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Light requested.
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Em's out of surgery, loopy-but-semi-lucid, has had food, and decided to take a nap so I left to go back to V'Con where I'm vending.  

She is back in 716, minus  front half of left foot.

Previous posts here:  http://zianuray.livejournal.com/445903.html
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Eee!  Emily got me this for a Solstice-Versary prezzie!
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DH's GP is named "Damek."  I keep calling him "Dr. Dalek" -- I swear, it's not on purpose!  And DH refers to him as "You know, the Cardassian."


Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:23 pm
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DH had mentioned once on seeing a commercial that this looked like a good thing, if we found one a a decent price it would be nice to try it.

Well, got one today on Freecycle!  No video or instruction book with it, and it's third-hand, but it's in good shape and it works fine.  Just had to pick it up and knock the dust off (and we were going to be in the town where we got it anyhow!).
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 News fron the Town Crier:
C/P from the yahoo group:

The Return of Angus (the 9-toed, but still also the Loud!)

Yes, the rumors are true - for those familiar with the Riddle of the
Sphinx, I have achieved 3-leg status, & finally a release from my
doctor imposed house arrest. Still moving a bit slow (haven't walked
on my foot in a month), but making progress. The doc has basically
dismissed me, back to work next week (rest of this week off to
re-learn to walk), but has forbidden my brand new, only worn twice ren
boots, so if anyone's been considering buying a pair, contact me &
we'll dicker(I believe size 9).

Accept no substitutes - get your town news only from your local town
crier. (Editorial viewpoints in no way reflect the views of His Lord
Mayor of Hart Grove, her ladyship landowner Di or Her Royal Magesty
Queen Elizabeth the first, long may she rain! (er, reign, that is!

Commentary from Maud, Angus' wife:

Doctors are very pleased with themselves, stitches out, still on antibiotics the rest of the week just to be certain.
A little unsteady, but working on it!  

Thanks to all for the good thoughts, etc,
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Rick is using one of these to get around the house nowadays:


He says he's not having any pain.  Annoyance, yes, but no pain!  And sleeping a lot after the IVs.

And since he's on IV antibiotics, he'll be going out only for medical appointments for the next few weeks.
Otherwise insurance won't help with the cost of the meds, and that's a bit...pricey.  
Thank the gods he DOES have insurance!

Hey, does anyone know, since the Doc is a 40-minute drive away, can we eat somewhere in Springfield w/o invalidating the insurance?  'Cause 45minutes minimum travel, plus who-knows in the waiting room, plus who-knows waiting in the exam room, plus another 45 getting home, can equal a rather crash-y DH.  Or should I just keep Cheerios in my bag?
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re:  http://zianuray.livejournal.com/260732.html

So, he should be getting discharged tomorrow, but he's not going back to work or anywhere except the doctor's office for at least 4 weeks.  Intravenous antibiotics, and stay OFF the FOOT.  He gets one of those rollie/scooter thingys for a month - the thing you kneel on and push and it has a handbrake?, and home health or somesuch will check on the IV port a couple of times a week, but antibiotics every 6 hours.  The nurse showed me how to hook it up, but I learn the saline flush bit tomorrow for afterward.  I hope it is the same setup for home -- they had a machine that pushes it from a syringe, and the hanging bags make me nervous.  I don't know why, they just do.

Wonder if I can put that on my resume!

Mailing address for those who want it is here (flocked) http://zianuray.livejournal.com/260441.html

Rick News

Jun. 24th, 2008 05:21 pm
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Referenced to this post

Rick goes in for surgery tomorrow,will stay at least one night in hospital, maybe two.

Fifth metatarsal and the associated toe on the left foot.

Anyone wants to send him an email, his addy is umbramage at yahoo.com

For actual cards, I'll make a friendslocked post in a few seconds with our mailing address.

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We drove in to Springfield yesterday -- he wanted to make the Comic Run and I was going to check at Catherine's for interview clothes.  Didn't bother with that second bit 'cause I was a tad grumpy -- not real bad, but not wanting to deal with trying on clothes.  Couple of comic shops, Target (for makeup they no longer carry -- the e.l.f. website needs updated!),  B&N (as if that's going to shock anyone), then Fuddrucker's 'cause he likes the 'dogs and I like the 'burgers. 

He'd suggested Fudd's and I'd been wanting one for a bit, so agreed...predictably.

Wander into Fudd's about 1600 and there's Cecil.  (One of our "kids.")  (He has an LJ, but dang 'f I know which it is).  I'm starting to catch on.  Spirit, Shadow, and Captain Jack (all LJ-less) walk in. 

He's invited several of our friends for supper to celebrate my graduating massage school.

Swiped my phone to get some numbers, too!

Ornery.  He knew if I'd known about it, I'd find an excuse to not show up!

[profile] alaskan_blue, Wanda, Dean, and Becca couldn't make it b/c of work.

Kati and Donna couldn't make it b/c of flood damage.

We never heard back from Julie and Eric.  I'm betting they were at Prankster's Ranch getting things ready for Faire.

But the six of us had fun and good eats!


May. 1st, 2007 11:22 am
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is our second anniversary :)

Sun's Day

Aug. 31st, 2003 09:32 pm
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Nothing like a day when you have nowhere to be and no time at which to arrive! It's wonderful........

So we lazed in, did some yard work (well, Eldar worked..i "supervised" and played with the furs), went for a drive out along 39 to 96 and back, then lazed around with some old Batman serial (the 15-minute bits that used to be shown before a feature movie) and tuned in for _Enterprise_.

Just altogether a good day.


Aug. 24th, 2003 08:02 am
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So...Lady Galla is going to make my overdress for Handfasting;
there won't be a "reception" THIS time--that's saved for "the big one" next year; there will be what Sorchae calls an "after-party" probably at a local hotel-which-has-a-bar-and-restaraunt;
we are looking at places to have the actual Ritual;
think there will be about 20 ppl total for the Ritual, more hopefully for the little party after;
at next year's reception, i want 3 beledi dancers (Linda, get practicing!) and really want everyone to dance a little--a "pass the scarf" deal;
i want to make the favors for next time, maybe just a little silk pouch with Rose Quartz in it for each (AND BUBBLES!!!);
April is very happy about being Guardian and required to wear spikes, studs, and lots of leather;
Working on Guest List for both, and for the parties after;
Pop and Arlie-Mom and Brandie get invites, but i don't expect they'll make it;
Dang, there's a lot to do for this stuff!
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If you don't get the reference, you were never in the military.

Anyhow, we are now officially back to 5 eight-hour days per week...at least until we get our minds changed again. So I'm hanging out at my fiance's place tonight, and will be driving in directly to work in the morning--takes about 45-50 minutes from here, 14 from my apartment in the "city."

We picked up a copy of the DVD "Chicago" this evening, and the synch is off between the pic and the sound--but it might be the player, since that has happened on a couple of other disks also. Time for a cleaning!


Aug. 16th, 2003 11:58 pm
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Eldar saw TWO foxes today--live ones, free and wild!
One by the side of the road, playing in the grass on
the way to Sorchae's...then, on the way home a few hours
later, we BOTH saw the one that ran out IN FRONT OF MY

BIG fox. BIGBIGBIG for a fox.

Still alive as far as we know---i hit the brakes in time and it
turned and ran. Anyhow, i managed to not whack it, thank Inari.

And this is INSIDE the city limits!

He keeps saying he's NEVER seen one (in the wild) THIS close to home before.

I'm wondering...was it a pet that somehow got (turned) loose? Escaped from a Zoo? There are a couple of small carnivals in the area just now....

All speculation on the subject is pointless, i'm afraid, until further data becomes available--at which point it will likely become moot.


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