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More than 25 years ago, I was leaving Ft. Leonard Wood at the end of the work day, going out the main gate.  If you've been there, you know there's a wide grass median between the directions, and trees to the east of the street.  Of course, that's waaaaay too close to traffic and to quarters for hunters to be permitted to shoot anything, deer or otherwise, whether with a rifle, bow, or Daisy pellet gun!

That day it was getting just to the edge of dark, when the hunters are supposed to pack up and give up for the day.  One gentleman was sitting in his truck on the shoulder of the road, rifles in a gunrack in the back window, practically foaming at the mouth. 

He was watching a beautiful big buck with quite a  nice rack grazing in the median.


May. 16th, 2010 06:30 pm
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...A kid just rode by -- uphill -- on a unicycle.


Dec. 25th, 2009 02:35 pm
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It's pretty bad when your ad-aware will let you download a game app that gives you crazy amounts of pop-us, but won't you uninstall said app!

Yes, I did get it uninstalled, after I figured out just what was going on.

In other news, mixed a bottle of Thieves' Oil to set aside and let it mature.  This one seems to be a bit heavy on the Rosemary.

I seem to be on a Rosewood kick; after letting this bottle mature for two years, I've developed two blends in as many days with it and working on a third.  Did a total of five blends today, two that are favorites for me and three to experiment with.

Adopt one today!
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On the 7th, when I got to work for the first non-training day of work, I go up and beep my card on the door to get in, and there is the click of the magnetic lock releasing, and I pull...and the door doesn't open. It's still bolted. Thankfully, one of the supervisors is thee and lets me in before I panic.

On the 14th, I drive by the front on my way to the parking area -- all is dark. I'm worrywarting (thanks, Grampa. NOT!) that the door will be bolted again, that I won't be able to get in, that no-one will show up except me...and, of course, the door opens just like it's supposed to. I go find the light switch and start my before-clocking-in stuff...and of course, nearly give myself a panic attack.

"What if no supervisors show up? What if no-one comes in but me? Oh my, oh my....what if?"

And I take a deep breath and remind myself that I have the documentation on the intranet, I have two different helplines (one for me, one for owners), I may be inexperienced but I am TRAINED and I am an intelligent and resourceful person and I by dingies CAN and WILL do this.

And other VPCs and two supervisors show up, and of course all is well....

But I just HAD to scare myself.


For Crystal

May. 6th, 2009 01:34 pm
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Explaining "to pull a Frank"

Back in St Louis, next door neighbor had just got a brand new Stingray (late 70's, possibly 78) from the factory -- got a good deal, as he used his dad's employee discount! --  and just HAD to change the oil.  Prob didn't have 3k miles on it yet, but hey, new sports car, gotta do SOMETHING with it, right?

So Frank pulls it into the drive, gets the drip pan, the new oil cans and spout, new filter, toolbox, he's making quite a production of this.  Drains the "old" oil, swaps the filter, drags out the drip pan and pours it into a jug for recycling (which is just getting started, so it's good that he didn't dump it in the gutter), starts pouring in the new oil.

I ask "Did you maybe forget something, Frank?" and he didn't forget anything, what do I know about it anyhow?, gets done. Closes everything up, gets ready to get in and start the car...and I wave him down and ask,

"Frank, did you put the plug back in the oil pan?"  Yes, he did, don't bother him.  "Maybe you better check again."  Point to the stream of brand-new clean 30wt running down the drive and into the street....the plug was in the old oil, of course, in the jug. 

He hated me after that, especially with him being in his late 20's and me being 16 and a girl!  His dad said he felt embarrassed and his mom said he should be thankful I kept him from burning up the engine.  He'd probably have preferred to burn it up.  I never told anyone except Gramma and Grandpa, so any embarrassment he got was from HIM telling tales!

Never assume you did it right just because you're a guy :D


Apr. 24th, 2009 04:56 am
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So I start training for the temp Census job Monday...

and when I got in from MaMa Jean's I had a message from a TCM / Chiro office, was I still interested...(well, YEAH).

And from the director of my "pet" charity asking if I'd donate chair or hand massage for a golf tournament (Yupppies?  Potential clients?  Hmmm, lemme think...).
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Someone recently told me that aromatherapy doesn't work, "because the stuff can't get into your system just from being on your skin!"

I agreed, and pointed out that of COURSE that's why doctors prescribe nitro patches and nicotine patches and contraceptive patches, because stuff can't possibly be absorbed through the skin. 


I would have tried to educate the individual, but they had that mulish expression that meant I'd've been teaching a pig to sing.  And arguing, well, I just didn't have the energy. 

I do like the experiment with the garlic, though :D  If someone CAN be convinced to try it, it'll convince them!


Feb. 1st, 2009 07:19 am
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Attempting to learn to knot the cord between pearls on a necklace.  I keep getting a gap between the bead and the knot (and I mean a BIG gap).

Yeah, it takes practice...but right now I'm getting practice at picking up the beads after I get frustrated and throw them!

It's time!

Dec. 4th, 2008 08:51 am
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The Great Haggis hunt is on!

Which creature of the night are you?
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Nov. 6th, 2008 07:14 am
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Hey [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly  -- and all my Faire friends --


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here's what I'm qualified for:

Listed below you'll find today's top jobs matching your profile.
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
Saint Louis, MO
Job Fair, Life Skills
Saint Louis, MO
Senior Financial Analyst, Kforce Finance & Accounting Staffing
Saint Louis, MO
Customer Care Associate, CenturyTel
Columbia, MO
Tired of the Commute? Work from Home!, AMG
Saint Louis, MO
Work from Home Part time or Full Time, AMG
Saint Louis, MO
Part time or Full time - Work at Home Online, AMG
Kansas City, MO
Senior Financial Analyst, Kforce Finance & Accounting Staffing
Saint Louis, MO
Work from Home Part time or Full Time, AMG
Kansas City, MO
Part time or Full time - Work at Home Online, AMG
Saint Louis, MO
Account Associates, Metro St. Louis Sewer District
Saint Louis, MO
Tired of the Commute? Work from Home!, AMG
Kansas City, MO
Infrastructure Specialist, Manpower
Bella Villa, MO
Saint Louis, MO
Structural & Payload Designer, PDS Technical Services
Saint Louis, MO
Financial Analyst II, American Water Company
Saint Louis, MO
Part time Teller - Wentzville, First Banks, Inc
Wentzville, MO
Part Time Event Promotions, Thomas Construction
Bridgeton, MO
VASCULAR SONOGRAPHER, Saint Louis University Hospital(Tenet Health)
Saint Louis, MO
Part-Time Biller, Medical Employment Directory of St. Louis
Saint Charles, MO

*cleans off keyboard*
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On Ostara (Spring Equnox), as is my wont, I wore bunny ears to work (and whereever else I went that day) and carried a basket of candy to share. I spent most of the day expalining that "No, I'm not early; No, I'm not the easter bunny. I celebrate the seasons; Today is the first day of Spring; Happy Spring; Happy Ostara...."

So one of the gals in a slightly different area mentions on Thursday that "Easter's almost here!" in that cooing, expectant tone that means "So where's my chocolate?"

Of course, I replied: "Easter's YOUR holiday, not mine -- YOU bring the candy."


And she's old enough to know better.


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