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2009-08-27 09:52 am
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FMG order got in yesterday, sorted through the grab-bags of pendants, have several "points" of adventurine and rose quartz, a bunch of curved horns in goldstone and maybe a couple of carnelian, and a handful of randomly-sized hearts, mostly in rose quartz and tiger's eye. And howdy I can NOT spell today, or maybe it's the typing....

Anyway, did some prelim work getting cords and accents and such sorted for the necklaces I'm planning to make for vending and ... for some reason I feel better.  I've been kind of "off my feed" for several weeks now, but getting back into the making things seems to have improved my mood.  I know I'm not an artist, and I don't "create" things like, say, [livejournal.com profile] scgraphix  does, or [livejournal.com profile] ursulav, I just take things that are already made and put them together or modify them a little, but it's something I need to do and I need to remember that and do it.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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2009-04-09 08:48 pm

On the road again...

But not very far this time -- just to Shell Knob this weekend!  Well, Friday and Saturday.

Thought I was going to have a co-boothie Friday, but no such luck, and I hope there'll be help to get the Pop-Up up-popped.  The rest I can handle, but that's a two-gal job.  Three man, from watching some fellers who tried to help before!

Anyone wanna go to Shell Knob and hang out all day?  LOL!  I'm sure I'll be pretty darn bored by the end of the day :D  And if it's raining tomorrow like it is now, I'm not going!  It's outside, bring your own shelter if you want it, no electric, pot's in the restaurant over thataway.  So I've got a long coat, a windbreaker, gloves, and a hoodie for varying warmth factors, as it's pretty much "on the lake."
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2009-03-18 04:36 pm

Farmers' Market

In Aurora, there are two farmers' market associations -- at the same park.

The one I just joined gives each member a copy of the vending license (for the city) so you can set up any day you wish.

"Regular" days are Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, any day it's barely tolerable out.

Day pass is $1 day for up to 5x.

A year's membership is $15. 

Guess who signed up?

And they're trying to get access to a "certified kitchen" for members to use for jams and relishes and soaps and such.


I will have to be relatively careful about my wares -- the little pretty bottles are "no" but if I put oils in them I mixed, that's OK.  The item-which-is-for-sale must be homemade/handmade.  But of course, massage is handmade!  So I can set the chair up too!  Wheee!
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2009-03-07 06:42 pm
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Costume jewelry repair

DH has a tam pin which I believe is pewter, and has a pin back that *should* be soldered on.  However, as you've likely surmised by now, it NOT attached.

Anyone out there who can affix it properly (would likely need some sort of specialized solder, I've been informed that the stuff I use on electrical wiring won't work) for a reasonable amount of paypal, Fifth House merch, or massage?

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2009-02-01 07:19 am


Attempting to learn to knot the cord between pearls on a necklace.  I keep getting a gap between the bead and the knot (and I mean a BIG gap).

Yeah, it takes practice...but right now I'm getting practice at picking up the beads after I get frustrated and throw them!
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2008-12-18 01:47 pm
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On-line Yard Sale

Brand new hardback book w/ dust jacket, read once, smoke-free home
Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

$10 ($4 postage if mailed)

3 pr Black Denim Pants
Stretch, White Stag, size 26W
Pretty much new.

$6 each

1 pr washed denim jeans, size 26W
Pretty much new

Assorted SS/Blue Topaz rings, pix in scrapbook but the LJ says the link is bad but I was just THERE!
$6.50 each, think they're all size 7.




Amethyst and Peridot



Somebody check and tell me if the links work. pls?
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2008-10-03 04:52 pm
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Just added a few things to my Etsy shop --

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2008-06-11 02:32 pm

Etsy etc.

Just added a couple of bracelets designed to be worn with the "medical alert ID tags" to my ETSY shop -- Sis wanted some, so she has six now and I kept going!

Any ideas where else I might post to promote these?
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2007-05-21 02:06 am


I figured out how to resize the pix for the catalog pages on Fifth House!!!!!!!!

Yeah, for YOU guys that's no big deal.....but for me, that's WOW!

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2007-05-02 01:19 am
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All current packages are shipped!

[profile] la_colere, yours should be there in 7 - 10 days.
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2007-04-13 11:43 pm
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two loads of laundry, packed ALL the stuff for the vial circle and got all shipped but two (those'll go tomorrow), sorting two big boxes of beadstuff that came in recently (and finding many suprises in one of them!) and planning receets for soaping tomorrow.  Swapped out the extra curtain rod for a different right one, got cleaning stuff, and sat on my friggin' can for quite some time.
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2007-04-07 01:00 am

New schedule

Well, work's been a little slow lately.  Rather than doing a layoff, we are working a 4-day, 32-hour week for the next 10 weeks.

We DO get partial unemployment for that one day off per week, or can take vacation, etc if we'd rather.


More time to work on candles and stoof!!!!

While I realise that this may be a pain for some folks there, it's a blessing for me. 
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2007-02-15 02:36 pm
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Prep for the weekend

NOT taking every-freaking-item-I've-got-on-hand this time -- I have one table and have offered [personal profile] tultema and
[profile] greeneyedtengu 

space for their wares as well.  So:
Two boxes (about 20) Dragon candles
Some odd assorted candles that just happened to be IN those boxes
All the jewelry I've made, plus some from the "Garage Sale" post
  (as this takes up very little room)
Spell Oils
Maybe some perfume blends
Some extra jewelry makings to have something to do with my hands
And some Shell bottles -- I wouldn't suggest putting liquid in them though!
  (Nice to keep salt or powdered incense in on an altar, maybe)

Nope, not taking soap this time!

Just because!
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2007-02-11 01:12 pm
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BPAL alert! Meet-n-sniff? VisionCon!

If anyone else here is in the Springfield, MO area (think LadyBears college basketball?), how about dropping by the dealer's room at VisionCon this coming weekend? 

(Dealer's Room is FREE ENTRY, the con itself you have to pay.) 

I'll be vending my jewelry and such, but would love to meet other BPAL users!  If I know anyone's coming by, I'll bring my tiny little stash  and we can meet after and sniff and  tell stories...????

Cross-posted all over!
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2007-01-20 11:07 pm
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Just updated the Etsy shop!  Several new bracelets, changed prices on a few things.....the usual :)
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2006-07-16 09:03 pm
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I like how these turned out!


$35 each

Top is with Garnet, Bottom with Malachite
Tied off (no clasp) and plenty long enough to slip over your head.

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2006-02-14 12:08 am
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Raided Hobby Lobby again...

This week's sale was 1/2 off all soap- and candle- making products, all jewelry beads .... (I'm not sure I want to know what OTHER sort of beads they had...) and now my trunk looks like a hobby shop "went 'splodey" until tomorrow (later today) when I will transfer 8 packages of soap base, 7 soap molds, and a partridge in a pear tree -- wait, wrong universe -- an 8# tub of sea salt to the workshed. Will likely pick up more later in the week.

Also found Crow Beads -- like pony beads, with the big hole for stringing? -- but in glass or clay. NOT plastic, TYVM. If you like plastic, go for it. I like the feel of metal and gems and glass and clay. Got thopse too, but they go in the bead box in the house, not in the shed.


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2005-12-04 10:20 pm
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More stuff....you'd expect me to get bored eventually

with all the stuff i try doing! This time it's a variation of the stuff i was doing stringing semi-precious gemstone chips. Pat (at work) has a magnetic necklace.....right. So Rick now has a necklace, I have one, there are two or three (i forget) memory-wire bracelets, two necklaces.....plus other stuff i had been tossing together like the pendants where i just add a cord.....


Jack of all trades, master of none?
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2003-09-20 05:42 pm
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Just back from the picnic--sold several candles and some books that were duplicates of what i already had--donated a few other books to a box going to a prison in the next county.
Traded three candles for two gemstone strands--one of blue quartz and one rainbow moonstone. Total cash income for the day, $36 -- $34 more than last year at the same event!

Thanks to all who sent good wishes ;)

Packing now to go to Eldar's for what's left of the weekend.

Have fun!