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Hard decisions as far as the candles go. Due to the rising cost of supplies and materials, and let's not even talk about shipping, if at least 75% of the candles I bring to VisionCon don't sell, I won't be getting more supplies to make candles for sale.

People tell me "Oh, I love this! You should charge more for it!" then walk away without buying what they just said was a very good deal and that they liked it, which I don't understand at all. There will be figure candles, scented pillars and votives and containers just as usual. The total price for 100% of the candles, by what I have prepped right now, will be around $300, so at least $225 of that stock needs to go. And that's cash money, not barter or give-aways.

Same for the soaps -- I'm bringing all I have made over the last few months at the same prices people say are good, and those need to sell also.

If I quit making for sale, a lot of molds and such will be going up on ETSY or eBay, so if you think you would want one of the Bast candle molds or the dragon molds, be thinking of a price or a service to offer for them. I will, of course, continue to make for my household and for gifts until supplies run out, but I'm just tired of carting things back and forth and hearing "Oooh-aah" not followed by *clink-rustle*.

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My favorite question is at the end of the day -- "Do any good?"

Well, y'know, that kinda depends, doesn't it?  If I broke even (materials, table, fuel, lodging if necessary, extra cost of not-at-home food) then I did...ok. 

If I made a profit, even a small one, then by definition I did "pretty well."

I, however, am one of these who could sell everything except the car and the clothes I'm standing in and I'd jut be aggro'd that I didn't bring more!

And no matter what, someone is going to say "this all you got of these?"  *yup*  "got any of these in (color/scent/whatever)?" and you (allright, *I*) just want to slap 'em b/c I just SAID that's what I have.  *Yeah, but I'm not gonna get it out and sell it to ya.*                  !!!!!!!!!!!**^$%$%^

Or you have a candy dish and someone b!+ches b/c you don't have the specific sort they want.

OR someone picks up a set of earrings and "I don't want to pay $XX for these!  I can get the parts for $xx at *place*!"

Last V*C I told a gal to put them down and walk away, then.  I'd held them for her as her daughter had wanted her to see them to replace a similar pair she'd lost.

I'd gotten the parts off the "clearance, we don't carry this anymore" rack months before.  No way was she getting them at that store. 

She came back and bought them later, and did NOT get a discount.   (And her daughter tried to apologize for her mother's snarkage.  Sweet kid, but I told her SHE had nothing to apologize for!)

Or some lazy-@$$ excuse for a parent tells their kids who are hungry and tired to go get more candy from your dish, since it's free and there and they don't want to take the kids to McD cause they're visiting with someone.   Then yells at the kids for acting up 'cause they're sugared up.

And people who leave stuff with you to sell and don't tell you how much you can go down on a price, if any. 

Or people who do you the favor of table-sitting while you hit the privy and sell things for 20% of what you have them marked b/c "they offered."  So you lose


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:34 pm
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Just paid for my table at V*Con!  So yeah, I'll be there :)

Queen's Gambit is sending me some of their CDs to hawk for them.

I'll have some "I don't wear it" jewelry and lotions from various places as well as the ususal dragon candles and such, and I'll have my Chair certification in about two days so I may take that for a Spa Room another dealer runs (unofficially)!

Since V*Con is just a few weeks before valentine's Day, I'm thinking about having a few Gift Baskets set up and packaged with a sign about "Buy Early!  Don't Get In Trouble!"  Just simple stuff, votives and soap and maybe a bag of bath salts -- what'cha think?  Would they MAYBE go?


Jan. 10th, 2009 10:10 am
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Decanting from the aging bottles into vials for sale at V*C...spilled a bit and now the house smells like Dragons' Blood.  *prrrrr*

(No Dragons were harmed in the acquisition of this substance.)
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Would whomever is in charge of selling the Sea Dogges CDs like to put
some on my table at Visioncon?

I'll have my Dragons there, as usual :)

Maud/Zia/uh..who am I today again??

email at FifthHouse at gmail

or phone -- you likely have my number!
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Yes, I'm planning to vend at VisionCon 2009.  It's been moved to January this year, 23-25.

Gotta make up some dragon candles, as I've basically done NO vending for over a year and the few I had on hand have either gone to new homes or gotten damaged.  Good thing about candles, you can melt and recast 'em!

Also have a metric f-ton of jewelry still sitting around (see excuse above), and bits and pieces to make so much more...!

Also I'm wondering if I should have the massage chair with me for on-site -- I'd need to pick up a Springfield Business License, but I'd need that anyhow for vending over the year as I'm planning to do the Pagan Pride Day thing again, other stuff like that.


Hey Sea Dogges, you gonna be there?  I can set aside part of the table for your CDs if you like!  We can either pro-rate the cost of the table or someone can spell me occasionally -- talk about it later :D 

Same for WHRF -- I'd be honored to have flyers if any are ready yet :)

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KCRF -- used to have Elvendrums and Brobdingnagian Bards, and bellydancers every weekend when I first started going.   Now the dancers are there for one weekend, and E'drums haven't been there for several years (for whatever reason), and the BBards weren't there last year (and maybe the one before, I lose track easily).

DragonCon isn't having a Filk Track this year -- though the Brobdingnagian Bards ARE on the schedule! -- and this makes a sad Zia.  Except for the Bards. I'll just have to follow them around, I guess! 
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even if there was no BPAL or swaps!

Postcard from [profile] luckystar37, Dragon*Con progress report, my Red Cross cards for the First Aid and CPR training over a month ago, and my ABMP membership/insurance packet so I can make an appointment for my boards and get my provisional license!  WooHoo!
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Does anyone ON MY FRIENDS LIST need a room for Friday-Monday of D*C?

I have a reservation for those THREE nights at the Hilton at the 'Con rate and would rather transfer it to someone I "know" than not. 

Susi/Becky/theBruce, if QG is thinking about it, you guys get first refusal.  (I know you're at WH right now, I'm just posting this while I'm thinking about it, will send a link during the week.)


May. 14th, 2008 05:39 pm
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got around to ordering my D*C membership for this year....I've had the room reserved for two months!
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Anyone going to Dragon*Con  

in Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend? 

I'm hoping to make it again, and would love an excuse to meet up with people I've only dealt with here!  

Is a Meet-n-Sniff being planned yet?

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as a RenFaire Wench with your frontal assets on display if you're going to snarl at anyone looking at them?

And why, for V'ger's sake, did you invest so much time and/or money in that StarFleet Admiral's uniform if you're not allowing pictures

But for the sake of common sense, if you don't want it seen, COVER IT UP!  I'm almost pathetically straight, and I enjoy the view at a Renaissance Faire as much as anyone -- and if MotherBob offered me a wubby, then by dingies I'd play!  (And she may take this as an invite if she so chooses -- but I reserve the right to blush!)

Now I do generally ask before taking a picture, even if it's just holding up a camera and looking hopeful to avoid interrupting someone (unless there's already a storm of flashbulbs going off), but in the case of the Admiral's uniform you could have said "I'm not up for pictures just now, but thanks" rather than "RAWR!  NO!!" and stomping off!  I mean, it's a compliment, isn't it?

***Please note, I am NOT saying that wearing a short skirt means you deserve to be raped, or that the "wrong" color hat means you should be shot.***

Boy, this is my week to blow off steam, huh?  <G>
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Turns out there's a new con -- Discworld! --  the SAME weekend as Dragon*con.....

And I'm willing to bet that there won't be near the crowding problems at least this first time!

*Conniptions and tizzies*

So...which one!?!?!?!
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but then you run into things where you can NOT plan -- like this:  VisionCon 2008

I was hoping to find out for certain when it would be, so I'd know if I could vend or I'd be in classes that weekend. 

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Take a look (listen?)!  [profile] marcgunn has a new CD coming out and I get to be a reviewer for it :)

Link to info here

I have all his stuff I can find -- the Cat Lovers CD, the Brobdignagian Bards stuff, and his other solo album, Soul of a Harper.

EDIT:  I'm liking this -- the "cover" of Froggie Went A-Courting is cute, and Tiziano Gunn is just so apt.  Star of the County Down is a favorite in many versions, and Marc's is right up there at the top!
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My Dragon Candles will be at Lazy Dragon Con 3-5 August, 2007 -- WITHOUT me!  Also the largish Pentacle candles.

Then at MiddleFaire  in October! 

*schniff*  I'm so proud!
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Looks like Alexander James is accepting bookings for late August --

but most of you already knew this, I'm sure.

Why the frilly heck (thanks [profile] greeneyedtengu for the euphimism) am I always the last to know anything?


Feb. 19th, 2007 01:00 am
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Did ok on the sales -- Friday was my best sales day, for some odd reason.  "Everyone" (i.e., other vendors) kept saying how they were looking forward to Sunday,  "On Sunday people are buying the things they've been waitng to get"  but that didn't happen for me.  That's ok!  I do plan to be back next year.

Saw Steven again, and Bob, and some other folks I seem to only catch at VisionCon anymore. 

I now possess a Relic -- the hem of Merlin's Robe.  (It was too long and he did an impromptu removing-of-the-parts-being-stepped-on.)

Got many compliments on the jewelry (and the Dragon Candles) and was invited to vend at two other cons and advised to see if a certain store in Columbia would have me as an artist for a day!  Eep!

I still have trouble with the idea of me as an ar-TEEST, even though several people who are more than competent to make that call have done so -- Hi [profile] scgraphix!
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that I was GOING to go to and have all manner of "Sale!  Get it away from me!" specials is....not happening FOR ME this year.  The local roads are just too insecure, and I have an unreasonable amount of local road before I get to Highway.

Blast it, [personal profile] gentleeleos, why did you have to demand "Winter!  Now!" before my selling trip was over?! 
(Teasing, Dear, I know you were not in your right mind at the time!)

[personal profile] featherynscale, I really wanted to make it.  Send me a snail addy 'cause I have something for you, OK?

So now what do I do with all this jewelry and candles and all?

*assorted grumblings and such*

*gets over it...mostly*

Well, VisionCon in Feb., Goddess Weekend in April, Heartland over Memorial Day weekend......y'know, I have a list of 26 different events that I COULD be travelling to and selling at....plans are in the works, it's just a matter if the right time and situation.  I'm looking at doing a combo of the Events, Website, and (hopefully) a shop within 5 years.  Just, if I'm at an event, who's gonna watch the shop?  I'm not looking for the liability of having employees....  Alternatives?


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