml bottles of 10%  in Jojoba  $11 shipped in CONUS.

paypal to FifthHouse at gmail.com, put in notes exactly what you want.
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Brand new hardback book w/ dust jacket, read once, smoke-free home
Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

$10 ($4 postage if mailed)

3 pr Black Denim Pants
Stretch, White Stag, size 26W
Pretty much new.

$6 each

1 pr washed denim jeans, size 26W
Pretty much new

Assorted SS/Blue Topaz rings, pix in scrapbook but the LJ says the link is bad but I was just THERE!
$6.50 each, think they're all size 7.




Amethyst and Peridot



Somebody check and tell me if the links work. pls?
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There's a webinar I want to register for, and it will get me CEUs that I'll need when it comes time to renew my Massage Therapy license.

I can't justify paying out-of-pocket right now, and it starts Monday (so I need to have the money in Paypal by tomorrow night).

Therefore, if you buy a Gift Certificate for a one-hour massage for $27 (including mailing it to you or the person-of-your-choice), I'd be delighted and thank you manymanytimes. 

I need to sell at least 6 to cover the cost of the webinar (by NCBTMB which is how MO decides if it's CEU-eligible, for now), paypal processing fees, postage, and cost of the certificates themselves..

No limit on how many you get at this price, and I will mail them early next week (to you) or closer to the holidays (if you specify this, for gifts).  OH- -- and no expiration date on these.  Good as long as I'm practicing.  And you'll be extending that by getting these, so...!  Win-win, right?

Paypal address is FifthHouse at gmail dot com.

Of course, if you can't get one -- or just don't want to -- that's fine too!

**Of course, my office is in Monett, MO -- but if we'll be in the same place for a day or so (think Cons, RenFaires, etc.), surely we can both find time!**

Oh -- feel free to post a link back here :)  ([livejournal.com profile] reannon  reminded me that this might be a good idea)

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Just added a few things to my Etsy shop --

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There's about 200 old books, rescued, in the garage.  I want them gone.  I'll pack up as many flat-rate boxes as I can with them -- totally random -- and let y'all know how MANY boxes there are.

The person requesting a box is expected to cover postage, remitted through paypal (covering the paypal fees would be a nice gesture, but I'm not gonna insist on it).

Some are good for reading, some may be collectibles, all would be decent for crafting stuff. 

Any interest?



I mean old as in 20+ years old, mostly hardback, some tattered.  Good as craft materials, like background pages, cut-out words, etc.,, but they are not craft-instruction-books.

Flat-rate boxes start at $10.95; there's a larger size that is 12.95.  If you want the bigger one, say so, or it's the smaller ones by default.
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Bought these over a year ago and just haven't worn them, pretty as they are. 

Got them back when Wyrding Studios was  Wearable Sculpture.

Offering for $17.50 each, 2.50 for shipping (with DC) in the US. 

All three for $50, $2.50 shipping.

Also, just to get it in there:

BPAL 5 ML bottles

The Apothecary -- $15
MVJBA -- BPTP  2008  $20
Dragon Moon 2008  ~1 imp left $5 
Hanami 2008 -- less 1/2 imp -- $20  18
Mort de Cesar-- less 1/2 imp --  $20 18
Frederic 2008 -- less 1/2 imp -- $20  
18 Forum-only scent -- I need your name from the BPAL.org forum to send you this one!
Crawdad 2008
-- less 1/2 imp -- $20  18 Forum-only scent -- I need your name from the BPAL.org forum to send you this one!
Crypt Queen 2007 ~2-3 drops to test -- $1.00

As always, paypal (no e-checks!) gleefully accepted, I frimp, etc.  Feel free to make offers on multiple items!

Paypal to FifthHouse at gmail.com  AFTER i confirm your order, please, I like to make certain i have everything in one place before saying I can send it!  :)
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 I got two bottles of Mead Moon, thanks to a very kind person who went to WillCall.  When the bottles arrived, I tried one.  Well, you have to, right?  And...I was not too thrilled.  Here I was sure from the notes that I'd found my scent of scents, and she betrayed me!  I tried again a few days later, and again...and I simply cannot be the only one putting anything into this relationship.  I may keep the opened bottle for 6 months or so to let it age, but I don't see the need to keep the unopened one.

Top bid on Mead Moon is currently $28

Since I'm currently annoyed at eBay, I'll entertain offers here. 
I do frimp -- let me know if you're allergic to anything (tea, chocolate, etc) and I'll take that into consideration.
Comments are screened.  Please put your email in your comment so I can get in touch with you.

Also, Crawdad doesn't like me.  The bottle has been cleanly tested with a toothpick, and half an imp-sized vial has been drawn off with a pipette.  If you offer on this, please include your Forum name. 

And....bottle of Sturgeon Moon, less 1.5 imp-size vials.


Sep. 24th, 2007 02:42 pm
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so Bumping :)
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Offers in comments here, please :)  Screened, but will post highest offers as I see 'em.

This is a Lab Imp, picked up at a Will-Call in Hershey, PA.  Sniffed, not tested.

Update:  offered 
$5    $8   $11

Please, choose a couple of GC imps at no charge to keep it company!

Auction over -- thanks to all!
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I always feel nervous when I'm sending out a package -- worse if the person has paid (or swapped) for it and is expecting said package to get there. 

I realize stuff happens, and (when on the receiving end)  try really hard to be patient if the person tells me it's been shipped -- I mean, once a friend sent me a letter from Great Lakes to St Louis -- generally a two-day matter -- and it took over three weeks to get there and had postmarks from Memphis, somewhere in AZ, and three others I don't  recall right now.  That was really unusual, IME.  I've recently sent several packages overseas, to Scotland (smooches [profile] la_colere!) and NZ (huggles [personal profile] cosmogonic) with no trouble and a reasonable delivery time.

Still, at least one package being delivered within CONUS has gone missing...and no clue if that one was on the USPS or on the mailroom at the business the buyer had me send it to.

So I'm always very relieved to find out something arrived!
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My Dragon Candles will be at Lazy Dragon Con 3-5 August, 2007 -- WITHOUT me!  Also the largish Pentacle candles.

Then at MiddleFaire  in October! 

*schniff*  I'm so proud!
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As always, open to offers and barter!  See my Sale/Swap post for my BPAL wishlist, and here are the usual links to Etsy and Adopt-A-Dragon.

Three Sterling Rings -- size 7 -- $10

Avon stuff

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for anyone who wants to look :)



Nov. 26th, 2006 09:11 pm
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Ozarks Gift Guide

About two-thirds of the way down the page --!!!  Wheee!

Colorful dragons


Nov. 7th, 2006 01:55 pm
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Guess who gets to be in the Springfield News-Leaders Ozarks Gift Guide?

I get to pick two of my products to take in to be photographed -- I'm going with the Red Dragon (like in the userpic) and a green glycerin soap with Peppermint and Eucalypus EOs and Mint leaves in.
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Attar Bazaar -- 1/8 oz bottles, sell for $7.95 on  their website, asking $5 here:

Tunisian Frankincense
Tunisian Sandalwood
Tunisian Jasmine
Arabian Sandalwood
Lily of the Valley
Medina Musk
Egyptian Musk

Lathers & Lights   $5.00 each  (extras I'd bought but haven't opened)
4 oz Body Yogurt,  Thai retreat  8.50 on the site
4 0z Body Lotion, Black Licorice 7.00
4 oz Body Lotion, Honey Blossom (x2)

The Garden Bath sample size sugar scrub in Raspberry Seeds, 2.00

Possets decants:  $2.00 each?
Simulated Cupid
Perpetual Motion
Pneumatic Lover
Heated heart

DSH $3.00 each decants?
 Ancient Air
Cuir de Russe

The usual suspects on the BPAL list here

These pendants:  Don't remember what I paid, intended to wear them  nd just never did.  $15 each, all 3 for 35?

Also....ISO Penumbra



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