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A co-worker and I were talking, we both make jewelry and have a metric ****ton of materials and plenty of tools.

Would anyone be interested in a jewelry-making party?

The idea would be that you use our stuff and make a bracelet, earrings, etc for a set cost -- bracelet $10, earrings $7, something like that and keep what you made.

If anyone has extra beads, wire, etc they can bring it along to use or share if they wish; if you bring your own tools be sure they are clearly marked so they don't get mixed up.

This would probably be somewhere like Hebrews coffeeshop as they have a meeting room.  If there is enough interest (say 5 people) I'll check on
their terms.
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If you still want in on the Lip Balm and, possibly, cuticle cream or herbal ointment testing process, leave a note here. Comments are screened as I would need to mail to many people who have offered and for that, I'd need -- wait for it -- mailing addresses!

Along with the name and mailing address, leave an email address please and a list of any allergies/sensitivities you have like mineral oil, cocoa butter, etc.  Likely won't be suitable for Vegans as I do use beeswax in most things of this nature.

There will also be a survey/poll posted a few days after the samples are sent out with questions about texture, flavor, etc. and if you ask for samples you'd be expected to fill that out when you've had a chance to try things.  I figure most of you knew that already!


May. 29th, 2010 09:56 am
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Vacation day today, doing some self-maintenance before going to work and then to OKRF tomorrow -- generally on my days off, I go ahead and get up pretty close to my usual time so as to keep my schedule and not mess things up for myself...today I left the alarm off and slept in.  Especially since I was up for a couple of hours during the night!

The infuse-ing oils are outside int he sun, the everclear tinctures are inside -- the St John's wort is veryveryGREEN rather than red, I'm supposing that is b/c I sed the dried herb rather than the fresh-picked flowers/seeds/tender leaves.  Wonder if it'll still work. 

Also have a pound(!) of dried Motherwort on order, will be making a tincture with part of that.  Anyone want to split the remaining portion?  what'll you swap me for it?

May also be offloading some dried hops and mugwort in a few days...wound up with WAY more than I can use in a reasonable time.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! 
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Infused oils of St John's Wort and Arnica started, also one for making ointment...

Tinctures of Wormwood and Yarrow in Everclear going.

(Everclear is cheaper than 50% vodka -- buh?  Lack of "flavoring", maybe?)

Everclear doesn't taste, as such, but if you lick a spilled bit off your hand it does burn just a bit.  This wuss isn't trying a shot yet.
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Yep, I'm on one of my "upswings" and getting project-y.

Ordering off the 'net and shopping locally for makings for ointments, tinctures, lip balms, and bath salts. 

If you've had any I've made, either from "scratch" or from kits, please let me know what you did and didn't like about them? 

Also, I'll be looking for testers for a few things...let me know if you're interested :)
(This won't be *for sale* type stuff b/c of regulations and all, but if someone wants like 43 of something I'll probably ask them to cover the cost of materials!)

Also, if you have small glass or plastic jars with lids (up to 2 oz) -- or lidded tins of the same size -- I'd be happy to put them to use.  Let me know how much you'd need for them.
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I'm working on an inclusive-as-I-can-get-it (tongue-in-cheek not-really-PC) winter holiday card and need your input!  Please, send anyone you think might be interested by to click a few boxes, and thanks![Poll #1465400]


Feb. 1st, 2009 07:19 am
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Attempting to learn to knot the cord between pearls on a necklace.  I keep getting a gap between the bead and the knot (and I mean a BIG gap).

Yeah, it takes practice...but right now I'm getting practice at picking up the beads after I get frustrated and throw them!
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Finally started on Yule prezzies --

Piccies! )

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Picked up a Knifty Knitter two days ago, dug out some of MIL's yarn stash and started on the round red size last night.  Wish I'd thought of this when we were spending so much time in waiting rooms last month!  I could have been productive!  It's less apt to disaster than the bead-box and wire, and I can still hold a conversation if someone wants to talk, unlike a book. 
Books (in general, there are specific exceptions) deserve my full attention.

Yes, I do consider it cheating, in a way, but I'm just not up for learning to knit or crochet right now.  I know, they're ease (for most people).  I said NO.    And at least it doesn't require electricity, a high-tech sewing machine, and computer programs like the machine "embroidery" does!  Give me a needle and hoop any day over that.

So...anybody want a hat?  :D 

Way too hot right now, but you know mid-west winters!


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