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I recently went for my first exfoliation (well, first by someone else!) and it was a Salt Glow.  I had hoped for a sugar scrub as it WAS my first time, but hey, whatever.  It was OK, I'm not sure just what I expected but that wasn't quite it...and here is the question I mentioned:

A couple of times during the process, I felt a sharp scratch, and when I got home, I noticed a couple of paper-cut type places on my skin.  They never did *bleed* as in OMG, get a bandaid, but there was definitely a scab on each of four places the next day.

Is this normal / to be expected?  Should I let the esty know? 
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I'm a darn good massage therapist.  I'm not good a bragging on myself -- which is part of marketing.

If you're good at marketing -- whether a pro or just "better than me" -- what would you consider a fair swap?  Half-hour on my table for a one-page flyer?  90 minutes for a 6-panel brochure? 

I want something that will tell people why they should be on my table and get them to actually make the call, make the appointment, and show up and pay me.

I realize that there will not be a 100% response rate,

To discuss rates, etc., comment here or email me at zianuray at livejournal dot com


Feb. 17th, 2011 03:10 pm
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Saturdays 10 - 4 

appointments available beginning next week!

Face Gallery, 2022 South Stewart
in Springfield, MO!!

Call 882-3223 (FACE) to book!
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Also, have added a FB page for the vending side of things -- Fifth House

AND, of course, since I'm waiting for a delivery that must be signed for, I now have a 1330 massage appointment in Monett...!

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I have been looking more into Reflexology since training in it during school, and would like to get three volunteers with (preferably) chronic health issues to work on. 

Volunteers would need to:

Be of legal age or have a parent/guardian's permission AND physical presence at each session.

Be willing to write a report of what they experienced during each treatment and any effects they attribute to the Reflexology for possible posting on my website and/or in a letter to a professional journal.  Of course, identifying data will be kept private unless release is specifically agreed to for verification purposes.

I may also ask to use you as a reference (without details) on various applications for work at spas, DC offices, etc.  No obligation on this, of course!

You must have a regular time available each week for sessions, probably one hour twice a week for three weeks then one hour a week for three weeks.

Sessions may take place at your home, my home, your office, or my office in Monett.  If you wish to open your home/office to accommodate all three clients (or perhaps rotate homes?) so I can make one trip up each session, I'd be grateful.

Comments on this post are screened to protect your privacy; yes I will take two clients from one household; you will only know who the others are if they see fit to mention it (as in, if you are one of my "test subjects" and offer your home for a meeting point, I will ask the others if they are comfortable meeting there and with you knowing that they are getting treatment.  I will not divulge any details about what you are being treated for nor your identity except that you have offered us a place to meet).  All information is covered by HIPPA, of course.

Comments will not be replied to as this unscreens them, so please include your email address.

If you know someone who might be interested, send them to this entry -- my main thing right now is that I will NOT travel farther than Springfield and prefer to do all appointments in one trip. 

There will be a certain amount of paperwork; consent forms and a health history at a bare minimum.


Read a reflexologist's letter to others


Reflexology page on my site (under construction)

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I just got a call for a 90-minute massage.

Good stuff, right?

EXCEPT...he was in Springfield, thought (for some reason) that my office was there, and didn't want to drive to Monett and didn't have a place I could bring a table.

So right now I'm a bit frustrated with all the places I've been interviewing who haven't called me back and haven't allowed me in for whatever reason.

However...I did get his phone number and when I get a place, he's getting an announcement :)

A Request

Jun. 30th, 2009 07:58 pm
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If I've worked on you (massage), made a "concoction" (aromatherapy or otherwise) for you, or if you like my soaps and candles, would you please write a little about it for either my LinkedIn profile or email it to me so I can put it on my website [initials only on the website, but if you're willing to allow office managers or salon/spa owners (aka, "persons of hiring decisions") to email you please say so]. 

Also, I may print a page of rec's with emails to go with my resume -- again, please let me know if your address is NOT to be handed out.
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CPR recertification yesterday. 

We were doing the bit where you shake the doll's shoulder and say "Are you all right?  Are you all right?" and I looked at the teacher and mentioned, "If this thing answers me, you'll be calling 911 for real."

Yeah, I'm sure he's heard it before.  Still true.  I'm just waiting for someone in the class to have a hobby of ventriloquism....


May. 28th, 2009 01:11 pm
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I'd been to the "English" store in the Amish community a few weeks ago, commented on the new building and was informed that there'd been a fire due to an electrical fault -- the old building was just gone.  Well, Reba's back open on a full schedule now, and has added several things to the store -- the important thing here was that the library wall had burned too!  (Books she'd lend to the community, not an official tax-funded library.)  And I still had a LOAD of books from that dumpster rescue over a year ago....

And today someone came to get the books!  Yay!  I have my folding tables back, and the library has a good start again :)

And draggies if anyone wants to click :)

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!And a scroll.

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Finished what the Census had for me yesterday; turn in the HHC today @ 10

Use paycheck from *that* to pay next year's professional membership/insurance and CPR recertification

Meet today at 1300 to discuss use of a room in a Karate studio in Springfield for massage

Bust tail to get back to Monett for a 1600 appt

And fit a mile-or-so walk in there somewhere
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Got a call yesterday that could be good PR, could be more trouble than it's worth.

Someone has a daughter on total care, about 15 miles away over not-so-good roads (travel time would be at least 30 minutes one way) according to the phone number prefix.

Had an MT coming for several years to work on the daughter, but the MT raised her rates and she couldn't afford it anymore.  Taking the daughter to my office in Monett is out of the question, apparently, and calling any of the MTs in her own town (at least 3 that I know of) likewise.

She wants me to drive out every week to work with her daughter for an hour -- plus travel time of an hour, plus setup and all -- for $20 each trip. 

She can't afford regular rate, can't leave her name, didn't ask if there are options or if I'd take insurance.  If she's been primary care for someone for years, wouldn't she know to ask about insurance?  If she's a distraught mother, wouldn't she ask about barter or somesuch?

I've had several people try to scam me already, and I just don't know if this is another.  I feel bad that she can't afford the regular rate and that I don't feel I'd be breaking even.  If she'd be willing to work with me on options -- like getting me referrals from her church, support network, whatever -- I'd work with her in return, but just "No.  Gimmie."  bugs me. 

Granted the daughter has a raw deal (if she exists), as does the mother (as supposedly primary caregiver),  but I've hauled table to out-of-the-way places before and been told, "Oh, s/he's not here -- well, since you're here, you can work on me while you wait!"  (When you tell them the rate, they insist "But you're already here!  It's not like it's going to COST YOU anything!")  Which would be OK IF they'd pay me for the work, but that wasn't in their game plan.  And I consider that a scam, too.

Does anyone know how I can find out if this gal is on the up-and-up?  What really makes me suspicious is that it seems none of the MTs in her own town are willing to work with her, or why would she be calling someone from elsewhere?

And before y'all get all "UR being MEEN" on me, yes I do have some "charity cases" that pay a greatly reduced rate.  As well as my other tings I do including blood and sweat (but not tears so far, except when the needle slips).

ETA:  And the votes are in...and I'm leaving it well alone.

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To others who are doing the whole interview thing, and to interviewers:

1)  When does "I'll let you know by Thursday" mean "I'll let you know by Thursday" and when does it mean "No, but I don't want to actually SAY that"?

2)  Is there a way to tell the difference without waiting in vain for a call?

3)  When is it a good idea to call and say "Hi, it's Friday and you said you'd let me know by yesterday" and when is that a REALLY BAD idea?  And how to tell the difference?

4)  If someone is gonna lie to me from the start, do I really want to work for/with them anyhow?  (Hint:  I'm pretty darn sure the answer is Not-Just-No....)

5)  Is the situation described in the second part of #1 an actual lie, or a socially mandated/sanctioned circumlocution?

6)  Why does the word "sanction" and its tenses have two opposing meanings?  Which is the more widely accepted meaning?
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I actually made enough to pay the rent on the massage room this month -- granted, part of it was from On-Site work in Springfield, but hey! 

Emotionally quite satisfying.


Mar. 28th, 2009 05:01 pm
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The lower field is standing water again, and it's snowing!  Wheee!

(And I just booked a client for Monday!  PAID clients Friday, today, and Monday!  Aieee!  I could get to liking this!)

Open House

Mar. 22nd, 2009 09:57 pm
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Well, got through that intact...but severely over-peopled!  The other MT was in Branson for the day, so I had the pleasure (and pleasure it was) to do 5-minute "free samples" and handed out cards and did a couple of brief aromatherapy consults.

Also got one appointment set up!  And a definite time/day for a swap :D

The Studio end of the building has VERY bad acoustics -- anything going on is very audible in all areas and the tile floor seems to raise the volume, so with the Zumba music going and 15 people all talking over it and each other...yeah, I was overstimulated.  Left stuff as it was and locked up; went back today to clean and pack up.

Also had to tighten the screws that hold the seat to the frame on the massage chair -- wonder how often I'll have to do that.  It's an NRG brand, any input on that?  (I want a Dolphin ii eventually!)


Mar. 20th, 2009 08:31 pm
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Got a call today for an appointment, it went well -- she works in a Dr's office and asked for cards :D:D:D

Also I'm doing a promotion of sorts -- Military Appreciation Month (April, and may extend through May) -- one massage per week reserved for Active, Reserve or Retired military at NO charge, must show I.D.  (Not for spice this time, sorry, but you still get the half-price deal!)

And got one of those scheduled, plus the individual asked about regular prices. :)
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In Aurora, there are two farmers' market associations -- at the same park.

The one I just joined gives each member a copy of the vending license (for the city) so you can set up any day you wish.

"Regular" days are Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, any day it's barely tolerable out.

Day pass is $1 day for up to 5x.

A year's membership is $15. 

Guess who signed up?

And they're trying to get access to a "certified kitchen" for members to use for jams and relishes and soaps and such.


I will have to be relatively careful about my wares -- the little pretty bottles are "no" but if I put oils in them I mixed, that's OK.  The item-which-is-for-sale must be homemade/handmade.  But of course, massage is handmade!  So I can set the chair up too!  Wheee!


Mar. 16th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Until further notice, my Thursdays, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., will be spent doing chair massage at Mama Jean's on south Campbell (Campbell and Sunshine) in Springfield!


Mar. 15th, 2009 09:51 am
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Over a week ago, I called a certain salon in Springfield for an interview to see if they'd rent me the room advertised (for massage, natch).  Went in, had the interview, "we'll let you know."

A couple of days later, i posted a CL ad saying that I was looking to rent a room for this purpose.

The husband of the gal who had interviewed me responded saying that I should call her for an interview.

NOW there is another ad up, and from the looks/phrasing I believe it's the same salon and the same people.

It's in a decent location, etc., and the price is bog-standard for the area, so I'm wondering if they're just too picky or if there's something ~wrong~ that I'm not picking up on.

I did mention that I'd be happy to audition at their convenience, just LMK when...

In Other News, there's an open house this Saturday at the Herb Depot (where I have my studio) and both therapists will be doing free 5-minute chair rubs that day.  I've also posted that if you book for the month of April (and yes, I'll be including the last week of March in that) you get $20 off your one-hour session.  And that I'll be having a drawing for one free session.

Going to ask the other gal if she'd like to set up a tip jar between us with the contents going to, say, a no-kill shelter or the Humane Society or somesuch.


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