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OK, two things down -- hotel reservations for Memorial Day Weekend at Faire in Muskogee and for Em's procedure in June. If you are one who is planning to be there in June, message me and I'll send you the address of the hospital and the hotel we're at.
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Off work early b/c it was sloooooow, got home and piled into the van with Em to go to Crane and then a quickfast grocery run -- about halfway to Crane she mentioned "Let's go to Faire instead!"  How much convincing do you think it took?

Cute little faire, could certainly have used better signs but there was apparently a lack of communication within the park department which resulted in the signs that were put up being taken down and not returned! 

Lots more shade and seating than I'm used to for any faire venue (though admittedly I've only been to 8 or 9 different ones) which was wonderful; I'll suggest they add water to the list of what you can buy at the Faire Booth near the gate.

Lots more pictures with Lady Val!  And got to meet Eleanor and two other hawks and reintroduced myself to the kestrel, Princess Anna.  I think Val remembers me, though we met only a few times. 

THEN Em did the little bit of groceries and I napped in the vehicle as I'd been up since ack-thirty and let her sleep in :D

Desert Wind was there and Elvendrums, sharing a stage as usual :)

Think I'd like to vend there next year, depending on schedules!

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Saw AJA 's show at the edge of the Children's Realm, Karen Troeh the Harper and her folks, Willie's Wenches, got snogged by Molly, shared a BBQ Brisket sammich and later my Adam's Ale with a visiting  French Countess (Duchess?), got Russian Pirates Brothers put in jail and they had to get Fairy Dusted to get out, Strawberry Soup is good, but diary on an over-hot tummy not so much so had very little of it, Jamie Sommers seems to have not been introduced to gravity yet, the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey are marvelous as always, got somewhat wenched but no pictures I'm aware of so it didn't happen!, got tears at the Decoration Day service, Emily was surprised by her birthday cake and singing and she blushed!, I got sent back to room early as a tad heated although wearing sun hat, staying in shade, and drinking LOTS of water and visiting priv inconveniently often.

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IF I don't have to work Memorial Day, I'm planning to head out for the Castle directly after work on Sunday -- I already have a room reserved for Sunday and Monday nights at the Day's Inn.

I'll be telling the desk that I expect some friends in to visit so they won't be freaked out in case anyone wants to drop by :D

Unrelated, Mt Dew was $2.98 for 6 24-oz bottles today, Coke was $4.48...I may be drinking more MT Dew and less Coke in the near future.  Like this is a hardship, oh yeah, it sure is....
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If anyone is off on Friday the 11th and would be willing to be my boothie, the Celtic Festival is a smallish Irish/Scots deal in Buffalo on a Friday and Saturday (DH is planning to be there after work Friday and all Saturday with me).

After setup there should be plenty of time for running around doing kilt checks and learning Gaelic (there's usually a booth giving free lessons!) and they have Haggis at the food tent. You do NOT have to wear garb, though if you want to it's fine.

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As I find attribution for these, it will be added:

(I was gonna put it behind a cut, but the blog is marked as "adult concepts", so spork 'em if they can't take it.)

When I was a young lad I used to like girls,
I played with their bodies and fondled their curls.
Till my girl ran off with a Captain named Bruce.
Oh you'll never get treated like that by a moose!


Chorus: So it’s Moose, Moose, I like a Moose,
I’ve never had anything quite like a Moose,

I’ve had many lovers, my morals are loose,
But I’ve never had anything quite like a Moose!

2) Now when I’m in the mood for a really good lay,
I go to my closet and get me some hay,

I go to my window and spread it around,
Cause a Moose always comes when there’s hay on the ground!

3) Now gorillas are all right for Saturday night,
Lions and tigers, they puts up a fight,

But it’s just not the same when you slams their caboose,
As the feeling you get when you’re humping a Moose!


  1. So when I’m all hot, upset and uptight,
    I jump in my car, to the zoo I take flight

    Now animals all respect and renown,
    The moose for it being the best screw in town

5) Now I’ve done it with all sorts of beasties with hair,
Hell, I’d make it with snakes if their fangs were not there,
I’ve done it with walrus, a duck and a goose,
But I’ve never had anything quite like a Moose.

6) Now fish are too slimy and slip all around, And some say camels are heaven abound
But I’ll stick to my ways, and not to dismay, And call on my moose friend to jump me today


7) I went to the desert a Moose for to find, I only found camels, I near lost my mind, 
For the camel reminds me of Moose just a bit,
But a Moose always swallows and camels just spit!

    Now that I’m older, and advanced in my years,
    I’ll look back on my life, and shed me no tears,

    As I sit in my chair with my glass of Matuse,
    playing hide the salami with my friend the Moose!

    8) So, went off to heaven, my soul soared away.
    I’ll show up at those gates, with a bale of fresh hay,

    and they’re bound to inquire as to my grin,
    so I’ll wind up in hell humping Mooses again!


New verse by Steve Starks, 3/24/03


The fops are well known for their decorative touch,
flowers and pastels, the pinks and such.
To stay out of reach of their "manly" pursuits,
I keep myself safe at the rear of a moose!

I've tried many beasties on land or on sea
I've even tried hump-backs that humped back on me!
Sharks are quite good, tho they're hard to pull loose
But on dry land there is nothing quite like a moose!

Woodchucks are all right except that they bite
And foxes and rabbits won't last thru the night!
Cows would be fun, but they're hard to seduce
But you never need worry should you find a moose!

Step in my study, and trophies you'll find
A black striped tiger and scruffy maned lion
You'll know the elephant by his ivory tooth
And the one that's a-winking, you know is the moose!

The lion succumbed to a thirty-ought-six
Machine guns and tigers I've proved do not mix
The elephant fell by a bomb with a fuse
But I won't tell a soul how I did in the moose!

When I go a huntin', I don't take a gun,
I just take myself and have lots of fun.
I get up behind them, then get myself loose,
Now I've never had anything quite like a moose!

I've found many women attracted to me
A few of them have had me over for tea
Some say that they love me when they're feeling loose
But I'd trade the world's women for one lovely moose!

The English are said to like boars who've had corn
The Celtics just dream of the young Unicorn
The Germans, it's said, just need leather and rope
But give me a moose and I'll no longer mope!

The king of the gods is a fellow named Zeus,
On top of Olympus with an urge to seduce.
They offered him virgins but he'd just refuse,
"Screw all of your virgins and bring me a moose!"

Oh, the bride of ol' Bill, it's never been told
Had surrendered her virtue indecently bold
But she still has her "Moose" - she's happily his wife
Proof even a woman can have one for life.

Now I've broken the laws in this god-awful state
They've put me in prison and locked up the gate
They say that tomorrow I'll swing from a noose
But my last night I'll spend with a good sexy moose!

Next morning the Governor's word reached my ears
"We've commuted your sentence to ninety-nine years!"
"You won't get parole; not a five minute's truce,
And your friend goes to Sing-Sing, he's so big-a-moose!"

Mooses come walking over the hill
Mooses come walking, they rarely stand still
When mooses come walking, they go where they will
When mooses come walking over the hill

Mooses look into your window at night
They look to the left, they look to the right
The mooses are smiling; they think it's a zoo
That's why the mooses like looking at you

So if you see mooses while lying in bed
It's best just to stay there pretending you're dead
The mooses will leave and you'll get the thrill
Of seeing the mooses go over the hill

---Arlo Guthrie, "Mooses Come Walking"

Donald Post - dpost@gbn.net:

When I go a huntin', I don't take a gun,
I just take myself and have lots of fun.
I get up behind them, then get myself loose,
Now I've never had anything quite like a moose!



Kevin Erickson - kevtrout@everett.com:

When I was a boy, playboy got me excited,
but now I am older - the yearn for babes has subsided,
I still get horned up and I still get wet dreams,
from ogling naked Moose in my new Field and Stream.



So when I'm alone and I get out the lotion,
and set Rosie and her five good friends into motion,
I'm not fantasizing about naked women on the loose,
but of fondling and groping on a beautiful Moose.



Benjy \"Mooseolini\" Feen - b-feen@staff.uiuc.edu:

Oh give me a moose in a long flowered skirt
A touch of mascara or blush couldn't hurt
With lipstick or perfume you'd think she's a queen
And with moose it's still legal if they're under eighteen.



Colin Corbett - ccorbett@cohesive.com:

I've tried many creatures on land or at sea
I've even tried ostrich, but they didn't like me
Sharks are quite good but they're hard to pull loose
But on dry land theres nothing quite like a moose



Woodchucks are alright except that they bite
And foxes and rabbits wont last through the night
Cows would be fun but they're hard to seduce
But you never should worry should you find a moose



Step into my study and you will find there
A black striped tiger and a scruffy maned bear
You'll know the elephant because his skin is so loose
And the one that is winking you know is the moose



The lion succumbed to five dirty tricks
And ballistas and tigers I've proved just don't mix
The elephant he fell in a pit on a noose
But I won't tell a soul how I did in the moose



I've found many women attracted to me
A few of them have had me over for tea
Some say they love me when they're feeling loose
But I'd trade the world's women for one lovely moose



The good lord made Adam and a woman named Eve
Said if you sin now I'll ask you to leave
They left not because of Eve's forbidden fruit
But because Adam decided the moose, they were cute



The English are said to like boars who've had corn
The Celts they dream of the young unicorn
The Germans are happy with leather and rope
But give me a moose and I'll no longer mope



Well I've broken the law in this godawful state
And they've put me in prison and locked up the gate
they say that tomorrow I'll swing from a noose
but my last night I'll spend with a good sexy moose



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Aug. 13th, 2009 07:56 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] bessofhardwick and [livejournal.com profile] quartermasterjh  hadn't heard The Moose Song. 

We kinda broke Bess a little bit :D

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We has a Brother William!

And will have a Tony and Mark in an hour or so :D

Think I'll set up a CD player and put on some Faire music -- or maybe Ofra Haza.

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With the Barataria Faire being about pirates and fae and such, if the Flying Spaghetti Monster will be in attendance.


Jul. 8th, 2009 11:00 am
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Would those who expressed interest in various items in this poll please comment here to make arrangements to pick up your "stuff" this weekend?  I can take cash or checks at the site, or paypal in advance. 

Susi, I've had the Thieves' Oil you wanted and haven't had a moment when you were clear to get it to you -- shall I send it by Izzy if I can tackle her?

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Because there are minors on some of the better shots I took, I will only be posting those on my "Faire Filter" which includes ONLY people I have met at Faire and who know and are known by others in this filter.  Some of the shots with only "adults" may make it onto my public journal, but most of those will be friendslocked at least.
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X for Angus and for Maud

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And a scroll


Jul. 2nd, 2009 08:21 am
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1) Start laundry
2) Post Office -- books, swap
3) Wal-mart -- handle return, then get *gator *aloe gel
4) Check food supplies for wknd, chop cheese, etc.
5) Get cash -- remember to set out $ for BoS feast for Sat eve, give to Master of Feast early Friday.
6) pack 4 oz lotion for mixing
7) start packing truck
8) sheets for table for Friday

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And a scroll

Minor grumpusing:

So the bottle to carry E.O.s with me, that I had been wanting and finally broke down and ordered and have had about 2 weeks?  Guess what just went on clearance. 

Glee:  DH told me to "get a spare"!
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Updated my web page (Including link to White Hart Faire)

Working on cleaning out the fishpond

Wash comforter (Thanks, Puppy)

Do more boxing/clearing in big BR

Figure out what exactly has to go to Faire with me next weekend

ALSO QUESTION: What makes a book/series/character believable? Level of detail? How well the situation resembles the "real" world? How much the reader WANTS to live in a place like that?

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And a scroll

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(Hoping I used that right -- I meant it to be like, "Take two, after editing".)

Some of you were kind enough to indulge me with answers to this poll weeks ago, and now it's time to start thinking about specifics.  Here's what I need this time:  Since LJ doesn't have a scheduling spreadsheet that I can find, and I don't know how to make one,

1)  I'll have a paper at the booth with specific times for after-gate appointments -- likely for the between-evenings only.  If I get there the night before, which is possible, I will take walk-ins after I'm set up and before I collapse.

2)  Probably going with only 15 and 30 minute appointments as we'll all be tired and I don't want to overdo either of us!

3)  Won't be doing full-body deep-tissue for the same reason -- if there's a specific area, I'll work it, but too hot/humid and I don't want people getting sick which CAN and DOES happen. 

4)  Standard rates are a dollar a minute, barter encouraged (no children or other livestock).

4a)  Bartered items may be offered for sale the next day or at another faire or event. 

4b)  Exception to the "no children" rule may be made if it looks like I'll need errands run the next day, in which case the services of a responsible page or squire may be requested.  You MUST take the  page/squire back at the end of the day!!!!!

5)  Services offered will include chair, reflexology, Reiki, & aromatherapy during the Faire day (available to patrons as well).

5a)  Table will be added in the evenings.  (Molly's request.)

5b)  I plan to have a bucket of water with clean rags for feet and/or other areas that need de-funkifying per Cat's and Julie's suggestions.

6)  Some aromatherapy preparations will be available for cast and crew ONLY --  don''t want to get into the whole "But she didn't SAY not to drink it!" thing with the general public.  (Thieves' Oil, After-Sun Spray, BugOff...)

Crass(er) Commercial Announcements Follow

6a)  If you have said you want certain items and would like to pick them up first thing, feel free to email or PM me and request a Paypal invoice -- this means you won't have to be bothered with paying for it on site and it will be ready when you walk into the booth and introduce yourself! 

6b)  If you wish to prepay a massage session or two, again, feel free!  This just means you'll not have to worry about forgetting your pouch.  Also, this means you can use CC/DC as all I can accept on-site will be cash/checks.

6c)  Prepaid sessions CAN be assigned to someone else, but I need the person who paid to tell me who gets it and how long.

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So everyone here knows by now that I'm doing massage at White Hart Faire this year, right?  I sure babble about it enough!

I generally vend soaps, candles, etc., but this time I'll have just a very small selection of these, more b/c people have learned to expect dragon candles from me.

I will have a reflexology recliner, a table, and a massage chair with me in my booth.  Now the difficulty -- the vendor coordinator (and owner of the site and faire) wants the chair hidden from view as it is "not period."

Well, I can toss a sheet over it -- but that'd get real dirty real fast, and would have to be removed/replaced for each customer and I just don't have THAT many sheets!  (No laundry on/near the site -- this is RURAL.)

I can use "curtains" to block view into the booth -- which will increase the heat and be much rougher on me.  Even with good signage, this would cost custom as people wouldn't see what I have to offer.

At least two other faires that have a massage vendor allow the equipment to be out in plain view, but this is supposed to be a more historically accurate setting, so...ideas?

ETA:  Remember, this all has to fit in my car in one trip....
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So I've gotten a few essential oils -- ones I can't find locally -- from this website, and I've been looking at the carrycase, and finally just ordered it.  Wasn't finding anything at the craft shops, basement, etc that I liked that would FIT the bottles properly so spent the $30 (I know, for me right now that's quite a bit and I nearly choked, but it's a good sturdy case and should last me about 30 years).


Room for 22 5, 10, and 15 ml bottles.

Plus a mixing bottle, plus a 4 oz bottle of carrier. 

Current plans: 

15 mls of
Blood Orange
Tea Tree

Thieves' Oil blend
TT/L blend (diluted)

OK, that's 8 -- 14 to go!

Black Pepper
Cajeput (especially in summer -- good for fire ant bites)
Lemongrass or Lemon Eucalyptus (insect repellents)

Juniper or Cypress (for water retention -- both are diuretics)
Sandalwood (10%)
Rose (10%)
Clary Sage
Vitex (maybe -- any interest?) (Mostly used for "female trouble" and difficult menopause)
Helichrysium (10%)

Things that I should be able to "treat" with this kit in its current incarnation are:

scrapes/minor cuts
swollen ankles
sore muscles
insect bites
shingles flare-ups
traveler's trots
sinus congestion
menstrual cramps
minor arthritis pain
headaches (so drink your water anyway -- prevention's better, don'cha think?)

link to that site's uses for their "first aid kit"  which pretty much agrees with the hardcopy books I have had for some time (15 years for some!).

The site gets v-e-r-y specific as to chemotypes and such, and that's ok -- that's their BUSINESS. 

However, tea tree oil is pretty much tea tree, and lavender is pretty much lavender, etc.  Now, lavender is NOT lavandin, and peppermint is not spearmint is not wintergreen, but it's pretty much of a muchness for my current purposes.  If I were in a research lab, looking for the one variety of oil to cure rhinovirus, I'd be getting a lot more specific too.

What am I not thinking of here?  No, I'm not planning to sell the concoctions to patrons; I just want to have them on hand for myself and for any cast who would like to try them.

I'm planning to make some rosewater and some peppermint water also -- peppermint water is supposedly good for the itch of poison ivy (AFTER you get the oil-sap-stuff off!)
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This post by [livejournal.com profile] bobthefalconer  reminded me of a dream I had a few weeks ago -- I was away from home picking herbs for my cabinet, when I heard a shot and looked up to see a raptor in full dive heading for me.  Some reason I threw up my left arm to catch her, though I was NOT wearing a glove or protection of any sort, and when she landed she took care not to scratch me.  (Yeah, I SAID it was a dream, OK?)

I tossed a towel I had along over my shoulder, and she relocated there and just stayed with me -- shoulder or a few feet away -- until I was done, then followed me back to the vehicle and followed that back to the house!  Anytime I was outside after that she was right there,and I could watch her hunting in the field out back -- when I was repotting some stuff, she sat on my straw sunhat like Lady Val does Bob!  (I'm just saying "she" as I have no idea how to tell.) 

I remember thinking "I have to post and ask Bob what to DO about this!"  I mean, she was sleeping in the old barn, but "what responsibilities do I have toward someone who seems to have adopted me as a pet?  Is the Conservation Department liable to get shirty about her with me?"  All the panicky things that probably had no bearing at all -- I mean, if she's here and staying of her own will, and I'm not trying to "keep" her, what could they do anyhow? 

So anyhow, yeah, likely just wishing rather than WADF. 

Still...I kinda miss her.


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