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[Poll #1743846]So I file off the serial numbers and change a few names...should still be able to rack up the contributions with a good marketing agent!
And yes, I realize this will likely offend some folks -- that's what the "leave a comment" button is for.  
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[Poll #1633870]
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[Poll #1581124]If you already have your testers, please answer now -- I'll repost the link to the poll in a week or so for any whose samples shipped later.

If more than one person in your household/group tried them, please ask each one to answer separately -- they don't need an LJ account but I'd like some way to know who they are and who gave them the sample :)

Also, I put a smaller range of prices on the lip butters than I've seen in stores and on the 'net -- if you think I'm underselling them (as I've often been told about my other products!) let me know in comments!
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If you still want in on the Lip Balm and, possibly, cuticle cream or herbal ointment testing process, leave a note here. Comments are screened as I would need to mail to many people who have offered and for that, I'd need -- wait for it -- mailing addresses!

Along with the name and mailing address, leave an email address please and a list of any allergies/sensitivities you have like mineral oil, cocoa butter, etc.  Likely won't be suitable for Vegans as I do use beeswax in most things of this nature.

There will also be a survey/poll posted a few days after the samples are sent out with questions about texture, flavor, etc. and if you ask for samples you'd be expected to fill that out when you've had a chance to try things.  I figure most of you knew that already!
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So's I know if it's worth making up what I have available![Poll #1510132][Poll #1510132]
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Was it Jake Stonebender who said "The worst orgasm I've ever had was about a 7"?

What would you rate the worst massage you've ever had? 

What made it the worst?

What would you rate the best?

What made it the best?

Was the best massage from your usual massage provider (if you have one) or from someone else?

If you have a regular provider, why THAT PERSON?

If you use various therapists at one location (such as a massage franchise or gym), why that location?

What would get you to change places/providers?

(If you go to someone because they're a friend / family member, pretend they're not tp answer that last one.)
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A couple of people have asked if I will sell that Thieves' Oil blend on Etsy --[Poll #1352607][Poll #1352607]
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At White Hart,  I'm planning to have a massage chair as well as the usual candlestuff.[Poll #1351526][Poll #1351526]
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[Poll #1151417]Just because, that's why!


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