Mar. 28th, 2009 05:01 pm
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The lower field is standing water again, and it's snowing!  Wheee!

(And I just booked a client for Monday!  PAID clients Friday, today, and Monday!  Aieee!  I could get to liking this!)


Nov. 30th, 2008 08:26 am
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0820 hrs, 30 Nov 2008

And it's still floating quietly down.  Not sticking on the concrete or asphalt yet.

Good thing

Mar. 31st, 2008 05:30 pm
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Seth didn't put any cows on the back 20 this spring...they'd have to learn to swim!

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The lower field can currently be used as a fishpond.  It will certainly float a canoe.

We were sent home early from school b/c everyone has enough "iffy" roads and several of us had to backtrack and find alternate routes this morning!

Took me more than 1-3/4 hours to get home, as opposed  to the usual 67-72 minutes.

I just hope enough of this is soaking in to help the water table that's still in debt from the last 5 years.

Snow Day!

Jan. 31st, 2008 07:47 am
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Or something like that.  It is not weathering here YET, nor at the school in Joplin 54 miles away, but schools are slamming the doors shut like crazy (except here in Aurora, where the busses are putting by the house as usual) in fear of the predicted storm. 

I was up, breakfasted, dressed, and down the road to the first right turn (which takes me directly to the RR Xing and the two-lane highway)  when the cell made its semi-musical noises.  "It's the call you've been waiting for!"  Waiting nothing, I'm on the way!  "Well, turn around and see you Monday.  I'm calling off because it sounds like it may get wild."

Not arguing.  I'm gonna grab another couple of hours, as I didn't rest much last night. 

Then back to the books!
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When it's colder in Atlanta, GA than in Missouri, sum'pin's wrong.
Springfield, MO24...34 F
Aurora, MO25...37 F
Atlanta, GA20...34 F
Jefferson City, MO22...29 F
Greer, SC18...38 F
Bangkok72...91 F
Westhill34...42 F
London, UK53...57 F
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Thanks for all the expressions of concern but we have power again (for now at least)!

Still no phone/internet (being DSL) but maybe as early a tomorrow (Friday) for that.

Thanks all!
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so no access since last week, house is like unliveable, no water 'cause we're on a well.  DH keeping an eye on place, sent me to Spfld to stay w/ Tema and Hope.  Is odd, being guest in daughter's house! 

Might be as much as a month b4 can go back to farm -- will NOT be on daughters ALL that time though!  Give them a break!

Learning to crochet!

Bye now!
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that I was GOING to go to and have all manner of "Sale!  Get it away from me!" specials is....not happening FOR ME this year.  The local roads are just too insecure, and I have an unreasonable amount of local road before I get to Highway.

Blast it, [personal profile] gentleeleos, why did you have to demand "Winter!  Now!" before my selling trip was over?! 
(Teasing, Dear, I know you were not in your right mind at the time!)

[personal profile] featherynscale, I really wanted to make it.  Send me a snail addy 'cause I have something for you, OK?

So now what do I do with all this jewelry and candles and all?

*assorted grumblings and such*

*gets over it...mostly*

Well, VisionCon in Feb., Goddess Weekend in April, Heartland over Memorial Day weekend......y'know, I have a list of 26 different events that I COULD be travelling to and selling at....plans are in the works, it's just a matter if the right time and situation.  I'm looking at doing a combo of the Events, Website, and (hopefully) a shop within 5 years.  Just, if I'm at an event, who's gonna watch the shop?  I'm not looking for the liability of having employees....  Alternatives?
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So far we're fine, power keeps blinking, 'net was down for several hours, cell towers are sorta overloaded when they work, tree falling on the roof of your bedroom is hella alarm clock, called in then phones went down....rain guage said we got 3 and a half inches last night, trees are continuing to crash in yard and i'm jumpy.  i think that about covers it.  Don't worry unless you get a call from the cops!
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No damage at the farm (in Aurora) from the storms last night. Got kept over at work for a bit 'cause they won't let you leave during a time when the sirens are going off.......but didn't get to work that time because the work area isn't a shelter!
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So far I've done the little bit of extra walking I said I wanted to. Even though it was bloody cold last night!
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Heck with the leatherwork...we hit Eureka Springs instead. That town ain't nothin' but up and down. IF there's a flat spot, i'm sure it's an accident.

Beautiful, though...really beautiful, especially when it's late spring and greening.

Only about an hour and a half from Aurora--so i think there'll be a few more trips over the year :D

Didn't do a LOT of shopping, but picked up some on-sale candleholders for ritual, a wallhanging for behind the bed (also on sale), a couple cubes of soft amber and a book on old herbal preparations--sort of "patent medicines."

Oh--and petted the Cat at a jewelry shop. Mawkie? that's what her human said, anyhow. Found one of those blown Pyrex bottles so i could show Eldar what i'd been talking about; he agrees that i need a few for my oils.


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