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I'm a darn good massage therapist.  I'm not good a bragging on myself -- which is part of marketing.

If you're good at marketing -- whether a pro or just "better than me" -- what would you consider a fair swap?  Half-hour on my table for a one-page flyer?  90 minutes for a 6-panel brochure? 

I want something that will tell people why they should be on my table and get them to actually make the call, make the appointment, and show up and pay me.

I realize that there will not be a 100% response rate,

To discuss rates, etc., comment here or email me at zianuray at livejournal dot com
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I'm ready to start another BPAL circle-swap (if that's what it's called) where I send a box to someone, they take some and put some back, and eventually it gets back to me. 

To keep it manageable time-wise, maybe 6 people besides me, and USA-only. 

Please leave a link to your feedback at BPAL_feedback, forum feedback, ebay, swap-bot, and/or anything else -- no feedback at all = not too likely unless someone known to me vouches for you.

ETA:  Feedback should show a reliable shipper / seller /swapper -- prompt payment IS important, but not enough by itself to say that one would be able to send out a reasonably packed box in good time.

Rules --
Take something(s), put back something(s) of equal value.
Primarily BPAL, but not limited to.
Package securely.
Ship with DC.
Post DC# to the comments in this post and email it to the next person on the list.
Ship in a reasonable amount of time -- not more than a week in one place.
GC/LE/DC all ok.  IRS not ok.

I'll start off with at least a half-dozen vials and possibly a bottle or two.
Also there may be soaps, lip balms, or other trinkets.  Yes, I'm a packrat.

1:  [livejournal.com profile] trocar_noir

2:  [livejournal.com profile] gypsyjolie

3:  [livejournal.com profile] morpheus0013

4:  [info]malruniel11

5:  [info]frolicnaked

6:  [livejournal.com profile] softlywhispered

Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!
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I need to start going through some of these aromatherapy and reflexology books and culling the ones that are less useful to me. 

Any suggestions what to DO with them?  They're not necessarily bad information, just information I already have 16 other places.  I have some already on swap sites, but these particular ones seem to be fairly slow movers...anyone want to trade books for books, or for BPAL, or for services?

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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DH has a tam pin which I believe is pewter, and has a pin back that *should* be soldered on.  However, as you've likely surmised by now, it NOT attached.

Anyone out there who can affix it properly (would likely need some sort of specialized solder, I've been informed that the stuff I use on electrical wiring won't work) for a reasonable amount of paypal, Fifth House merch, or massage?

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I have a copy-paper box of silk shirts, etc in various sizes/colors/states of (dis)repair.

I'd like to trade for a couple of eye pillows (to use with massage -- not scented, please!) or tarot bags.

Or, like, Penumbra (yeah, haha, i know).

Or, say $12 shipped?   I THINK i can cram them into a flat-rate box.

If I don't know you, I'd like to check feedback before agreeing to a swap.

Backstory: I got a bunch of the washable silk shirts at thrift stores some time ago intending to take them apart and make tarot bags, jewelry rolls, etc., and just never did. Now I would like them out of my way!


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Due to oversharing some of my favorites, I'm down to less than a half'-bottle of Penumbra -- and due to being out of work for so long, the paypal is extremely scrawny.

Will swap LE decants 2-for-1 for decants of Penumbra
GC imps 4-for-1

Also have a dozen of the imp-size rollerbottles and up to 4 dozen vials and a dozen pipettes I can offer.

Inventory is here.

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Since I don't want to say things that I don't mean, can someone tell me what these say (if anything)?  The stamp labels had things like "Chinese Banner" and House" on them which is not a lot of help!

And... anyone interested in trading for a set of these?


Sep. 6th, 2008 04:23 pm
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I am SUCH an addict.....

I was going through someone's swap list happily setting out imps she is looking for, when I realized:  she isn't *buying,* she's SWAPPING, and there's absolutely nothing on her list I'm interested in. 

I'd seen this, and here I was going to swap for things I didn't want, just to get my fix! 

And yes, I'm trying to pare down the list of what I have on hand and just stick with my tried and true score or so  --

Buggre Alle This Bible
The Witch Queen
Nanny Ashtoreth
Fenris Wolf
Miskatonic University

Blood Phoenix
Mechanical Phoenix
Three Witches (Revisited) 
Hexennacht 2005 (original)


Feb. 11th, 2008 06:19 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] apocalypticbob for this one:

be sure to tell 'em I sent you! (Or Bob did -- either way!)
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Started with Magus, Laudanum, and Rome
[profile] pyrokitten_mew sent Magus, Rome and Thalia
[profile] greenspinesent Rome, Cathode, Thalia, and Red Phoenix
[personal profile] agameofthree sent Cathode, Purple Phoenix, Rome, and Thalia
[profile] pirate_nami sent Thalia, Rome, Grandmother of Ghosts, and Purple Phoenix
[profile] trocar_noir sent Purple Phoenix, Madrid, Midnight Kiss, and Eris
[personal profile] apocalypticbob sent Purple Phoenix, Midnight Kiss, Nanshe, Madrid, and Kuang Shi

Somewhere along the line, Meadow Walk Tarts, Twining's Herbal Unwind, and Simply Me energy foot scrub snuck into the package!  Those aren't BPAL! 
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Packet 3 made it home today -- will post the travels tomorrow between study sessions :)  
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[Poll #1110941][Poll #1110941]Packet One completed its travels today!

How does {three imps --> "Take one, place one" = NINE imps}?  Oh, yeah, this is BPAL!

The progression happened as follows -- I think!


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