Feb. 17th, 2011 03:10 pm
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Saturdays 10 - 4 

appointments available beginning next week!

Face Gallery, 2022 South Stewart
in Springfield, MO!!

Call 882-3223 (FACE) to book!
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A client called and scheduled a Reflexology treatment, so I set up the recliner and got out the cornstarch and made sure my nails were filed properly (that last part is a daily check anyway, but moreso for Reflexology).

She walked in, looked at the recliner, and said "but how are you going to do my back?"

"Ma'am, Reflexology -- which you requested -- is just your feet or hands; what is it you have in mind?"

Turned out she actually wanted Swedish/relaxation massage, but didn't want to get undressed.  So she got the geriatric variety -- lots of ruffle-n-fluff through the garments.  Happy client, and much less effort for me than Reflexology or standard Swedish!  So once we figured out what we were both talking about, it was easy.  :)
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I just got notice of courses in the Myokinesthetic System.  Have you heard of it?  If so, have you taken the training and do you use it?  Good stuff or don't bother?

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Went to Em's chiro with her; I do think that what the Doc is doing has value in a long-term plan, but right now the problem is that Em is in PAIN.  The current treatment -- working on realigning the spinal column with a spring-loaded tapper -- is having no effect on that after 4 treatments. 

Then, since we were both off work today (she for appointments, I because it's my weekend), I'd made us appointments for massage.  We both feel better!

Also had a late lunch at Olive Garden and dropped over $125 on essential oils.  Since we did discuss how best to get me into a room (hanging my shingle, as it were), I wonder if we can take the cost of lunch as a business expense?  The oils certainly are!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

For some reason I was on the verge of actual physical sleep-dep exhaustion as I drove to work Saturday -- I was so far gone I was hallucinating.  I KNOW porcupines don't generally get to be 4 feet tall at the shoulder in this place and time...but there it was and I swerved to miss it....  And made it to work in one piece, and nearly fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with an owner.  Finally with 2 hours left, I got VTO'd (that means I got to leave early; I don't get paid for that two hours, but leaving isn't counted against me either), made my groggy way to the vehicle, and phoned Emily for rescue.  Scared the poor woman half to death, I think.  She called our daughters and they met us at the house so Em could drive my car (and me) home, then they took her back to her truck in Springfield.  Some of this is inference, some I remembered after Em going over it with me.  I sort-of remember [livejournal.com profile] tultema picking up some blankets they had left here way back when, I think...and I don't see those blankets, so I'm going to figure that actually happened until someone tells me otherwise. 

Then yesterday we did a little cleaning/sorting/packing...I have several perfectly-good t-shirts from my SFI days that I no longer wear and they're too good to toss, but I don't really want anyone having them who won't get the references.  Isn't that silly?  They're just shirts!  I need to either toss 'em, put them in the ragbin, or give 'em away if I'm not gonna wear them.

And scrubs in good shape -- they're 5X, so I'm sure there's a market for them on evilBay, but I doubt I'd get enough to make it worth the listing fees.  *shrug*  Might as well hang onto those.

And a Sofi's Stitches man's shirt, white with the ties at wrists and neck...there's a yellow stain that bleach and Oxy won't touch. 

And shoes that I've either never worn -- or worn once -- and really shouldn't have bought in the first place as I knew they were too snug at the instep.  Anyone want some cute size 9 clogs -- one pair black, one brown -- with 2" heels and embroidery and sparkle?


Jul. 17th, 2009 10:10 pm
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1)  "Job" interview Monday at a certain place -- they've had my resume' for a couple of months and finally called!

2)  Dropped off resume at aNother place today; they're "hiring" again.

Either of these would be good, I think, if they'll do comission rather than having me pay upfront for the week/month.  I think the second would be a better fit for me, though.
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Full text of article )

Ethics of Tick Removal for Bodyworkers
A person receiving a massage may be unaware of a tick feeding on him/her. Especially if a client has recently been in a wooded area and the tick is hidden from his/her line of vision, a massage therapist's routine could be interrupted upon spotting one of these arthropods.

Since a client's well being should be a bodyworker's top priority, attached ticks cannot be ignored. However, tick removal is not defined within a massage therapist's scope of practice. Despite this omission, longer lengths of time increases the likelihood a feeding tick will transmit illness. Therefore, bodyworkers must take appropriate steps to help remove the tick from clients.

I was taught that removing a tick is indeed overstepping legal boundaries, and that if there wasn't an esthetician available I should just work around it, then inform the client as he was leaving. I like this version better, about asking permission to remove it.  Legally, though, I wonder what my liability would be for removing it.

Other bodyworkers, speak up please -- which way were you taught and which way would you handle it?

(I know for a fact I'd rather have my MT take the freaking thing off me!)

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
And a scroll
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(Hoping I used that right -- I meant it to be like, "Take two, after editing".)

Some of you were kind enough to indulge me with answers to this poll weeks ago, and now it's time to start thinking about specifics.  Here's what I need this time:  Since LJ doesn't have a scheduling spreadsheet that I can find, and I don't know how to make one,

1)  I'll have a paper at the booth with specific times for after-gate appointments -- likely for the between-evenings only.  If I get there the night before, which is possible, I will take walk-ins after I'm set up and before I collapse.

2)  Probably going with only 15 and 30 minute appointments as we'll all be tired and I don't want to overdo either of us!

3)  Won't be doing full-body deep-tissue for the same reason -- if there's a specific area, I'll work it, but too hot/humid and I don't want people getting sick which CAN and DOES happen. 

4)  Standard rates are a dollar a minute, barter encouraged (no children or other livestock).

4a)  Bartered items may be offered for sale the next day or at another faire or event. 

4b)  Exception to the "no children" rule may be made if it looks like I'll need errands run the next day, in which case the services of a responsible page or squire may be requested.  You MUST take the  page/squire back at the end of the day!!!!!

5)  Services offered will include chair, reflexology, Reiki, & aromatherapy during the Faire day (available to patrons as well).

5a)  Table will be added in the evenings.  (Molly's request.)

5b)  I plan to have a bucket of water with clean rags for feet and/or other areas that need de-funkifying per Cat's and Julie's suggestions.

6)  Some aromatherapy preparations will be available for cast and crew ONLY --  don''t want to get into the whole "But she didn't SAY not to drink it!" thing with the general public.  (Thieves' Oil, After-Sun Spray, BugOff...)

Crass(er) Commercial Announcements Follow

6a)  If you have said you want certain items and would like to pick them up first thing, feel free to email or PM me and request a Paypal invoice -- this means you won't have to be bothered with paying for it on site and it will be ready when you walk into the booth and introduce yourself! 

6b)  If you wish to prepay a massage session or two, again, feel free!  This just means you'll not have to worry about forgetting your pouch.  Also, this means you can use CC/DC as all I can accept on-site will be cash/checks.

6c)  Prepaid sessions CAN be assigned to someone else, but I need the person who paid to tell me who gets it and how long.

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So everyone here knows by now that I'm doing massage at White Hart Faire this year, right?  I sure babble about it enough!

I generally vend soaps, candles, etc., but this time I'll have just a very small selection of these, more b/c people have learned to expect dragon candles from me.

I will have a reflexology recliner, a table, and a massage chair with me in my booth.  Now the difficulty -- the vendor coordinator (and owner of the site and faire) wants the chair hidden from view as it is "not period."

Well, I can toss a sheet over it -- but that'd get real dirty real fast, and would have to be removed/replaced for each customer and I just don't have THAT many sheets!  (No laundry on/near the site -- this is RURAL.)

I can use "curtains" to block view into the booth -- which will increase the heat and be much rougher on me.  Even with good signage, this would cost custom as people wouldn't see what I have to offer.

At least two other faires that have a massage vendor allow the equipment to be out in plain view, but this is supposed to be a more historically accurate setting, so...ideas?

ETA:  Remember, this all has to fit in my car in one trip....
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At least two of the places that talked to me about doing massage there -- then never called back and didn't answer phone --  are still looking.  I just saw the ads.

I don't know whether to be sad that I didn't get it or gleeful that their standards appear to be so high no-one can qualify.

In Other News, [livejournal.com profile] manifestress , I got the Pedango in the mail today -- gonna try it on my Guinea Pig Husband tonight.  Smells all tingly!
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Farmers' Market today, coolish but not bad and WINDY.  Wind blew another pop-up into mine, which mine being better anchored meant mine got bent.  Knocked over the table with the dragons, three are damaged and I'll have to re-pour them, breached the wrapper on a bar of soap so I can't sell that.  Sold $6 worth of soap, that's it, but gave out cards for the massage to several who inquired about the chair (even if they didn't get one today).


Apr. 24th, 2009 04:56 am
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So I start training for the temp Census job Monday...

and when I got in from MaMa Jean's I had a message from a TCM / Chiro office, was I still interested...(well, YEAH).

And from the director of my "pet" charity asking if I'd donate chair or hand massage for a golf tournament (Yupppies?  Potential clients?  Hmmm, lemme think...).
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Cat, Julie, et al. -- I'm getting ready to place an order at Massage Warehouse in the next couple of days -- if you want to split shipping (or split larger volumes of stuff) this would be a good time to squeak up.

Brother William -- look what I got!

Adopt one today!


Apr. 1st, 2009 09:00 pm
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Did audition (interview massage) today -- good technically, but she has a concern about my health and will meditate on it and let me know before Saturday.  Hey, at least this one actually let me get that far!

Also had my first yoga class this evening.  I can feel where I'm gonna be a bit stiff tomorrow, but all in all not as bad as I'd feared.
Yoga teacher is very into the whole "adapt the routine to what you can do and soon you will be able to do more" thing, thank goodness.  I have, however, definitely been yoga'd.


Mar. 30th, 2009 09:14 pm
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Looks like I'll be trading massage for yoga lessons!  Sweet!
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When I was in class, we were taught that being too long on the table, especially prone, could be "debilitating," as in you'd feel worse after the massage than before.

Yesterday, that massage-swap, I found out that an hour face-down followed by 40 minutes face-up is somewhat past my limit.    I still feel hungover.  Yeah, that's with the cal-mag supplements. 

OH!  MaMa Jean's again tomorrow, 11 - 6, booked a client for Friday morning, and another for Saturday afternoon (or did I mention Saturday already?), and a meet with someone who is hiring for a salon/spa (sounds like W2-employee rather than IC, but right now that's OK with me).

Also, depending on the weather/temp, may set up at Farmers' Market Saturday morning just to get people used to the idea!

[livejournal.com profile] duane_kc , [livejournal.com profile] brotherwilliam , check back here and let me know how I did!

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Since I know a lot if you vend, and I'd like to see you...

there are about 24 spaces left :D  (I got the first one!)
map this address:  4534 HC 1, Shell Knob, MO 65747 (Road House Grill)

Please let me know if you'll be there?



March 6, 2009



Jim Sawyer






All Craft Vendors – FREE SPACE for Craft Show in Shell Knob!


To kick off the season, Roadhouse Grill in Shell Knob will be hosting its first annual Spring Into The Season Craft Show on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11, from 11 am to 6 pm.


All exhibitors are welcome – from  plants and artwork to handmade items like candles, soaps, jewelry and other creations.


Space is limited, so sign up NOW for your free spot.


To participate or for more information, call Jim at 417.858.6886.

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I've had a couple of clients with FMS, and what one of them tells me is totally different than the other as far as pressure, etc.

One wants the very lightest touch possible, more a brushing with the fingertips, the other wants more pressure than I'd use on a cranky weightlifter!

I know some of you on my FL have Fibro, can you shed any light on this?  I had the notion it was a very tender condition, that a mild breeze could be too much some days, and this gal that basically wants all 350# of me balanced on one elbow over a pressure point scares me.  (So I "be the grownup" and go lighter than she says she wants, and she falls asleep anyhow so I take it I'm doing ok!)

Is there really THAT much difference in how it presents, or is she perhaps mistaken?  She had trouble remembering the diagnosis, and supposedly she's had it for over 15 years.  Seems odd, that.

What questions SHOULD I ask of clients presenting with FMS?   What is an intake question and what should be asked EACH time aside from the obvious like "What are you here for today, any special concerns"? 

And please, send anyone who can contribute to this post.


Mar. 6th, 2009 08:36 am
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went well, I think -- only a dozen clients, but since I'd had practically no notice and no time to get signs up I'm not disappointed.  The store manager-on-duty was, predictably, the first one, but he seemed pleased and tipped well.  (For the area, and for the amount of time.)

Several people who didn't have time just then asked for my card, and 5 who did take time left either email or phone with a request that I contact them when i was coming back! 

I have access to pictures I can use for such things on the ABMP website; I will work up a flyer and post it on their corkboard next time a week or so before I go in.  So do I want hot/active/red colors for attention, or cool/calming/blue colors for relaxing?  Details, details!

Here's what I'd come up with so far:

Are you stressed?

(Who isn't these days?!)



with a

Chair Massage


Here at MaMa Jean's


on Thursday, March 19

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


No appointment necessary



Massage by My Name Here

MO # lic number


Standard Rates $1 / minute

Ask about on-site services for your business or event!

email address
phone number

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Attention Springfield Peeps!

My massage chair and I will be at Mama Jean's on Campbell (just north of Sunshine) from 1030 til approximately 1800 hours on Thursday, 5 March 2009.  (Akk!  Day after tomorrow!)

Spread the word!

Drop by!

Bring your friends!

Send your enemies!

Also, 21 Mar 2009, 1300 - 1500 at Herb Depot Open House in Monett, MO -- demos. 


Feb. 21st, 2009 05:22 pm
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Took the massage chair and went to White Hart auditions today -- I'm not cast, I'm a vendor, therefore I don't audition, but I wanted to see my family and I wanted some practice with people who would be honest if I wasn't up to snuff.  Did about 8 - 10 ppl (i don't even remember for sure, and I think a couple forgot to sign the sheet, but I won't tell if you don't) and came home (DH driving 'cause we took his pickup) and ohmyOWow when I got out of truck. I need to do this a lot more to get built up to where I can walk right after.  Got several comments on my "good energy" and asked if I do Reiki as well; I don't, yet, but will be getting "attuned" soon. 

Apparently my work is adequate -- no one complained to me and I got several complements :D and I want to do more of this!  That chair stuff is good, though I prefer being able to get entirely after someone's ouches, but chair is OK for when there's not-much time.


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