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Get stuff up on Etsy

Get pics up on Etsy

Get product descriptions up on Etsy

Mail 4 books at PO

Get prices up on Etsy

Get bags of excess jewelry-making bits up on Etsy -- remember to list as supplies!

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Went to Em's chiro with her; I do think that what the Doc is doing has value in a long-term plan, but right now the problem is that Em is in PAIN.  The current treatment -- working on realigning the spinal column with a spring-loaded tapper -- is having no effect on that after 4 treatments. 

Then, since we were both off work today (she for appointments, I because it's my weekend), I'd made us appointments for massage.  We both feel better!

Also had a late lunch at Olive Garden and dropped over $125 on essential oils.  Since we did discuss how best to get me into a room (hanging my shingle, as it were), I wonder if we can take the cost of lunch as a business expense?  The oils certainly are!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

For some reason I was on the verge of actual physical sleep-dep exhaustion as I drove to work Saturday -- I was so far gone I was hallucinating.  I KNOW porcupines don't generally get to be 4 feet tall at the shoulder in this place and time...but there it was and I swerved to miss it....  And made it to work in one piece, and nearly fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with an owner.  Finally with 2 hours left, I got VTO'd (that means I got to leave early; I don't get paid for that two hours, but leaving isn't counted against me either), made my groggy way to the vehicle, and phoned Emily for rescue.  Scared the poor woman half to death, I think.  She called our daughters and they met us at the house so Em could drive my car (and me) home, then they took her back to her truck in Springfield.  Some of this is inference, some I remembered after Em going over it with me.  I sort-of remember [livejournal.com profile] tultema picking up some blankets they had left here way back when, I think...and I don't see those blankets, so I'm going to figure that actually happened until someone tells me otherwise. 

Then yesterday we did a little cleaning/sorting/packing...I have several perfectly-good t-shirts from my SFI days that I no longer wear and they're too good to toss, but I don't really want anyone having them who won't get the references.  Isn't that silly?  They're just shirts!  I need to either toss 'em, put them in the ragbin, or give 'em away if I'm not gonna wear them.

And scrubs in good shape -- they're 5X, so I'm sure there's a market for them on evilBay, but I doubt I'd get enough to make it worth the listing fees.  *shrug*  Might as well hang onto those.

And a Sofi's Stitches man's shirt, white with the ties at wrists and neck...there's a yellow stain that bleach and Oxy won't touch. 

And shoes that I've either never worn -- or worn once -- and really shouldn't have bought in the first place as I knew they were too snug at the instep.  Anyone want some cute size 9 clogs -- one pair black, one brown -- with 2" heels and embroidery and sparkle?
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Just saw a bottle of "Lemon Eucalyptus" essential oil at a health food store...

but when reading the label more closely, it is "eucalyptus essential oil and lemon essential oil" rather than Eucalyptus citriodora.


Oils again

Oct. 28th, 2009 08:04 pm
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Shipment from Nature's Gift today; Benzoin Absolute, Anise Seed, Oregano Oil, and Flu Foil.

Oregano oil is NOT on my yummy list.

Also, I can tell a difference in the Cinnamon Leaf and Cinnamon bark oil samples. 

And Anise smells like black licorice!

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For all the similarities that essential oil reference books have, there is one area where they are consistently inconsistent.

Contraindications and/or "toxic" oils.

Get five books by different people, all well-respected in their field, and there will be at least one oil on each list that isn't on any of the others.
At least one oil will be used in each book that the other four have screaming tizzys over the very idea of.  Eventually, if you read enough books, you'll have such a list of potential "problem" oils that you'll be scared to use olive oil on your salad.

There are oils that are supposedly "OMG never even think about using this!" that I use regularly with good results.

There are oils that I use neat or -- horrors! -- drink in water or juice.  According the the American health system, this is an extreme no-no, though this method has been in use in Europe for years.

My suggestion?  Do the research, test the oils, and make your own decision!

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Took chair (and something else) I'd promised 'Chelle over to the apartment -- she now has reading material for the weekend if she wants to!

Picked up a 4 oz bottle of Lavender before the price goes OMG (bad season for most of the producers this year).

We have Olive Oil here, but not QUITE enough for the salve...do I want to get more or fill it out with jojoba (pricey!) or regular Wesson (perfectly acceptable)?  Uh, nevermind, I just answered that question!

One of the instructors on the DVD for the herb class said she uses "cheap, awful whiskey" for tinctures -- "they're medicine, they're supposed to taste bad!"   Boy, that's the truth -- I don't remember anything I was ever prescribed that didn't make me gag!  And. well, if it tastes GOOD -- like a lot of cough syrups -- kids might decide they need it when they don't.  *Eyes a certain person*

Echinacea tincture: 
apparently good to prevent colds, use on abraded skin as a wash, what else?  C'mon, peeps, I know some of you know a LOT more about this than I do!

And do I really want to make and drink this "nettle infusion"?  Am I gonna go "ICK!" and spit it in the sink?  What does THAT do for you?  Spring tonic, sort of?  Maybe if I add honey....

I got a scaled egg! YAY! )


Jul. 8th, 2009 11:00 am
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Would those who expressed interest in various items in this poll please comment here to make arrangements to pick up your "stuff" this weekend?  I can take cash or checks at the site, or paypal in advance. 

Susi, I've had the Thieves' Oil you wanted and haven't had a moment when you were clear to get it to you -- shall I send it by Izzy if I can tackle her?


Jul. 2nd, 2009 08:21 am
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1) Start laundry
2) Post Office -- books, swap
3) Wal-mart -- handle return, then get *gator *aloe gel
4) Check food supplies for wknd, chop cheese, etc.
5) Get cash -- remember to set out $ for BoS feast for Sat eve, give to Master of Feast early Friday.
6) pack 4 oz lotion for mixing
7) start packing truck
8) sheets for table for Friday

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
And a scroll

Minor grumpusing:

So the bottle to carry E.O.s with me, that I had been wanting and finally broke down and ordered and have had about 2 weeks?  Guess what just went on clearance. 

Glee:  DH told me to "get a spare"!
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So I've gotten a few essential oils -- ones I can't find locally -- from this website, and I've been looking at the carrycase, and finally just ordered it.  Wasn't finding anything at the craft shops, basement, etc that I liked that would FIT the bottles properly so spent the $30 (I know, for me right now that's quite a bit and I nearly choked, but it's a good sturdy case and should last me about 30 years).


Room for 22 5, 10, and 15 ml bottles.

Plus a mixing bottle, plus a 4 oz bottle of carrier. 

Current plans: 

15 mls of
Blood Orange
Tea Tree

Thieves' Oil blend
TT/L blend (diluted)

OK, that's 8 -- 14 to go!

Black Pepper
Cajeput (especially in summer -- good for fire ant bites)
Lemongrass or Lemon Eucalyptus (insect repellents)

Juniper or Cypress (for water retention -- both are diuretics)
Sandalwood (10%)
Rose (10%)
Clary Sage
Vitex (maybe -- any interest?) (Mostly used for "female trouble" and difficult menopause)
Helichrysium (10%)

Things that I should be able to "treat" with this kit in its current incarnation are:

scrapes/minor cuts
swollen ankles
sore muscles
insect bites
shingles flare-ups
traveler's trots
sinus congestion
menstrual cramps
minor arthritis pain
headaches (so drink your water anyway -- prevention's better, don'cha think?)

link to that site's uses for their "first aid kit"  which pretty much agrees with the hardcopy books I have had for some time (15 years for some!).

The site gets v-e-r-y specific as to chemotypes and such, and that's ok -- that's their BUSINESS. 

However, tea tree oil is pretty much tea tree, and lavender is pretty much lavender, etc.  Now, lavender is NOT lavandin, and peppermint is not spearmint is not wintergreen, but it's pretty much of a muchness for my current purposes.  If I were in a research lab, looking for the one variety of oil to cure rhinovirus, I'd be getting a lot more specific too.

What am I not thinking of here?  No, I'm not planning to sell the concoctions to patrons; I just want to have them on hand for myself and for any cast who would like to try them.

I'm planning to make some rosewater and some peppermint water also -- peppermint water is supposedly good for the itch of poison ivy (AFTER you get the oil-sap-stuff off!)


May. 10th, 2009 08:00 pm
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Found recipes for hand sanitizer -- made some with Thieves' Oil and some with a TeaTree/Lavender blend I like.

Made basic labels for those, the Thieves' Oil (neat and 10% bottles), Bug Off and After-Sun Spray. 

Sanitizers are in 1 oz bottles w/ treatment pumps.

After-Sun Spray will be in 2 oz purple bottles with sprayers.

BugOff...dunno yet.  Likely in small glass dropper bottles for application to tent edges, dress hems, etc.

And all that with essential oils!
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If you have that list of ingredients you had mentioned and can send it on, I may be able to have something for approval for the last weekend of OKRF (which we're planning to attend).

Comments screened in case you want to leave it there!
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Those of you who got a vial of Thieves' Oil from me last year, did you use it?  Did you notice any difference in # of URIs/colds?

Reference here

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Was mixing up a fresh batch of Thieves' Oil and....uhm....forgot that it wasn't supposed to have a hefty dose of PEPPERMINT in it.  Smells very minty.  I don't think it'll hurt the effectiveness (if any), but I'm not crazy about the scent.  *sigh*

And considering the price of Cinnamon oil, I don't want to throw it out.

In other news, I have 10 amberglass 15 ml bottles with reducers.  Would 75c each, plus postage, be out of line? 
15 ml )


Dec. 19th, 2007 08:57 am
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Ran across a receet for Thieves (oil) yesterday and mixed up a 5ml today -- no amounts nor proportions were given, so I just did the guesstimate thing.   It is supposed to prevent respiratory illness  -- the legend is a group of people who had been working for spice merchants used this blend to prevent catching "The Plague" while robbing bodies way back when.

If anyone wants a vial (YOU provide the diluent) let me know -- I'll send to 5 people.  If I get more than 5 responses, uhm, well....discuss it then.

Edit as of 1526 hrs:

All 5 have removed to new homes -- thanks folks!

from Suite101.c0m )

Oct 27, 2006

Thieves, an essential oil blend of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary; used since the 15th-century plague as immune protection from viruses, bacteria, & flu

I mention essential oils often because I believe they are one of the best tools to support health. Essential oils carry oxygen, nutrients, and vital molecules which support emotional and physical health, energize our cells, and support the immune, circulatory, respiratory, hormone and endocrine systems. When it comes to winter weather and flu season, there is one oil I turn to for safe, reliable, tasty and aromatic protection from germs, viruses and colds: "Thieves."

Thieves is a blend of the essential oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus. The blend is based on a recipe developed by a group of spice merchants in 15th-century Marseilles, France, who turned to thieving when trade was shut down due to a plague. They protected their health as they robbed the dead, sick, and dying by applying a combination of herbs, spices, and essential oils to their clothing and skin - a recipe which has since been unearthed in the British archives and used in the present day.

Thieves blend has been clinically tested and proven to be more than 99% effective against airborne bacteria (study conducted at Weber State University, 1997). It has been used to treat everything from candida and bacterial infections to toxic mold to colds and flu. I often take a drop and rub it into my hands after I use a public restroom. I even use it to wash fruit: to eliminate parasites on organic fruit, and remove toxic pesticides and other chemicals from “conventionally” grown produce that has been sprayed.

Because essential oils are made of light molecules, they are easily absorbed by the respiratory system and can be highly effective in treating sinus and respiratory disorders. I slather Thieves on my throat and chest to treat a cold, or on the bottoms of my feet (where the oils are absorbed via reflexology points to keep well, and boost my immunity all winter long. Sometimes I’ll take a drop in a cup of hot water or rice/soy milk (it tastes like chai!) or combine it with lemon and olive oil to make salad dressing.

Please note: The suggestions made here apply ONLY to pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Most of the oils sold in health food stores and elsewhere are diluted, pressed at high temperatures, or processed with chemicals that can decrease their effectiveness and even make them toxic. Please be aware that the source of the oils is important, and labeling can be misleading... DO NOT use essential oils internally or on your body unless you’re sure of their quality and safety.

For more information on essential oils and their use, please feel free to contact me.

Related article: 10 Ways to Boost Immune Health

***********************End Article**************************

Please note -- Cinnamon, Clove, and Lemon do generally cause chemical burns to skin if applied neat (undiluted).  I seriously suggest if you're going to use this, you mix 2 - 3 drops of Thieves in a teaspoon of jojoba or similar carrier for skin, or mix into a water/vodka solution for a spray.

And now, off to do the dishes, shower and dress, go to Monett for some paperwork, OH!  DH took me up to the storage shed yestereve and we dug out the Massage Table!  It's still in good shape, just needs a cleaning and THAT's on the list RIGHT NOW!! 

Also the cheapie set of hot stones -- "For Home Use Only!" -- not a professional set, and DH just likes the heat of them.  I swear, you'd think he's a reptile the way he hates the cold!  When it's time, I'll be getting recc's from by-then OTHER professional MTs  (squeee!!) on which set to get.
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VooDooQueenEBay  -- reprise

but, if you'll notice, it wasn't FULL -- "less than 1 ml missing"


In other news, got some EO's I'd ordered in today.  Not top-quality, but usable.
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Just tried two SNs...

(Single Note fragrances)

Arcana Lemon and Arcana Clove....

and they do NOT smell like the essential oils.  There's similarity, but a definite off-ness that just makes them smell wrong to me.  *sigh*
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Sun's Day, 26 feb

Still doing the walk thing, even the days I was out sick. Not very far, but more than had been...it's a start. Like the ad says, "baby steps."

Up too freaking early yesteday, as I had an appointment to get a massage and what they HAD was 1015 hrs. Then stopped at a health food store for some hemp oil, etc, and noticed bison meat. Will let you know my opinion when i try it. Napped when I got back.

Massage. Hmmmm. Jake Stonebender said of sex, if I'm recalling correctly, "(T)he worst orgasm I ever had was about a 6." I'll allow it's mighty difficult for me to complain about a massage unless the person giving it is a totally ham-handed, uncaring creep.

Yesterday I was reminded just why I generally prefer a masseur. Men tend to have bigger hands, and more strength in those bigger hands. Hurry up Powerball, I wanna put that boy on retainer! This is not to say the women at PMTC are not good in their field--they are, by the time they are allowed to work on clients rather than other students--but they generally try too hard to not hurt me.

I have started saying "Ow does not mean stop, from me. There is an 'ow' which means "more of that right there" and there is the word 'stop' which means 'stop that now.'" That generally seems to help, even if they ARE still kind of ginger.

Working on an aromatherapy thing for lymphedema; thinking a two-step deal with slightly different formulae for the two methods of application.


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