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 All'y'all know i'm a biblioholic.  Newest way for me to get my fix?

Pixel of Ink http://www.pixelofink.com

Links to free ebooks for the Kindle app.  Which I have on my PC, my iPod, and my 'Droid.  

Yes, I still like paper books best...but great good gods, thousands of books, literally thousands, in a space smaller than a deck of cards?????  And so very many of them -- including classics like The Art of War and new books and business books and fiction and....well.  You know. And so many of them are FREE??

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Don't know how long it will last

iPod, Kindle, etc

If you get some, let me know so I can be happy!
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I like the Lemon and just ordered a package -- thought I'd share the link so others can try it too!  They have Lime and Orange as well, and they'll be adding Grapefruit next year.
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These are all in decent - to - good shape; I just want them out and gone.

Men's fleece-lined  jacket, weatherproof outer shell, Faded Glory, size 38-40; black. the zipper tends to get jammed on the wind-flap, but if you have a fix for that it's be great.  I don't think it's been actually worn, just tried on.

Rolling Duffel -- it is too heavy for me to lift easily when it is full, that's the only problem I know of.  Has wheels and a pull-handle for once it's out of the trunk.

Black sandals, 3" heel, strap across instep as well as ball of foot; Fashion Bug, size 9.

, embroidered/sequined/beaded vamp, 2" heel, no boundaries, size 9; 1 pr black, 1 pr brown.  These would go great with the floaty peasant skirts.

Slides, 2" heel, black; wide vamp with pewter-colored decorative buckle; Aerosoles, size9 1/2

The sandals/clogs are not worn -- they are the fruit of the mindset of "Oh, they'll fit fine!  My feet are just a little swollen today, it's late, yadayadayada" and no, they never did fit. 

Box of random Scrapbooking stuff

If it isn't spoken for by Wednesday evening, it's going to either freecycle or a thrift shop.
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Comment with a limerick, a pun, or a haiku.  Nothing serious, please!

Original (or just that I haven't heard) is an extra entry.

Winner will be random draw.

Draw will be on Sunday Monday Punday evening.

"Prize" will be a half-dozen imps/vials/decants/soap samples/etc. from equally random e-tailers.  (Most vials will have been sampled from.)


[profile] there_she_goes  is the winner!


Dec. 15th, 2008 01:51 pm
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Old printer was working, but starting to make noises and the ink was...I don't know if it was actually running out / getting used that fast, or if it was glopping up.  And it's a Dell, so carts are expensier than some and harder to fnd in a store.  Can always order online, of course.

Anyhow, HP had a printer/scanner/copier for TWENTY FOUR BUX.  And the ink is about 60% the price of Dell ink, and I've had an HP printer before, it did what was needed (and I need to get it to someone who can clean it up / use it for parts) and all that.

So I got a new printer.

And it works :D

And the old one...the Dell...I hate to even offer it to anyone b/c of the cost of ink!

HOWEVER -- IF you want it, knowing the carts are 26 - 30 each at Staples, and knowing it needs a USB cable (with the different ends -- one is sort-of squarish), and live in the Aurora/Springfield area, you can have it.  All it comes with is a power cord and the software -- but if your computer uses Vista, you'll have to download it from the Dell site anyhow.  I'm not going to ship it, you can pick it up or I can drop it off when I'm in Sprungburg anyhow.

And yes, I'm being a pain about it.


Dec. 8th, 2008 11:01 am
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If you or someone you love lives close enough to Monett, MO to drive in for a free massage, I'm going to be drawing two names this evening.  Winner gets a full-body (ETHICAL,  LEGAL) massage at my office in Monett in the next three months.

Warning -- you may wind up on my newsletter list if I have your email!

Comment to be in the drawing :)
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Catbox, new-in-box, like this but may be different model.  Got it in the mail after taking a survey (???).

Bear Naked t-shirt, XL  (promo)  New, never worn

Swedish Fish t-shirt, L (promo)  New, never worn

several assorted VERY USED nail polishes -- these were from the salon, I'd suggest using them for CRAFTS as who knows how many nails that brush has touched!

Any art teachers who can use some gently used pastels?  Sort of random on the colors!


Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:23 pm
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DH had mentioned once on seeing a commercial that this looked like a good thing, if we found one a a decent price it would be nice to try it.

Well, got one today on Freecycle!  No video or instruction book with it, and it's third-hand, but it's in good shape and it works fine.  Just had to pick it up and knock the dust off (and we were going to be in the town where we got it anyhow!).


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