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I remembered this about the factory job and thought I'd share -- it just points out how some people will "cut off their nose to spite their face."

Maybe two or three years before the place closed down, we were "restructuring" and "crosstraining" to keep as many people actively employed as possible -- and I thank them for that.

I was asked to teach an older woman to run a certain high-tech machine.  We did OK the first two days and she was picking it up very well for someone without much computer experience.  Then she heard one of my friends mention to me that the Buddhist monks would be at her house that weekend and I was invited, which of course I accepted!

So trainee gets into no-no land.  She asks me if I'm Buddhist.  I'm not, so I say no.  She asks if my friend is Buddhist.  I say I don't know, that's not part of my job to know that.  She starts pressing me -- where do I go to church, am I Methodist, CoG, AoG, Baptist....
I repeat that's not something I like to talk about at work as it's not part of the job.  And that is true.

She grinds and moans and grumps for the next workday not paying attention at all to the training and ruining a part.  I finally tell her "OK, you want to know?  I'm a Witch, old-style.  Not Wiccan.  Witch.  Now can we get back to the task at hand?"  Next day she comes in early and goes to the supervisor, refuses to work in the same area with me anymore.  Supervisor points out we're trying to save her job, if she refuses training, we can't keep her past a certain point as her particulat job skills will be obsolete.

She's OK with that, she just can NOT be expected to work with me.

SOMEone leaves religious tracts -- specifically directed against Witchcraft -- on the machine just before my shift for the next couple of days.  The supervisor sees them and nearly goes ballistic as that's harassment.  No evidence of WHO left them, no one will admit to seeing her come in the area.  HR calls me in to discuss it, apologising that they can't really DO anything.  "That's fine, I was just going to trash them anyway, I know there's no way prove who left them.  And she's entitled to her opinion, as long as it doesn't interfere with the job."

Few weeks later, her area is closed.  The people who took training opportunities move to different parts of the plant.  She's "downsized."  Thing is, if she'd stuck it out, she'd have had a fairly easy job and would not have been on my shift so wouldn't have had to deal with me past that week.

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So I'm a member of a web-based group that will help each other out in case of disasters (like tornados, earthquakes, etc); part of it includes being able to read and understand the rules for how the group works.   It is not a "chat group" or a blog; there are few actual rules but several guidelines; there is a website and a google map.  I'm not especially computer savvy, but the rules and guidelines are clear enough for me to understand with one or two readings.

So there's a post from a new member

"I'm new and need some directions on to do everything, thanks"


I mean, the directions are RIGHT THERE....

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Just got this in email:

Similar to Wish: 'Cranio-Sacral-SELF-Waves: A Scientific Approach to Craniosacral Therapy'


PaperBackSwap Librarian

 to me
show details 5:31 PM (8 minutes ago)
Dear Zia,

This is a quick email to notify you that the book 'Blowback: A Thriller' by Brad Thor,  has been listed into the system by another club member.
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Just saw the ad for an asthma treatment again, and I'm still baffled by the part where it says "(This medicine) has been shown to increase the chances you'll die of asthma-related causes" or words to that effect.

So...here's a medicine that's likely to cause you to die sooner (?) from the exact thing it's supposed to be treating you for, and this gets APPROVED BY THE FDA???????????????????????

In what world does this even make sense??
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Dates for the new Zodiac alignment

IMO, Astrology is pseudo-science and not reliable.  Same with Tarot and other practices.  Yes, I read Tarot -- I've never said it is a science, infallible or reliable.  Yes, I've has my chart done by someone I respect in other arenas, but I maintain that in my experience, astrology, tarot, the runes, pendulums, et cetera ad infinitum are ways to get you to pay attention to your subconscious -- the part of your brain that processes things while you're not paying attention. 

To those of you who are flailing wildly at the idea that you now have to readjust your personalities and daily lives to reflect your new signs:  I really hope you're being facetious. 
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Remember when I posted the pic on my usericon, the bed of the S-10 full of books salvaged from a dumpster?

According to this site a regular size pickup bed full of books is one gigabyte.  Approximately.

I have a "thumb drive" that holds 4 of those.

I just picked up a one terabyte external hard drive for under $100, tax included.

that's enough storage for 1,000 pickup trucks worth of books.

I'm gonna go lie down with a cold washcloth and a warm puppy.

It amazes

Nov. 30th, 2009 05:07 pm
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and aggravates me that so many published authors pay no attention to spelling or grammar on their blogs (or simply can't spell without an editor and three proofreaders).

[livejournal.com profile] reannon , this does NOT mean you!
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Holy $hi+.....

$105 for a bar of SOAP????????????????????

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Dear Prudence:
I did something recently that concerns me on many levels. I am under a large amount of stress because I'm in an unhappy marriage (which we're trying to work out) and because my company laid me off. I am under treatment for depression. A week ago, my doctor doubled the dosage of my antidepressant and, because I'm not sleeping well, he prescribed Ambien. On Saturday morning, I confused the vials and took two Ambien. I told my wife what happened and that I would probably sleep all day and went to bed. At around 10 p.m., my wife commented on how productive I had been: mowing the lawn, cleaning up, grocery shopping. I remembered none of this and said so. She said her only concern was that I left for "errands" and returned two hours later with nothing in hand. I talked to my doctor Monday, and he told me Ambien can cause amnesia and that some people have reported walking, driving, and cooking in their sleep. I know now what filled the missing two hours. This afternoon, I got a call from a woman who called me "lover" and asked when I wanted to come back. She called me her f--k buddy. This is a woman I had talked to only twice before in social situations. I do not even know where she lives; maybe I phoned her for directions. I do find her attractive, but I am stunned that I did something like this. My wife is vindictive, and if I say anything to her, it will end our marriage. I do not want to continue a relationship with the other woman. What should I do?

—Scared Sleepless

And Prudie's answer: )

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Got a call yesterday that could be good PR, could be more trouble than it's worth.

Someone has a daughter on total care, about 15 miles away over not-so-good roads (travel time would be at least 30 minutes one way) according to the phone number prefix.

Had an MT coming for several years to work on the daughter, but the MT raised her rates and she couldn't afford it anymore.  Taking the daughter to my office in Monett is out of the question, apparently, and calling any of the MTs in her own town (at least 3 that I know of) likewise.

She wants me to drive out every week to work with her daughter for an hour -- plus travel time of an hour, plus setup and all -- for $20 each trip. 

She can't afford regular rate, can't leave her name, didn't ask if there are options or if I'd take insurance.  If she's been primary care for someone for years, wouldn't she know to ask about insurance?  If she's a distraught mother, wouldn't she ask about barter or somesuch?

I've had several people try to scam me already, and I just don't know if this is another.  I feel bad that she can't afford the regular rate and that I don't feel I'd be breaking even.  If she'd be willing to work with me on options -- like getting me referrals from her church, support network, whatever -- I'd work with her in return, but just "No.  Gimmie."  bugs me. 

Granted the daughter has a raw deal (if she exists), as does the mother (as supposedly primary caregiver),  but I've hauled table to out-of-the-way places before and been told, "Oh, s/he's not here -- well, since you're here, you can work on me while you wait!"  (When you tell them the rate, they insist "But you're already here!  It's not like it's going to COST YOU anything!")  Which would be OK IF they'd pay me for the work, but that wasn't in their game plan.  And I consider that a scam, too.

Does anyone know how I can find out if this gal is on the up-and-up?  What really makes me suspicious is that it seems none of the MTs in her own town are willing to work with her, or why would she be calling someone from elsewhere?

And before y'all get all "UR being MEEN" on me, yes I do have some "charity cases" that pay a greatly reduced rate.  As well as my other tings I do including blood and sweat (but not tears so far, except when the needle slips).

ETA:  And the votes are in...and I'm leaving it well alone.

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So I was thinking I'd pick up the most recent 3 of the Gor novels -- Magicians (which I think I used to have), Prize, and Witness, and I called the bookstore....for the PAPERBACK, over $28 each!    And not on the shelf, has to be a prepaid order.  *choking noises*

Guess i don't need to catch up on Counter-Earth as bad as I thought!

(Good gravy, that boy has a high opinion of his work!)

[livejournal.com profile] reannon , [livejournal.com profile] kvaadk , et al., thank you for being reasonable!

ETA:  I think I just shocked the local librarian.  She went from "What books  would you like to request, dear? :)  happyhappysunshine"

to "Uh...ok...I have those requested and I'll call when they get in thank you*click*"


And just heard back from the library -- "We can't get those for you, they're not in our system. We can ILL Magicians, but the other two don't seem to be available anywhere."

Y'know wut?  I can find them in other systems...methinks they need a new librarian.

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OK, this is another odd one.  You may remember a few months ago when I ranted about the chick who wanted in on a Trick-or-Treat swap, but didn't do Halloween and didn't want anything with or vamp or yadayada related....

Well, now this OTHER gal has severe chemical sensitivities, do not send her any bath/body products, her kids also have very sensitive skin and allergies...so someone please send her BPAL.

Now BPAL is not your run-of-the-mill smellgood -- you're LESS likely to have a reaction to it, but WTF here?  I have had reactions to various formulas and I'm not the most itchy person out there.   I went to her profile to see what notes she likes/doesn't like, and

"Don't send me what I just asked for."

Y'know, I think I can do that.

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Watching History Channel, something about UFOs and USOs....this guy saw a USO from a pier at Gitmo, if I was listening properly, it did NO damage, did NO harm, OK?  Hang onto that for a minute.  He never saw anything like that before or since and hopes he never does, sez he.


No harm, no damage, and he doesn't want to know what it was or see another?  AAGHH!

No freakin' sense of adventure, no curiosity.  AAGGHH!

DH is flipping out at the dude going "I'd be camping OUT on the PIER for gosssakses!" and I can't disagree.


Jan. 20th, 2009 01:11 pm
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The estate has a White Elephant on its books -- the beauty shop doesn't meet code for another business to go in, and it'll cost *OMFG* to fix it up (otherwise I'd be renting it from the estate for my studio, right?), so right now it is sitting there with some the stuff that the estate hasn't sold yet -- chairs, a tanning bed, etc.

And a lighted sign with the movable letters.

Months ago when I got my license, DH decided the sign should not be collecting dust and put up my contact info.  I've had a couple of calls from that, so good deal.

Today, I get a letter from the Lawrence County Assessor.

I have to list all the massage stuff in the building and pay taxes on it.

Thing is, all my business stuff is in BARRY County!

I've tried to call and no-one is answering phones.  *SnArL*

OK, so now the phone has been answered, and the gal doesn't understand why she can't find a merchant license for me at that address even though I just TOLD her I've never had a business at that location.  Now she thinks that it had massage in there when it was a beauty shop and I should pay back taxes and penalties on that.

OK, I think I got  through to her.

She didn't give me her name, but I wrote the time and date of the convo on the assessment list.
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Posted so I can find it again when I'm wanting to grouse about anywhere I've ever lived.

ETA:  I know it is posted -- I don't know if it;s a fake.  There's a pastor here in town that requires his tenants to attend his church.

All the tenants I interview aren't good enough (Broadway and Commercial)


Read more... )
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Heard back from the Veterans' Home -- administrator is not comfortable with the idea, so it's a no-go.  Didn't say whether it was the "Oooh, massage" bit or a liability thing, but I'm betting I know.
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Been on the phone with Tech support for the laptop for days.

thurs, Oct 2, the printer worked.

fri, oct 3, it don't.  Communication not being happening.

don't ever even bother with the typing-chat thing.  they don't dig the difference between "computer problem" and "printer problem."
which this is a computer thing b/c the printer works with other computers in the house, and it DID work with this thing until the above-mentioned date.  I think there may have been one of those sneakattack updates that won't let you do anything until you agree to update or just automatically loads itself.  which I thought I had that de-optioned, but whatever.

so unplug cables, turn off this&that, restart, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver; all this in vain.

chat support:  all that again, plus uninstall fracking USBs for some reason, rewrite bios, (which was NOT a new rev, same one it had),  then they decide well if that don't work it's the printer so I get sent to a whole nother section of the site which is for this brand which is the same thing with a sticker on it.  Meh.

Now y'all know I am NOT by any means a computer-fixer-person, so I tend to do as I'm told once i figure out what it is they're telling me.

And I do a "restore" which is supposed to set things back to where they were before the problem....but the printer still doesn't work and NOW the laptop can find the router but not the internet and the other two computers are on just fine!  And unplugging the modem and the router and restarting the lappie don't work.  So PHONE the tech (which happens to be just 30 miles away for gossakes) AGAIN and tis one (a girl this time) we flail around and eventually something works and i have net again.  But still no printer.

And as far as she and her co-workers and super can tell, "it's a Vista thing."

Just like the "turn off the screensaver to burn a CD" thing is Vista thing.


Just blowing off steam, y'all.  I'll figure it out and get it working, it'll just take me time and patience.
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So I was looking at a Trick-or-Treat swap on Swap-bot, thinking to join, and decided against it, b/c with my luck I;d get this chick --

"Ok...so....I know this is going to come across as being rather odd.....but I have a very special request for my partners.....I don't actually celebrate Halloween....but I LOVE candy...and 2 of my favorite colors are Orange and Black....so can I please request either all candy in my treat bags, or if you want to mix it up, I would prefer decoing or scrapbooking things in the color of orange and black, and like silver....whatever other colors you associate with Halloween.....lol. The only exception to this...would be like shaped foil confetti or Halloween Kawaii things, like the ghosties or vampires/monsters. Just NO witches at all please....lol. I live in (redacted)....its pretty safe to send Chocolate in the mail at any time...lol....and I like all kinds of candies....except super sweet or sour things like warheads, smarties, pixie sticks, etc. I'm also allergic to Walnuts and Pecans, and I dislike coconut and white chocolate! Please read my profile or contact me if you have any questions"

OK, so it's labeled as a Trick-or-Treat swap, but she doesn't do Halloween, but she wants candy to her specifications, and vampires and ghosts are OK, but no witches....so I'm staying out of this one.  I don't think I'd be able to resist if I got her as a partner.  Or maybe I should join and specify that anything sent to me should be "as witchy as possible" and hope she gets to send to me!

Sheesh!  If you don't do Halloween, why are you trick-or-treating?

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A man was killed -- stabbed -- in Springfield likely on Saturday night or Sunday.  He'd not shown up for work for several days, so his mom went to check on him and found his body.

I recognized the name, the picture looked familiar, the age is close to what I think it would be and there was an Infantry sticker on his car -- which is missing.  

I can't believe there would be two people with that much similarity even in a city with an eighth of a million people, even though I want to.

My ex-husband's sister's son.  

[personal profile] tultema's cousin Jason.

I didn't know Jason well and haven't been in contact with any of his family in years.

I'd just been telling someone about Sissy Pam earlier today.

I fully expect my ex and his mother to be at the funeral.  

It was NOT a polite and happy let's-stay-friends divorce.

I do NOT want to cause drama at such a time or place.

I'm going to find out when/where visitation is, though, and try to slip in and sign the book, and of course I'm going to call Pam (if I actually have her number -- I used to).  Or would a letter be a better idea?




Please BOLO this vehicle:

Police believe the person who took the vehicle might have information about the murder. The vehicle is described as a 2000 Nissan Xterra, silver in color, with a bumper sticker on the back window of the vehicle that reads, “Infantry.” The plates on the Xterra are Missouri 3DF16W (also reported as 3DFL6W). Police encourage citizens to be on the lookout for any vehicle matching that description. Any sightings should be reported to police through 911.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing and Police are actively working all available leads. Police encourage any witnesses to call 864-1810 or make an anonymous report at 869-TIPS (Crime Stoppers). If information given leads to the conviction of a suspect, a cash award may be considered for the tipster.



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