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 Level 13 Zuma -- 913280 points
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Amazon recommendation: 

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When you pass the hat / check your tips, do you get more of a kick out of dollar coins (whether Gov't-issued or OKRF coinage) or folding money of the same denomination?  (Does it matter at all, as long as it's there?)

Do you feel that seeing paper money encourages better tips from other audience members?

Have you ever had folding money actually blow away in a breeze?

(I ask because I like to tip using the dollar cons, but if this is annoying I'll certainly go back to the bills!)
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 All'y'all know i'm a biblioholic.  Newest way for me to get my fix?

Pixel of Ink http://www.pixelofink.com

Links to free ebooks for the Kindle app.  Which I have on my PC, my iPod, and my 'Droid.  

Yes, I still like paper books best...but great good gods, thousands of books, literally thousands, in a space smaller than a deck of cards?????  And so very many of them -- including classics like The Art of War and new books and business books and fiction and....well.  You know. And so many of them are FREE??

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Text of article behond the cut )

Comment #8, at the bottom of what I posted (click the link if you want to read them all) got me to wondering -- what percentage of recipients of things like Welfare vote? What percentage are eligible to vote? I offered various acquaintances of mine rides to polling places when I was on Food Stamps and got turned down every time b/c they "didn't vote" -- these were often the hard-core "gotta get preggers, the AFDC's gonna run out" sorts while my goal was to get OFF the dole, but still....
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 because today was the last lauch of the space shuttle program, and there's nothing slated to replace it.  

I didn't realize until about 11 or noon until quite why I was so upset; I think I've been holding to the (admittedly very faint) hope of making it to a Moon or Mars colony -- I  know, my age and weight would count against me if nothing else did, but I did have that faint hope.  After all, they're going to need broom-pushers for everywhere and dishwashers in the galley and orderlies in sickbay....and the triple-PhDs all over the place won't want to take time from their research and other projects for the mundane chores.  I'm smart enough to not open both doors on an airlock at the same time and not too proud to shovel manure if that's what needs doing (and yes, I've done it).

I pretty much know where I fall as far as intelligence -- not only do I know my scores on several sorts of tests, I know where I fall on the "average human VS Sheldon Cooper" scale -- pretty much 1/3 of the way up.  Smart enough that I have to be careful picking topics of conversation when standing in a checkout line, not smart enough to do differential calculus in my head.
And I'm a generalist -- Jack of all trades, master of none is the old phrase.  I don't know what they're calling it now in txtspk or twtspk or crrent slang, and -- even more important -- I can follow directions!  If you tell me to flip these three switches in this sequence, guess what?  They'll get flipped in that sequence -- even if I have to write it down to keep it straight.
I know that compared to the average Star Trek crewman (yes, I know, fiction, deal with it) -- not even the officers -- I'm gonna be barely average, and I'll likely have to struggle for that -- evolution and education will continue to improve and selection will (hopefully) take only the best and brightest for those positions, and that's about what I expect would be going on with the colony projects too.
But until today, I had at least that faint hope.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep.

Voice Post

Jul. 2nd, 2011 11:09 am
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Being sure of something and knowing it for a fact are very different things. I was sure the school was flattened; ow I have seen the bare ground where it was.

Voice Post

Jun. 25th, 2011 02:14 pm
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And yes, you can tell from my voice, I cried when I saw it, and I likely will again at least twice.
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and off for a nap, leaving me with a question:

Who are all these people who want to know where I am, and if I'm all right, and if I'll be there next weekend?

Because when I do go, no-one bothers to speak to me! And heaven forbid I should try to start up a conversation. the only time people talk to me at these things is to ask where Em is, and if she's ok, and will she be there next weekend; the difference is, the people who ask her about me take time to talk WITH her in between the quiz. When they ask me about her and get an answer, the convo is over and they walk away.
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 I had a whole list of things to do yesterday in Springfield.  

0800, Dentist, three fillings (WHAT!  That's way too many...but the x-ray showed it so...phooey.  Thank goodness for dental insurance and an FSP.)
Then a run by Staples, with coupons, Rewards coupons, and a list,
Then a run by CVS with coupons, discount card, and a list.
Maybe Barnes and Noble, just because, and Michael's or Hobby Lobby b/c I have a minor project poking at the back of my skull.
Drop off packages at a post office.
Return CDs at Library.
MAYBE Sam's Club since I'm right by it.
What got done?
Dentist and modified CVS run for Tylenol 3.
One of the cavities, says he, was bigger than it looked on the x-ray.  Got bleeding from around the nerve, so first thing he suggests is a root canal.
Now I have several friends who have had very painful root canal procedures taking two or three visits, $1800, and several hours at a time....I don't know if the process has been streamlined or not, but that is just more time than I want to spend in the chair.  Not to mention many of them have had a cascade of root canals done, sometimes to involve every freaking tooth in their mouth, and THEN the tooth/teeth still wind up getting pulled eventually.
I said "Pull it."  Explained my reasons, and he went along with it.  I do believe this was the way to go, as he did talk me out of having a different tooth pulled some years ago that had consistently given trouble over the years and getting it capped, which is still in place and works well.
So...mouth full of Novocaine or whatever they use now, wiggled the tooth around like a champagne cork and pullllled...not easy by any means and I did NOT like it, but better than it could have been.  So CVS for a modified run including acetominephen and a coldpak, also Gatorade in case I didn't feel like eating.  And yes, codeine is a wonderful sleep aid.

My mouth still feels bruised, which should be no surprise, and the wound is sore but has stopped bleeding, and I can eat as usual, so healing is on my usual schedule.  I've had a total of 4 OTC tylenol and 2 T-3.


Jun. 3rd, 2011 07:37 pm
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 Any takers if I were to offer a couple of readings to get the practice?
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[Poll #1743846]So I file off the serial numbers and change a few names...should still be able to rack up the contributions with a good marketing agent!
And yes, I realize this will likely offend some folks -- that's what the "leave a comment" button is for.  
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10 vials from various good-smelly companies such as BPAL, NA, and more in varying states of fullness.

$6 paypal, shipped w/DC, within the US only. No e-checks.

5 3 available  GONE!

Will ship Monday on my lunch break.

Late lunch

May. 21st, 2011 05:34 pm
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 at Las Palmas, same Mexican restaurant on Church St as was Los Pinos and before that something else; food just the same but new faces.

Went home the long way, east to 60 then the turn for the Corn Maze and up  to 39 and back.

Just because :)
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OK, two things down -- hotel reservations for Memorial Day Weekend at Faire in Muskogee and for Em's procedure in June. If you are one who is planning to be there in June, message me and I'll send you the address of the hospital and the hotel we're at.
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but if you told him that he'd deny it, 'cause that's that newfangeld new-age/old-religion devil stuff.



Vicks Vapo-Rub


Vicks Inhaler

.....and whooo, that Wintergreen Liniment the doctor would prescribe!
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] ysabetwordsmith at Poem: "The Changeling's Return"

This poem came out of the May 3, 2011 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was selected in the generally sponsored poetry poll.  It was inspired by a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar who related an anecdote about a transgender person using the changeling myth to retell their own story.  This is the heart of all storytelling, the power inherent in myths and folk tales -- it lets us turn our own experiences into stories, making them easier to remember, to deal with, to incorporate into our lives.  Think about the stories you tell of your own life, and the family stories you pass down.  Then read this one, with its dual levels of meaning, the faerie and the transgender...


The Changeling's Return


Father, I know
you raised a daughter,
but she was never me.
She was a changeling child
that the fairies left in my place.

I'm sorry it took so long
for me to find a way
to banish her back Underhill
with the magic of steel knives
and a brewing far more complex
than any eggshells.

Father, I am here now,
the son you always wanted.
Let me sit at your knee
and learn the things
that men teach to boys.

If my face is still halfway
between handsome and beautiful,
if my voice sounds a bit fey,
if I seem not quite real --
it is only because I was raised on
fairy wine and clover honey
and the silver apples of the moon.
Give it time.  The mortal world
will remember how to hold me.

Father, I only want
to belong, to find the place
that should have been mine from birth.
Only give me the key to your heart
and I will be content.
Let the Fair Folk have their daughter back,
who dances in her pink dress
and laughs behind her lily hand.
Let me have the axe and the woodpile
and a shirt of good blue flannel.

I've made the long journey home.
It's up to you now to open the door
on our happily ever after.

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Two weeks ago, I signed up and paid online for a First Aid / CPR class to be given today, May 7, 2011, as I was advised to do last year when I called in to schedule a class.  This is scheduled for three days before my current CPR certification expires on May 10, 2011.  I do not require the full class, only recertification, but recert was not offered on the site.  My professional license is contingent on my maintaining CPR/First Aid certification. 

When I arrived today, there were two instructors, neither of whom was to teach the class I need, and their classes could not substitute for that class.

I require that someone proctor a test for me on Tuesday morning at a time that will allow me to get to my job at Independence and Glenstone in Springfield by 10 am.  I will certainly take the recertification course as well, but as I have already paid and have the receipt (and for the full class, not the recert which is a lesser fee) I object to being charged a second time.

To my further inconvenience, I stayed in a hotel last night so that I would not have to drive an hour this morning and hope there were no delays due to traffic, weather, or roadwork.

The volunteer instructors advised me that this scheduling problem is a KNOWN ISSUE with the Red Cross website.

I will phone the office on West Bypass Monday between 8 and 8:30 to discuss this matter.


On Monday, the director told me to be there Tuesday Morning (not the store) at 0800 and there would be a trainer for me.

I showed up, and there was. 

We went over the changes and reviewed the basics, I did my skillchecks, and we crammed a 6.4 hour class into 63 minutes.

OK, I'm satisfied.  Next time, though, I'm phoning in my registration.


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