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If you would like a Winter Holiday card from us, leave your name and address in the screened comments.

Please don't assume I have your address, especially if you've moved. 

If it matters to you which holiday you get a card for, specify :)
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Eee!  Emily got me this for a Solstice-Versary prezzie!
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If you'd like a holiday card from me, leave your name AND MAILING ADDRESS here!

Comments screened, of course.
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I'm working on an inclusive-as-I-can-get-it (tongue-in-cheek not-really-PC) winter holiday card and need your input!  Please, send anyone you think might be interested by to click a few boxes, and thanks![Poll #1465400]
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Would anyone be interested in getting together to make holiday cards sometime in August/September?

I have a notion of several people bringing old cards, any stickers/scraps/wrapping paper glue/scissors/rubberstamps/inkpads/etc and spending investing enjoying a few hours making Halloween/TG/WinterHoliday/Birthday cards, drinking tea/coffee/pop and visiting.

Not necessarily five hours in a row, the door is locked at the start time -- more like a day-party where people come and go. 

I'll offer my place, but I know it's a bit far for most of you (KC, OK, etc.).  If anyone more centrally located wishes to offer, or if you know of a place that will let us go and do this that's cool too.

This is intended mostly for the folks in the Sprungburg, MO area, but if you're in the area anyhow feel free!  Crash space will likely be available :D


Jul. 6th, 2009 11:03 am
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According to a friend in Germany, today is the "International Day of Kissing."

Now if I could only figure out some appropriate way to celebrate such a day....

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
And a scroll
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Hippo Birdie to [livejournal.com profile] thebruce !!
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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] bessofhardwick !!


Nov. 21st, 2008 01:57 pm
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If you want a holiday card and I do NOT have your address -- or if there's any doubt --  this is the post to comment on :)

If I only know your Faire name, please include that?


Comments screened, of course.
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A)  'Tis the season....

1)  So what are YOUR top three horror movies?

2)  What is your single scariest scene in a horror movie? 
(may or may not be one of the above)

3)  What "horror" movie is the biggest waste of celluloid (or whatever)?

4)  Is there any horror movie you absolutely REFUSE to watch for whatever reason?

5)  What is that movie and reason, if you please?

B)  You're writing a horror story:

6)  What's the premise?

7)  What's the "kick"?

8)  Does anyone survive?

9)  If you actually write this tale, post it in your LJ and link to it in a comment here!

C)  Trick or Treat!

10)  What candy/treats do you give out, if any?

11)  What candy/treats do you hope to get, if any?

12)  Ever TP someone's house?

13)  Dressing up this year?

14)  Decorating the house place of residence and/or yard?

15)  ARE you Treating, and if not, why not?

(OK, now (two days later) I'll admit this is mine!)

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Anyone want a Winter Holiday card from me? 

Mailing address in comments, pls, and what holiday you celebrate if any. 

Hanukkah, Yule, Day of Greed, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.


May. 1st, 2007 11:22 am
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is our second anniversary :)
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and petty, but this RANKLED.

I take a basket (or a cauldron) of candy, raisins, gum, and whatever to work twice a year -- Ostara and Samhaim -- to share with all who will take a bit.  I don't require that they celebrate my holidays, 'cause I don't theirs, but it seems like good PR/education/something.  Sort of a prosperity thing, I guess, haven't really analysed it beyond that.

So Tuesday I had my basket.  As always, most people were really cool about it.  Some have even learned I'm NOT the Easter Bunny and I'm NOT early :D  and return my greeting with "Happy Ostara" or "Happy Spring-day!"  Apparently you can teach people if it's reinforced with chocolate :D:D:D

The same engineer who keeps teasing me that "Dragons don't exist!" (which I know better and so does [personal profile] softpaw don't we?) is poking through the basket and asks what the occasion is -- and when he hears "Zia brought it for Solstice!" he dropped what he had in his hand -- a sucker, I think -- and backed up, scowling, then turned and stomped off without another word. 

OK, that I can take.  I think it's rude, but WTH, he's Muslim (is that the right term?) anyhow, maybe they don't have seasons, I dunno.

A couple of hours later, L comes in --

 "Can I get a candy?"

"Sure, did I miss you earlier?  I'm sorry!"

"Oh, it's not for me, it's for (engineer)."

I lost it. 

I told her if he wanted that candy he should come and ask for it himself and not send someone else.  What, if it's unclean because of the source (which is all I can think of to explain his earlier reaction), how does adding a step when you still know where it's coming from make a difference? 
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If I knew how to use graphics stuff, I have an IdEa I'd do for Yule cards......

A reindeer or dragon or some-such....with a Santa hat, a Dreidel, several gifts scattered around, all the various Paths I can think of having SOME representation......

Inside, a laundry-list with checkboxes.....

Happy Holidays
Joyous Yule
Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
(again, all I can find/think of)

and at the bottom....

"Check Yours and have a Happy!"

That'd take care of the whole blinkin' list with one (largish) box!

('Course, someone's likely already done it. Sigh.)


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