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is something any Transgender person hears a lot -- "You were born (fe)male and that's what G-d intended!"  

Yes, and that child was born with a cleft palate, so let her starve, 'cause "G-d made her that way."

And that child had heart surgery BEFORE birth or he would have been born dead -- so why are you interfering with "G-d's Will"?  

And the man who is scarred form a fire -- don't do skin grafts to make him more comfortable both physically and with his appearance, because that scarring is "G-d's Will" and cosmetic surgery is just "vanity."

Same for the woman who loses a breast to cancer or is in car accident where half her face gets pulverized.

In fact, don't own/drive/ride in a car or any other form of transportation like a wagon, 'cause G-d made feet. 

And don't send food to countries in famine, 'cause it's "G-d's Will" that they're hungry.

Oh, and guess what?  We're all born naked.  So why are you wearing clothes if how one appears at birth should be the standard for one's entire life?
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Dates for the new Zodiac alignment

IMO, Astrology is pseudo-science and not reliable.  Same with Tarot and other practices.  Yes, I read Tarot -- I've never said it is a science, infallible or reliable.  Yes, I've has my chart done by someone I respect in other arenas, but I maintain that in my experience, astrology, tarot, the runes, pendulums, et cetera ad infinitum are ways to get you to pay attention to your subconscious -- the part of your brain that processes things while you're not paying attention. 

To those of you who are flailing wildly at the idea that you now have to readjust your personalities and daily lives to reflect your new signs:  I really hope you're being facetious. 


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