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 All'y'all know i'm a biblioholic.  Newest way for me to get my fix?

Pixel of Ink http://www.pixelofink.com

Links to free ebooks for the Kindle app.  Which I have on my PC, my iPod, and my 'Droid.  

Yes, I still like paper books best...but great good gods, thousands of books, literally thousands, in a space smaller than a deck of cards?????  And so very many of them -- including classics like The Art of War and new books and business books and fiction and....well.  You know. And so many of them are FREE??

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Don't know how long it will last

iPod, Kindle, etc

If you get some, let me know so I can be happy!
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Remember when I posted the pic on my usericon, the bed of the S-10 full of books salvaged from a dumpster?

According to this site a regular size pickup bed full of books is one gigabyte.  Approximately.

I have a "thumb drive" that holds 4 of those.

I just picked up a one terabyte external hard drive for under $100, tax included.

that's enough storage for 1,000 pickup trucks worth of books.

I'm gonna go lie down with a cold washcloth and a warm puppy.

Book swap?

Aug. 29th, 2010 09:52 pm
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If you are on PaperbackSwap.com, please take a look at my bookshelf!  There will be at least two dozen more books added over the next week or so and for friends FROM HERE or IRL, I'll send two for one!

My profile there is http://zianuray.paperbackswap.com/profile/
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I'd heard good things about the books by Kevin Trudeau -- the ones about natural cures they don't want you to know about and how brand-name products can cure illnesses -- so I got a copy of the first mentioned.

Well, y'know, it reads like a timeshare speech or a car salesman's spiel -- all this about oh, this is so wonderful, let me tell you all about my struggle fighting with the powers-that-be to get this information to you, and btw, I'm not going to put anything useful in the book itself, for that you have to pay each month to subscribe to my website where the actual information is.

No, I didn't subscribe to the website, as I have no faith he actually put anything useful on it -- why would he, after all they hype about how the books will have all this wonderful help just for you in them and then they don't?
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So I can't even get library books anymore.  Time before last I was on a waitlist, got notice, and went to pick the book up as usual...got it home and opened it...and the last several people to have checked it out seem to have been smokers.  Even before I noticed the smell, my eyes started burning and watering.  Yeah, sure, wrap it in paper and baking soda in a sealed bag for a week or so...that's not the point.  I don't feel I should have to decontaminate books in order to read them.  The next time (most recent and last, so far, in the last 3 years) I had a book on order, I opened it AT the library before checking it out...and the same thing happened.  I looked up at the clerk with tears (from the irritation, not anger nor sorrow) running down my face and said "I'm sorry; I don't think I'll be coming back.  Send this to the next person and let's hope they're not allergic to tobacco smoke."

And no, just the fact of someone being a smoker does not mean that a book they've read is toxic to me -- I've lent several of my own to people who smoke.  They just keep their habit and my book apart.  It's when the book stays in a smoky environment for long enough to absorb the particulate and irritants that there is a problem.
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I've been quietly adding short stories to the Literary Underworld web site. I call them Aardvarks: short stories that they don't really fit anywhere else.

Currently available are:
• Sisyphus
• Rabbit Hole Day
• Up the Rabbit Hole
• Saving Melanie

Others will be coming soon. They're $2.50 each for a PDF download, with artwork as created by me. Yes, at some point I will take submissions from authors for short stories to offer on the site. Not right away; we have a limited number of slots. But it's coming.

Find the Aardvarks
here. And, y'know, don't keep it to yourself. Literary Underworld needs more traffic, not just for my personal profit, but for my authors. We're all struggling, and the prospects are dismal for those of us who make our living putting pen to paper.

So check out LiteraryUnderworld.com. Register as a member so we can keep you informed of new products there (and I can stop using this blog as random advertising). Pick up an Aardvark if you're so moved. Consider our books for your holiday gifts. Spread the word to others.
Thank you. It means a lot.

From this entry on her LJ.

I read [livejournal.com profile] reannon 's stuff. I like it enough that I get her books to give as presents. Coming from me, that tells you what?

You like short-scary? Go get Setting Suns.

You like vampires? Nocturne.

Tell you what -- if you get my name in a gift swap and don't know what to get me, go buy one of her books and either keep it for yourself or give it to someone else, let me know about it, and THAT is my present. More people need to know about her.

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swiped from archway

Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you, for whatever reasons. This isn't your top 15 canon or even books you'd necessarily recommend, just books that have made their mark on you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Mine are under the cut...

my 15 )


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I had been a tad concerned about my bookswappage sites and all b/c I'd be able to get to the local post office one day a week once the new job (!!!yay!!!) starts -- then realized -- there's a PO right next door in the same building.  Walk out the door, turn right, and there it is.  And DH mentions "Well, you COULD ask ME!" but Honey, you do so much for me anyhow I hate to put more on you!

Across the parking lot is a supercenter with a branch of my bank inside.  There's a Wendy's and a pasta-type place and a Sally's, and Michael's Crafts is right across the street.

If there were a gym with a discounted membership in the same complex, I'd be over the moon!
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Setting Suns by Elizabeth Donald ([livejournal.com profile] reannon )

OK, it's been out a few years; I just got a copy Saturday.

And this is good stuff. 

Short horror stories, some very short, that have me checking the closet and under the bed.  Mostly of the "Hmmm...y'know, that's just possible...WHATWASTHAT?!?!"  I like horror movies and stories and books...most I wind up laughing at.  These, not so much -- there's humor in appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) places, much like real life, and that just makes them more real, more possible.

And the little notes about what inspired each one or what was going on as it was written are a great touch.

*Sort-of because I don't know the first thing about writing a book review, or a book for that matter.

And no, she didn't ask me to say anything; I don't have anything like her amount of readers on here! :)

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I need to start going through some of these aromatherapy and reflexology books and culling the ones that are less useful to me. 

Any suggestions what to DO with them?  They're not necessarily bad information, just information I already have 16 other places.  I have some already on swap sites, but these particular ones seem to be fairly slow movers...anyone want to trade books for books, or for BPAL, or for services?

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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On the job-hunting front:

Freshening up my "other" resume for a possible retail job; anyone here know me well enough to be willing to let me give you as a reference?  (I don't know how much detail this place wants yet -- some want home AND work phone and addresses; others just want a phone number.)

There'll be a cattle call Thursday and I want my dogies all in one corral before then!  (Hey, at least I didn't mix metaphors!)

And I'm getting more cards and postcards and flyers out, and remembering to re-do the CL ad every few days, and sending resumes to anywhere that looks promising for the massage...I'm certain when things finally click for me I'll have to decide between two or three offers; I just wish they'd GET here!


Got The Demon Redcoat by [livejournal.com profile] ccfinlay   -- third in the Traitor to the Crown series, I believe.  I have the first but have not yet obtained the second, they read well as stand-alones though. 

One of the books I requested through PBSwap has not arrived a month after it was marked mailed -- this is the exception rather than the rule.  My credit was refunded, but darn it, I'd rather have the book!  Not like it is particularly hard to find, I just would rather have swapped for it :)

Home life:

Went to the Drive-In last night to see GIJoe -- the sound quality was horrid, worse than I remember -- there was JUST enough delay and overlap from the various speakers to render all conversation unintelligible.  SO glad DH got the novelization and i read it first!  (That also kept me from having a conniption over some of the non-canon bits.)

Will be having company again this week -- [livejournal.com profile] bessofhardwick  and [livejournal.com profile] quartermasterjh  are parking here for a bit!  Yay!

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The one annoyance about having several different (reference-type) books on the same subject from several different publishers is that each book has much of the same information, presented in almost the same words.

I have two aromatherapy books (both for slightly more advanced practitioners) that do NOT feel it necessary to expound on the history of scents and the various methods of getting the essential oil out of the plants and into the bottles.  The other twenty or so?  Even the ones supposedly for not-QUITE-beginners-anymore?  Right.  At least a chapter each on
a) what is an EO
b) why EOs are hard to get at including where they are in the plant
c) where EOs come from (regions, etc)
d) history of EOs and perfumes.

And all list the same sources for their information; in many cases it's darn near C/P from one book to another.

One book drives me batty all by itself -- in each and EVERY recipe, the directions include :"Place the carrier oils in a clean container, add the essential oils, and gently turn the container upside down several times or roll between your hands to blend.  Apply as needed."  (Aaaugh, wait, she forgot to tell me to put the lid on!  i just dumped the oil all over the floor!)  If the author had put that at the beginning of the chapter and said "this applies to every rx unless stated otherwise" it would have resulted in a 20% savings on paper, ink, and transport costs.

I suppose that the repetition between books is "just in case" a person only GETS one book, so they'll have the info, but when you have several it wastes time and shelf-space!  Hello, posty-notes!

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I love libraries.

I love library books.

Until I get hold of another book that has recently spent time a a smoking environment, and my eyes sting and tear until I cant see to read the book.


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Suggest me a book!   and tell me why you suggested that one (or seventeen).

Genres/authors I like include SciFi (Asimov, Heinlein, Bujold), Fantasy (old Lackey), real-life science dumbed down so I can "get it", historical fiction (as in, "this really happened, but we added some dialog rather than just reporting it"), Horror (Dean Koontz, Stephen King), Medical mysteries (Cook), Regular mysteries (The Cat Who...), classy vampires (like Thorn / Dr. Corday). 

IF you can find decently written pagan fiction, PLEASE do tell me about it
-- most I've been able to get hold of reads like bad fanfic (yes, you, MRS) and is poorly proofread if at all.  Llewyllen publishing has much to answer for.

History / boigraphy / sociology -- depends on the subject and the presentation.

Stuff I don't so much like includes westerns, xtian fiction (Left Behind series, new Roger Elwood stuff), erotica, romance.  Anyone who suggests harlequins, et cetera shall be summarily swatted when next we meet.

Yes, I know I used a lowercase h. 

There are several series that I started out liking, but as the series grew longer the quality of the writing seemd to suffer.  I am only reading Anita Blake now to continue/complete the series, not because I think the later books -- sexfests for the sake of sex -- are as entertaining as the earlier books where the sex actually had a reason / was part of the plot.
The Herald-Mage books, and those set in that world, had the same progression, for me -- writing to have a book on the shelf rather than paying attention to the story.

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May. 28th, 2009 01:11 pm
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I'd been to the "English" store in the Amish community a few weeks ago, commented on the new building and was informed that there'd been a fire due to an electrical fault -- the old building was just gone.  Well, Reba's back open on a full schedule now, and has added several things to the store -- the important thing here was that the library wall had burned too!  (Books she'd lend to the community, not an official tax-funded library.)  And I still had a LOAD of books from that dumpster rescue over a year ago....

And today someone came to get the books!  Yay!  I have my folding tables back, and the library has a good start again :)

And draggies if anyone wants to click :)

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!And a scroll.

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So I was thinking I'd pick up the most recent 3 of the Gor novels -- Magicians (which I think I used to have), Prize, and Witness, and I called the bookstore....for the PAPERBACK, over $28 each!    And not on the shelf, has to be a prepaid order.  *choking noises*

Guess i don't need to catch up on Counter-Earth as bad as I thought!

(Good gravy, that boy has a high opinion of his work!)

[livejournal.com profile] reannon , [livejournal.com profile] kvaadk , et al., thank you for being reasonable!

ETA:  I think I just shocked the local librarian.  She went from "What books  would you like to request, dear? :)  happyhappysunshine"

to "Uh...ok...I have those requested and I'll call when they get in thank you*click*"


And just heard back from the library -- "We can't get those for you, they're not in our system. We can ILL Magicians, but the other two don't seem to be available anywhere."

Y'know wut?  I can find them in other systems...methinks they need a new librarian.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 01:25 pm
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Not ONLY was the electric shut off today (and turned back on less than three hours later -- idiots!)  I just got a book in the mail that a)  Was not properly wrapped so the packaging tore b) the wrapping was TAPED TO the cover of the book c) it's water/coffee damaged AND d) it REEKS of cigarettes.  And there was someone's birthday card and paper scraps jammed inside it. And I don't want to leave it out back on the deck b/c it's looking like rain.  
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authors, editors, proofreaders, and where/how the three intersect.

I just caught an egregious error in the fourth book of the Dresden Files -- Summer Knight -- and was wondering if anyone would pay attention and maybe see about fixing it for the next printing (b/c it totally threw me out of the scene -- "WTF?  That's not in the BACK!"  fussfumerant  "Well, maybe the editor changed it or something."  "Whatev." *annoyance*)

Who would I email about it, and would anyone even read it if I tried?

AND I'll bet a LOT of other people caught it, and several may already have written in, but I don't know that yet, do I?

Chapter 17, first paragraph, if anyone wants to check me.

Or maybe it HAS been fixed by now -- I'm not sure when this exact copy was printed, only that we bought it new a couple of months ago.

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I've read Fahrenheit 451 several times, starting in grade school.  Tonight I saw the movie.

In such a situation, would you be a book?  Which book?  Why?  (Please include the Author and date of publication, if you know it -- there are several books out there with the same title now!)

And none of this "Oh, I'd be the whole Tarzan series!" stuff.  ONE.

For purposes of this discussion, assume you CAN memorize an entire book; "Oh, I'd like to but..." is not an option right now.  Maybe I'll ask that question later!

"No, and here's why not" IS an option.

I don't think I need to say this, but NO SNARKING other folks' choices or reasons.

And please, feel free to link to this -- I want lots of responses to think about!


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