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a friend of mine was trying to talk me into using a matchmaking company in Springfield that she was using.  They had the paperwork, the not-very-scientific personality/psych profile tests, the videos that people would make telling about themselves and what they wanted in a mate / relationship.

Every male in that book in my age range -- and remember, this was 15-20 years ago --  was at least 40 pounds of flab overweight, balding, some obviously hadn't shaved before going in for the taping, they were nearly all either blue-collar with very little formal education beyond what the state mandated OR they claimed to be a pastor or other white-collar prfessional BUT wouldn't show proof.  Nearly every male on the service claimed to be a "born-again Christian"; those with a drinker's nose or tobacco-stained teeth were especially vocal about it.  And every one of these slobs wanted a woman 5'5" to 5'6", 110 pounds or less, who neither smoked nor drank (guess they didn't want competition for the resources?), a good submissive person with no children who would nevertheless be happy to raise his 5 children so he could get them away from his harpy ex-wife, work to support the whole family, and have a couple more kids for him -- several even used the "Proverbs 31 woman" line/descriptor.

Gods, talk about stereotypical rednecks.  

I did let my friend introduce me to one of the guys she met on the service -- he liked racing and I like fast cars, she she figured we'd get along.

I stayed at the table on that meeting for 15 minutes.  14.75 minutes longer than I needed to know it wouldn't work.  

Direct quote from me the next day at work:  "Hon, next time you want to do me a favor?  Don't do me any favors."
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What's with telling someone you don't like, disagree with, or are angry at "Fuck you!"?  I mean, I'm not gonna fuck someone if I don't like them.  I'm gonna NOT fuck them.  Fucking is fun, and I don't want them to have that much fun, especially not with me!  So why am I gonna tell someone I'm aggavated at to have fun?

Same with "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke".  If they don't have a sense of humor, why would I waste time with them?

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[Poll #1743846]So I file off the serial numbers and change a few names...should still be able to rack up the contributions with a good marketing agent!
And yes, I realize this will likely offend some folks -- that's what the "leave a comment" button is for.  

Late lunch

May. 21st, 2011 05:34 pm
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 at Las Palmas, same Mexican restaurant on Church St as was Los Pinos and before that something else; food just the same but new faces.

Went home the long way, east to 60 then the turn for the Corn Maze and up  to 39 and back.

Just because :)
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Just got this in email:

Similar to Wish: 'Cranio-Sacral-SELF-Waves: A Scientific Approach to Craniosacral Therapy'


PaperBackSwap Librarian

 to me
show details 5:31 PM (8 minutes ago)
Dear Zia,

This is a quick email to notify you that the book 'Blowback: A Thriller' by Brad Thor,  has been listed into the system by another club member.
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there was a Rapturist with a sign that read "SMILE!  You ARE Awesome!!" 
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If you're in a community that allows you to post a wishlist for strangers to offer to fulfill those wishes, and you offer what you can toward others, whether a card or a car, and that comm asks that you put tags on your post denoting the continent and country in which you live / get mail, seems it wouldn't be too hard to click on the pre-written tags and get them on there.  Especially if you've quite the wishlist, including cash, giftcards, and a working laptop.

I suppose it's petty, but I've decided that for the ones that can't be arsed to click those few tags, I'm not even going to bother getting an address for a holiday card.  If they won't post the tags, they likely won't reply to the email, so why waste my time?

And yes, I've scaled way back on my swapping/mailing of things for the last few months; it'll likely reboot in late January.
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More than 25 years ago, I was leaving Ft. Leonard Wood at the end of the work day, going out the main gate.  If you've been there, you know there's a wide grass median between the directions, and trees to the east of the street.  Of course, that's waaaaay too close to traffic and to quarters for hunters to be permitted to shoot anything, deer or otherwise, whether with a rifle, bow, or Daisy pellet gun!

That day it was getting just to the edge of dark, when the hunters are supposed to pack up and give up for the day.  One gentleman was sitting in his truck on the shoulder of the road, rifles in a gunrack in the back window, practically foaming at the mouth. 

He was watching a beautiful big buck with quite a  nice rack grazing in the median.

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So this church that pickets funerals got a(nother) lawsuit ont hem, this one from the father of a soldier whose funeral they picketed, citing emotional distress and such.

Yes, they have a "right" to free speech, and they did follow the rules the local PD set down for them as far as distance and all that.

Yes, the cortege took a different route than planned so the mourners wouldn't have to see them.

I'm certain the father was quite distressed to know they were even there, not to mention the fact that burying your own child can be quite a lot of distress all by itself and didn't need to be added to.   Thank the gods that's one thing I haven't had experience with.  And don't want to.

So the suit either was dismissed or the father lost because of the "free speech" thing.

Let's see if I have any point here or if it's just my convoluted brain going way too many directions at once, shall we?

1)  Libel and Slander are not protected by Free Speech, IIRC.

2)  Saying "It's a good thing this person / this member of a certain group is dead" implies that either the person or the profession or both is/are not the sort of person one would bring home to mother.

3)  How would a sign like "Thank God for dead Baptists" go over?  Wouldn't this church be having conniptions over that?

So... I wonder if a case could be made that these picketers were slandering the name of the deceased or the profession of soldier.  Likely this has already been tried and my very cursory search missed it (or my tired eyes did).
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I decided to set up a facebook page for Fifth House...and guess what?  I had already done so.  More than a year ago, obviously, since the last post was more than a year old!

The FB page that reflects to my LMT page is still up and has been updated slightly more recently -- as in, within the last month.  Oh, wait -- that was the actual business page.  Gotta update the FB page too sometime!

And I think I'm just gonna give up on the Dragon Cave eggs.  The last three clutches I took, one egg hatched and nearly a dozen "died" even though I was posting them for clicks.  Sometimes one with MORE clicks would die and another, older egg, with fewer clicks, would hatch, but then the hatchling would expire.  So it has quit making sense to me and I've been staying off that page -- I do still watch the comms and ninja-click, though, when I think about it.

Also need to take some better photos and re-do the ETSY  store.  How do I expect to get any clients at the current state of things!?  Answer:  I don't.  Right now it's kind of a placeholder while I do some tweaking.
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1)  Becca and Dean down for a few hours yestereve, that was fun!  Becca is now hooked on Frontierville AND Farmville.

2)  Got a little more packed away of the estate stuff -- mainly packing what we want to get appraised;  the stuff to be auctioned here won't get packed at all.

3)  Finally got (had to order, still haven't figured out the combination) the right color for the Coffee lip balms. Yay! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow evening while Em's on Frontierville? 

4)  Reason that wasn't today?  Laundry, which is a full day of itself, whether I stay downstairs and work on candles or plod the stairs for each load.

5)  If we move, one of my wishes is that the laundry be on the same floor as the main living area.  Of course, the amount of sheer space I've gotten used to here is great, and anywhere smaller is liable to take some getting used to, but hey, keep me flexible and change is good, right?

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Saw a bumpersticker yesterday that read "Can't feed 'em?  Don't breed 'em."

At least these dragons don't need to be fed!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!   Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So I was adding some books to my online catalog (and why the heck do I even have one?  I have a bookshelf on PBS!) and went by Amazon to look up some titles/ISBNs...and wound up adding "a few things" to my wishlist.  That thing is dangerous.  And the "add to wishlist" button you can get for FF?  Yah,  I should just not do that, though I've been told it does make things easier at holidays.

I took off some things that either Emily has picked up here and there or that I found going through boxes (things I had thought were long gone!) and some that I have just  lost interest in.

In balance, the list is about the same size as before!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So yeah, I wound up behind that very truck today, and the bumper stickers were "Born Pagan" and "Don't make me get out the flying monkeys!"

I thought about following it until it stopped and introducing myself, but got separated by a couple of lights.  Maybe for the best! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Em's headed to Sprungburg for some appointments and since I'd get bored (and therefore into trouble) while waiting, I'm staying home and making some projects :D

Those of you who've tried my chocolate soap -- do you think a "gift basket" of choc soap, lip butter, and body butter would sell?

Same for the Pomegranate?

I have a couple of the choc massage bar soaps left, sort-of thinking about making more of the "cocoa toad" ones.

~Life's O.K., I've got a Chocolate Frog!"~ *Emerald Rose

(I hesitate to call it "Chocolate Frog" soap for reasons that should be obvious to anyone familiar with copyright law!)

May have to actually pay for MS Word...the labels I got for my lip butters have templates, but they won't translate to either OpenOffice or to the Avery site by any method I can figure out.  *grump*

SOME of the labels are of a size compatible with Avery, but not all by any means.

Anyone good with such things willing to do a few "label templates" for OpenOffice for me, bartering for the sort of things i make or a massage (or three, as I'm not sure of the rate for such work)?

Also laundry to do and clean out the car, maybe wash her so I can get the new bumper stickers on :D

EDIT:  OK, I think I've figured out how to make the templates; now to work on it until either I get it right or I start throwing things.


May. 29th, 2010 09:56 am
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Vacation day today, doing some self-maintenance before going to work and then to OKRF tomorrow -- generally on my days off, I go ahead and get up pretty close to my usual time so as to keep my schedule and not mess things up for myself...today I left the alarm off and slept in.  Especially since I was up for a couple of hours during the night!

The infuse-ing oils are outside int he sun, the everclear tinctures are inside -- the St John's wort is veryveryGREEN rather than red, I'm supposing that is b/c I sed the dried herb rather than the fresh-picked flowers/seeds/tender leaves.  Wonder if it'll still work. 

Also have a pound(!) of dried Motherwort on order, will be making a tincture with part of that.  Anyone want to split the remaining portion?  what'll you swap me for it?

May also be offloading some dried hops and mugwort in a few days...wound up with WAY more than I can use in a reasonable time.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! 


Mar. 28th, 2010 05:32 pm
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When I was a kid, I loved to get the "fancy stationery sets" and "pretty notepaper" (read:  the overpriced chintzy stuff with a picture in the corner) at the discount store or the five-and-dime...and I'd never use them because if I ran out, I'd never have another as pretty and oh my, what would I ever do?  (Thank you, depression-era mindset of my primary caregivers.)  So I had this stash of cheap stationery collecting dust, and eventually it wound up getting thrown out.

Recently Emily picked up a gift for me of several of those fancy notepads with the magnetic cover that closes, and Blue got me one last year as a surprise.  Exactly the sort of thing that I would not have used even a couple of years ago.

I'm using the heck out of them because they're pretty and durnit, they're meant to be used and seen and enjoyed and not stuffed in a box in a closet!  I've taken the first sheet from each and saved in the same place I put the BPAL postcards, but the rest of the paper is getting used.  I think I may be growing up a bit and getting able to let go a bit more.


Mar. 23rd, 2010 07:54 pm
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I've been ordering books from various small-press authors and occasional prints from...let's say, some with a...unique?  quirky? something like that, anyway, way of expressing themselves...and yes, there's overlap between the groups there.  A Venn diagram would look rather like an egg, I believe. 

And now I've started tipping/sponsoring/donating to a couple of poets/authors/artists I first found on LJ.  And then there are the birds -- Lady Val and company (Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey).  For some reason, these actions feel pretty good.  Am I totally off kilter if donating toward a new set of paintbrushes so many people can keep enjoying someone's work actually makes me happier than giving the same amount to a panhandler?  (Yes, I still make and donate the hats, and collect cell phones for the violence shelter, and the other things I've been doing all along.)  (And if anyone has a no-longer used cell phone, hopefully with a charger, I'll gladly take it to the shelter for you.  And I'll take yarn and knot the scraps together to make another hat!)

ETA:  This is not about me asking for approval or head-pats; I feel like I get more from the stuff I donate to than I give back.  It's just...I feel that by sponsoring the artists, even in my very small way or by getting their work and spreading it around, I'm contributing more to "the sort of people I like to hang around with because they stretch me."

  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!   Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Went to Em's chiro with her; I do think that what the Doc is doing has value in a long-term plan, but right now the problem is that Em is in PAIN.  The current treatment -- working on realigning the spinal column with a spring-loaded tapper -- is having no effect on that after 4 treatments. 

Then, since we were both off work today (she for appointments, I because it's my weekend), I'd made us appointments for massage.  We both feel better!

Also had a late lunch at Olive Garden and dropped over $125 on essential oils.  Since we did discuss how best to get me into a room (hanging my shingle, as it were), I wonder if we can take the cost of lunch as a business expense?  The oils certainly are!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

For some reason I was on the verge of actual physical sleep-dep exhaustion as I drove to work Saturday -- I was so far gone I was hallucinating.  I KNOW porcupines don't generally get to be 4 feet tall at the shoulder in this place and time...but there it was and I swerved to miss it....  And made it to work in one piece, and nearly fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with an owner.  Finally with 2 hours left, I got VTO'd (that means I got to leave early; I don't get paid for that two hours, but leaving isn't counted against me either), made my groggy way to the vehicle, and phoned Emily for rescue.  Scared the poor woman half to death, I think.  She called our daughters and they met us at the house so Em could drive my car (and me) home, then they took her back to her truck in Springfield.  Some of this is inference, some I remembered after Em going over it with me.  I sort-of remember [livejournal.com profile] tultema picking up some blankets they had left here way back when, I think...and I don't see those blankets, so I'm going to figure that actually happened until someone tells me otherwise. 

Then yesterday we did a little cleaning/sorting/packing...I have several perfectly-good t-shirts from my SFI days that I no longer wear and they're too good to toss, but I don't really want anyone having them who won't get the references.  Isn't that silly?  They're just shirts!  I need to either toss 'em, put them in the ragbin, or give 'em away if I'm not gonna wear them.

And scrubs in good shape -- they're 5X, so I'm sure there's a market for them on evilBay, but I doubt I'd get enough to make it worth the listing fees.  *shrug*  Might as well hang onto those.

And a Sofi's Stitches man's shirt, white with the ties at wrists and neck...there's a yellow stain that bleach and Oxy won't touch. 

And shoes that I've either never worn -- or worn once -- and really shouldn't have bought in the first place as I knew they were too snug at the instep.  Anyone want some cute size 9 clogs -- one pair black, one brown -- with 2" heels and embroidery and sparkle?
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When I took typing (long ago), words were counted as 5 typed characters (including spaces and punctuation). 

Is this still the case? 

When someone says "I wrote another thousand words" they hit the keyboard 5,000 times (not counting fixing typos and such? 

Does anyone use an actual word count for these announcements, which could severely disadvantage the more erudite writers?

**Thanks all, that's what I wanted to know!**


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