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The four strokes in one cycle of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine?

Explain the Venturi Principle, and give two examples of its use in practical, real-world situations.

Explain the term "bored and stroked" in relation to engines.

What is the difference in an engine and a motor?

Name three measurement systems used to denote which wrench/bolt/nut is which size.

What is "viscosity"?

What are 4 purposes of "motor oil"?

ETA:  here's what I was looking for -- let me know if I'm totally wrong, OK?

Intake, compression, power, exhaust (OR the mnemonic I learned:  suck, squeeze, bang and blow).

Venturi Principle:  See [livejournal.com profile] duane_kc  's answer; add the carved wooden screens that were in use in the Middle East for years to cool the air in buildings.

Bored and stroked -- the cylinder drilled out to accommodate a larger diameter piston, and the throw of the crankshaft and the connecting rod increased to lengthen the distance a piston travels.  Increases available power.

Engine takes a substance such as gasoline and converts it to motion (or "power"), motor converts one sort of power/energy (electricity) to another (rotation).

SAE, Metric and British Whitworth are three options.  There may be many more for all I know!

Thickness of a liquid such as oil or paint.

Clean, cool, seal, and lubricate.

No google, no peeking. 


Dec. 20th, 2008 08:15 pm
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My teacher told us about this -- I don't know how well-known/(un)proven it may be...it worked for one of our classmates who got migraines a lot before that.

If your migraines generally start on the left side of your head, try a zinc supplement. If the right, try iron.
If they start at the back and travel forward, it's more like to be tension, so go see your massage therapist!

(And stay hydrated -- which everyone knows and many forget.)
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There's a webinar I want to register for, and it will get me CEUs that I'll need when it comes time to renew my Massage Therapy license.

I can't justify paying out-of-pocket right now, and it starts Monday (so I need to have the money in Paypal by tomorrow night).

Therefore, if you buy a Gift Certificate for a one-hour massage for $27 (including mailing it to you or the person-of-your-choice), I'd be delighted and thank you manymanytimes. 

I need to sell at least 6 to cover the cost of the webinar (by NCBTMB which is how MO decides if it's CEU-eligible, for now), paypal processing fees, postage, and cost of the certificates themselves..

No limit on how many you get at this price, and I will mail them early next week (to you) or closer to the holidays (if you specify this, for gifts).  OH- -- and no expiration date on these.  Good as long as I'm practicing.  And you'll be extending that by getting these, so...!  Win-win, right?

Paypal address is FifthHouse at gmail dot com.

Of course, if you can't get one -- or just don't want to -- that's fine too!

**Of course, my office is in Monett, MO -- but if we'll be in the same place for a day or so (think Cons, RenFaires, etc.), surely we can both find time!**

Oh -- feel free to post a link back here :)  ([livejournal.com profile] reannon  reminded me that this might be a good idea)

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We drove in to Springfield yesterday -- he wanted to make the Comic Run and I was going to check at Catherine's for interview clothes.  Didn't bother with that second bit 'cause I was a tad grumpy -- not real bad, but not wanting to deal with trying on clothes.  Couple of comic shops, Target (for makeup they no longer carry -- the e.l.f. website needs updated!),  B&N (as if that's going to shock anyone), then Fuddrucker's 'cause he likes the 'dogs and I like the 'burgers. 

He'd suggested Fudd's and I'd been wanting one for a bit, so agreed...predictably.

Wander into Fudd's about 1600 and there's Cecil.  (One of our "kids.")  (He has an LJ, but dang 'f I know which it is).  I'm starting to catch on.  Spirit, Shadow, and Captain Jack (all LJ-less) walk in. 

He's invited several of our friends for supper to celebrate my graduating massage school.

Swiped my phone to get some numbers, too!

Ornery.  He knew if I'd known about it, I'd find an excuse to not show up!

[profile] alaskan_blue, Wanda, Dean, and Becca couldn't make it b/c of work.

Kati and Donna couldn't make it b/c of flood damage.

We never heard back from Julie and Eric.  I'm betting they were at Prankster's Ranch getting things ready for Faire.

But the six of us had fun and good eats!
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So once in a while, I like to do the draw-one thing.  And today, Friday the 13th, I get....the DEATH trump.

Yeah, changes are going on for certain.  Had finals yesterday, got 95%, which I'm ok with...not what I wanted, but better than I expected.

Visit with my WIA person today; the state is going to help with some of the costs for getting licensed -- looks like NOT the "provisional license" since that's sort-of optional, but I'm ok with that.

Gonna drag DH to Catherine's (plus-size dress store) tomorrow to critique my choices for an "interview outfit."

Wheee!  The hard part -- schooling -- is over for now;

Now begins the scary part.

I've not had a job interview in how long?

And oh wow is it ever time to do up a resume.....

Gaah!  I can't use my old bosses for references, all they CAN say (per policy) is "Yeah, she worked here"-- but I don't even know how to find them anymore.
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So we had a worksheet to do over last weekend (and turn in Tuesday) for the Business part of the course, then we had the business test today.

If you fail a test, you have a week to re-take it.
We had been "warned" that this is the one test that gets the most "do-overs" -- we get to pick one test to re-take if we haven't failed any, and the higher score is the one we get on the record; also, the worksheet grade is combined with this test, as is the ethics worksheet with the ethics test.


I think I really shouldn't re-do this one.



Anyhoo, looking the rest of the test scores over, I seem to have right at 90.06% if I figure it the same way the school does. Lowest test score was something like 84%.

I'm considering retaking that one to bring the overall up a few points, or I can just concentrate on making the best grade I can on the final.

Thought y'all might like a non-whiny post from me for once!

My personality type: the reliable realist
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Just contacted my main teacher from my senior year of high school -- he'll likely be quite disappointed in me, but hey, life happens!
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Got CPR and First Aid certified yesterday as part of the schooling;
Two tests last Thursday, B on one, "pass" on the other (pass/fail)
Business test Thursday coming up (5 May June)
Retake lowest score test on Tuesday next week (10 May June)
Final 12 May June

We're watching a border collie for friends for a few days -- Cooper was going to be a Service Dog, but was temperamentally unsuited --aka, he's turned unpredictable and mean.  He tried to eat DH 3x today already (and went for his humans' college-age daughter AGAIN  yesterday!), so he's in the pen away from the house and on a cable-tie so he can't get at anyone.  Most likely, they'll have to put him down.
He's had 2nd level obedience training and the non-aggression training, and I KNOW these people, so it's just something with the dog hisself -- genetic maybe.
I'm nervous around most dogs anyway, and this one has been no exception, so...yeah, I'm staying away from the pen. 
Actual serious suggestions welcome, "OMGHOWMEEN U R NOT A GUD PERSON" shite will get you banned.

Weekend coming up is the "City-Wide Yard Sale" and I'm planning to put out a couple of tables of stuff from the house and from storage.  Hey [personal profile] softpaw, are you gonna sell that day too?  Wanna bring stuff over and we can take turns watching it?  (If you're not selling, wanna come over anyhow?)

Need to pack three or four of the smaller glass items to go to Jeff City and get them appraised for the estate, and a couple of the paintings, and make a CD with pix (as detailed as I can get) of much of the rest.   Seems some of it might be worth a little bit.

The cat is afraid of the laser pointer dot -- she hisses at it and runs!

Someone wants to keep a couple of dairy goats in the field out back -- and I'm gonna let her, but she has the full care of them.  I know nothing about goats and I've tried the milk and don't like it.  She gets to put up the fence and all that.  NOT MY GOATS.
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[profile] 4_state_mt_info

Any MTs reading this are encouraged to join -- we're concentrating on the 4-state area (AR, KS, MO, OK) for reasons purely of convenience, but anyone in the field is welcome -- I'm the maintainer and I say so, so there!
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Send good wishes, prayers, white light, anything -- this is gonna be a rough 7 weeks.
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The lower field can currently be used as a fishpond.  It will certainly float a canoe.

We were sent home early from school b/c everyone has enough "iffy" roads and several of us had to backtrack and find alternate routes this morning!

Took me more than 1-3/4 hours to get home, as opposed  to the usual 67-72 minutes.

I just hope enough of this is soaking in to help the water table that's still in debt from the last 5 years.


Feb. 29th, 2008 08:14 am
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I'm beginning to realize that having kept my legal name off this blog -- and not being able to have me use name on my nametags and such -- may be a good thing.  People googling MLN to check on my business/professional life won't come across this private, personal journal,  and therefore are less likely to get freaked out.

Remember where I live?  Right.  Massage itself is still a touchy subject for 96% of the locals.  Yes, I did that on purpose.

In other related news, I may have an introduction to a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist in a nearby town!  Yee!
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Got up, dressed, breakfasted, got int he car to go to school (an hour's drive away)...and never made it out of the driveway.  Got cleaned up, doing a load of laundry, and wishing the house had a bidet.

Called a classmate and she's gonna ask people to take notes for me (lecture day, not a test day, dangit).  Tests are easier t make up.
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Triceps, biceps, quaricetps, serratus anterior, intercostals, rhomboids....

Owie.  Brain might not have muscles, but mine's cramping.

Snow Day!

Jan. 31st, 2008 07:47 am
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Or something like that.  It is not weathering here YET, nor at the school in Joplin 54 miles away, but schools are slamming the doors shut like crazy (except here in Aurora, where the busses are putting by the house as usual) in fear of the predicted storm. 

I was up, breakfasted, dressed, and down the road to the first right turn (which takes me directly to the RR Xing and the two-lane highway)  when the cell made its semi-musical noises.  "It's the call you've been waiting for!"  Waiting nothing, I'm on the way!  "Well, turn around and see you Monday.  I'm calling off because it sounds like it may get wild."

Not arguing.  I'm gonna grab another couple of hours, as I didn't rest much last night. 

Then back to the books!
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Picked up a recorder for lecture classes today. 

Lookee! )
It's TINY!

supposed to hold up to 26 hours of sound. 

It'll playback on the speaker, or headphone/earphone.....or I can load it onto the computer and send the files! 



Go technology!!!!!!!!

"One person's magic is another's science."  Someone remind me who said that?  This thing is frickin' magic, as far as I'm concerned.


Jan. 5th, 2008 10:00 am
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Well, I won't be going to the Keltoi RenFaire in Joplin -- classes scheduled both days, and every academy weekend but one!  Of course, if we're all doing well in our classes, maybe I can con cajole the instructors into a field trip :D
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Table out of storage
Picked up 2 sets Scrubs
book bag
binder & filler paper per list

Still to get

2 full-size sheets
4 bath towels
hand towel
optional:  fitted twin sheets

(That's Jasmine Belle in the Icon -- isn't she pretty!)
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Your acceptance letter is in the mail, along with a schedule, invoice, and what you will need the first day.  Make sure you stay in contact with your trade act rep. for any sustentative changes.
Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing you in January.
Director OSMTT


Now y'all get to hear me wail about tests and such :D



I feel like I won the lotto. 

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Got the last of the paperwork mailed off to OSMTT  (Orler School of Massaget Therapy Technology) today, they should have it in Friday's post.  (If they don't, I'm driving out with the copies I made of everything Friday afternoon!)

Ordering Scrubs, shopping for some "large" bath towels -- actually I want bath *sheets* so may order from Domestications, have my binder already (as if!)...pleasepleasepleaseplease Ganesha and Kwan Yin and anyone else who is listening......

I'm proceeding as though I've already been accepted with getting the towels and such.


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