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Made fresh today:
Lip Butters (vegan) in Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Coffee, Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, and Plain;

Body Butters (non-vegan base has beeswax) in Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood (blood taken from volunteer dragons only, and cookies were provided after), and Chocolate Coffee;

Pulse Butters (Solid Perfume)(non-vegan) in Dragon's Blood and Sandalwood
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Buffalo for the Celtic Heritage Festival

That's Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11, and then
the next Saturday (18th) at Pagans in the Park in Springfield, at Nathanael Greene park off

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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In no particular order:

1)  Laundry

2)  Post office run

3)  two batches of lip butter

4)  maybe a batch of cuticle cream (elbow grease?) as well -- different formulation  though

5)  Vacuum

6) work on Lip Butter labels -- eventually I'm gonna want a "logo" for Fifth House; I'm thinking an outline of a house with a "5" on it, how boring and unoriginal.  The Fifth House of the Zodiac rules creativity.  I don't want to get so creative it's obscure, though!  
     Thanks Jeff!!!

7)  Get online and pay for the next year's AMBP membership and insurance.

8)  Call St John's and do pre-admission for that sleep study in 2 weeks.

9)  Fill out paperwork for Tri-Care

Sheesh, now IF I actually get off the computer I might get some of that done!

I know, add

10)  Run malware scans and defrag

so the computer will be busy for awhile!

Oh -- and

11)  Pics of new stuff and better pics of old stuff for Etsy, and get a few things on there the next couple of days!

Last week's lip butters were Chocolate Mint and a reformulated Coffee; this week, perhaps Pomegranate and Buttercream?
The cuticle cream, probably lemon and rosemary this time, or lemon and lavender -- or a smaller batch of each.

If anyone needs -- or wants -- my attention before I get back to the keyboard, chances are you have my phone number :D

Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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But not very far this time -- just to Shell Knob this weekend!  Well, Friday and Saturday.

Thought I was going to have a co-boothie Friday, but no such luck, and I hope there'll be help to get the Pop-Up up-popped.  The rest I can handle, but that's a two-gal job.  Three man, from watching some fellers who tried to help before!

Anyone wanna go to Shell Knob and hang out all day?  LOL!  I'm sure I'll be pretty darn bored by the end of the day :D  And if it's raining tomorrow like it is now, I'm not going!  It's outside, bring your own shelter if you want it, no electric, pot's in the restaurant over thataway.  So I've got a long coat, a windbreaker, gloves, and a hoodie for varying warmth factors, as it's pretty much "on the lake."
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Just added a few things to my Etsy shop --

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is back on ETSY

Will be adding other stuff as I get time!


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